How long can not end a man – an action plan

How can a man not end for a long time?.

Since the nature of the woman is arranged in such a way that the orgasm of the fair sex reaches longer than men, the second has to try more carefully to satisfy the lady and stretch the process. In the modern world, sex is often done not to continue the genus, but to get pleasure. Therefore, men are increasingly asking the question: how long do not finish?

Preparation for a sex marathon

If a man has problems in this matter, but he intends to surprise the lady with the duration of the process, then you need to prepare properly.

, How long can not end a man – an action plan

Pumping of the pubic and cope muscle

This is a kind of bunch between a kobchik and the pubic bone. At the time of urination, you often have to strain so that the last drops of urine come out. Or when you really want to go to the toilet, but you are able to keep this process for a while – this is just the same ligament work. To pump it, the following actions should be performed:

  1. When urinating, restrain the process and start how much it is possible.
  2. For convenience, you can lean your hand on the wall.
  3. Suspend the process at the time of inspiration. Only so this exercise will affect the sexual sphere.
  4. Before urination, you need to strain hard, and then relax, exhale and let the urine stream go out.

This algorithm can be repeated all day. The main thing is to finish the process when all the drops come out to one. The exercise does not require additional time. You will still go to the toilet to celebrate need. So why not do it with benefit?

Basic tips for pumping the pubic and cope muscle:

  • you can strain and relax your muscle anywhere, it will be imperceptible. Do it on the street, in public transport, in the office. Turn this action into a habit and after a while you notice the result;
  • When you are just starting to practice the exercise, you can feel the muscle only in a sitting position. And after long training, you can feel it in a standing position;
  • During the exercise, control the muscles of the press. They should not strain, otherwise the exercise will not bring the proper effect;
  • Together with the tension of this muscle, you can also strain the eyes. This will help beginners in execution.

, How long can not end a man – an action plan

If you learn the correct technique of this exercise and you will regularly perform it, then the result will not be long in coming and you will be able to extend sexual intercourse.

Massage of the point per million dollars

Another exercise that will help you find out how to extend an erection is a massage of a point that is in the anus. You need to find an anus with your finger, insert your finger into it to the first phalanx – voila, you found the same cherished point that you need to develop. Need to gently press on the point. Depending on the width of the fingers, you can use two fingers in the exercise and even three.

If you combine this exercise with pumping the pubic-cocchic muscle, then you will forget what a short sexual intercourse will surprise the woman with her capabilities.

Pre -jerking

There is nothing shameful in this event. Can be considered masturbation training before an important task. Take a sedentary or lying position, relax, remember your most vivid sexual experience or turn on Pornovideo to cause an erection and proceed to a jerk.

Learn to jerk off for a long time and you find out what to do so as not to finish quickly. Of course, this will not be easy to do, but, as they say, it is difficult in teaching – easy in battle. Listen to your body. If you feel that the apogee of pleasure is close, stop, slow down, think about something serious. Gradually increase the time of the handle, you can even use the stopwatch. Remember that systematic training will lead you to the desired result.

Regular sports

Remember that physical activity increases your endurance. And she is important in sex as nowhere else. A man needs to have good data so that all positions in sex are available to him and do not cause discomfort and shortness of breath.

, How long can not end a man – an action plan

Give preference to athletics, it involves the inguinal muscles that will allow you to extend sexual intercourse if they are pumped.

It is important that sport helps to improve blood circulation, and this provides good potency.

Inclusion of “male” products in the diet

The list of such food products includes:

  • seafood and fish;
  • fresh fruits;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • Olive oil of the first squeezing. Can be consumed in its pure form before each meal or used as a salad dressing;
  • Garlic also extends an erection. It will be enough to eat one clove;
  • bulb onions;
  • pumpkin;
  • beet;
  • cherries;
  • carrot;
  • cherry;
  • dried fruits;
  • strawberries.

Going to the toilet before sex

To avoid premature ejaculation, you need to go to the toilet in advance before sex, devastating the bladder and intestines. Because during sex, blood begins to add to the pelvis. And if you were not in the toilet, then excessive pressure will be exerted on this area, which, accordingly, will entail the stimulation of ejaculation.

A little alcohol as a way to extend an erection

Do not abuse this method, but 50-100 grams of a strong alcoholic drink will help to extend the erection and increase sexual intercourse time. The fact is that alcohol slows down all the processes in the body and dulls the reaction, so the man will reach orgasm under this business not as soon as in a sober state. Calculate the norm of alcohol from your capabilities: how much you drink at all and what is your body weight. Do not overdo it using this method to not be left without sex at all.

How to postpone an orgasm already during sex

So, the preparation stage has ended and the moment “x” has come. If you followed all the recommendations of the preliminary stage, then the result will already pleasantly surprise you. But what can be done already in the process itself, to be sure for sure that you will hold out for a long time, we will consider further.

, How long can not end a man – an action plan

The choice of the right pos

If in some poses you often end, then try to experiment with this matter. The choice of the right pose can contribute to the extension of pleasure.

  1. The pose of the rider. A man lies on his back, and women sit on top of an erect penis and “jumps” on it. In this case, the man will not have to strain, so the ejaculation will be delayed. If you feel that you will end soon, then take the initiative into your own hands, holding the woman by the hips and controlling her movements.
  2. From the side. In this position, a man is easy to control the movement of the penis in the vagina.
  3. On the stomach. In this pose, a woman lies on her stomach or stands on her knees back to a man. He also leads the entire process and controls the movements, based on his own sensations.
  4. Doggi-Stayl. To increase the period of sexual intercourse, this pose is ambiguous, it is not suitable for all girls. Choose it if the girl’s vagina is located closer to the pubic bone, and not to the anus.
  5. Standing. In this pose, the main tension falls on the feet. Therefore, all blood flow will be focused precisely in the legs.

Try different poses in pairs, the only way you will be able to find out the most favorable option for you and for your partner for sex

Brury breathing

  • Breathe with your stomach.
  • Make deep breaths: the more often the breath, the sooner the ejaculation will occur.

You can occasionally hold your breath. This will extend the process. The body at the time of breathing should not be tense.

Abstract thoughts

Distract from sex, think about something important.

  1. You can recall the laws of physics and repeat them to yourself.
  2. Think about something vile and unpleasant. Just do not go too far with this matter, so as not to lose an erection.
  3. Think about the tasks that you need to do.

These methods will help you get distracted a little and do not finish for a long time.

Look away from the girl

, How long can not end a man – an action plan

In no case do not consider a woman and do not look at your copulation in the mirror. This will only give you up and will excite you even more. Of course, you will not have sex with your eyes closed, but try to help yourself a little. Try not to indulge in the room in the room where the mirror stands opposite the bed. Choose a pose in which it will be less able to consider female charms. For example, missionary. In this case, you will only see the face of a woman. But if she jumps on you from above, then swinging breasts will definitely make you get more excited. And as you know, the stronger the man is excited, the faster he will finish.

Regular stops

If you quickly end, you can resort to this technique. As soon as you start to feel that you will soon be ready to release a volley of sperm, stop, slow down the progressive movements. You can rest for a minute or drink water. As soon as you feel that the excitement is released, you can continue the process.


Another way to extend an erection is to pinch yourself for the buttock. This must be done in moderation painfully so that the excitement becomes less. But do not overdo it so that you do not fall in pain.

Assessment of your condition on a 5-point scale

, How long can not end a man – an action plan

Evaluate your excitement on a scale of 5 points, where:

  1. The man is not excited, but ready to start caresses.
  2. Hugs and kisses make the member get up.
  3. The erection has come, natural lubrication is released from the penis.
  4. Excitation has reached a peak level: you only dream of making a member as soon as possible in the vagina.
  5. The moment when an orgasm comes soon.

If you learn how to recognize these 5 sensations, then you can start realizing when ejaculation approaches and in what way this process is to prevent.

Slow down movements

There is no need to rush anywhere. Enjoy the process, have sex at a measured pace. And then it will definitely be possible to extend the pleasure. Because, as you know, sharp progressive movements bring an orgasm closer. Resort to them only when you realized that the woman is already satisfied and you can afford to finish.

Self -control of rhythm , How long can not end a man – an action plan

Leading the process yourself. If a girl begins to move as it is convenient for her – stop this initiative. Grab it with your hands by the waist and continue the process in a comfortable rhythm for yourself, do not let it control the speed of movement.

How can a man not end for a long time – life hacks

Simple physical impact methods that can be used constantly:

  • Hard a member with your hand: do not overdo it, otherwise it can be the reason for the loss of an erection;
  • pull the testicles a little;
  • Imagine a grandmother (not necessarily your own), excitement will decrease.

Erection extension

If the aforementioned methods do not help, or you simply do not want to worry, but want to know what to do if you quickly end, you can resort to pharmaceutical drugs.

Conductive condoms or anesthetics

Condoms somewhat dull sensations, so using them is very profitable to extend sexual intercourse.

Lubrication and lubricants

Now the range of these products is very wide. Naturally, with oral sex, it will be useless, because it is impossible for lubrication to fall into the esophagus. But with vaginal or anal sex, this method will help a lot.

, How long can not end a man – an action plan


Any way of tablets is better to coordinate with a specialist. These are excipients that will help to extend pleasure without resorting to training.

Folk remedies

Infusion of oak bark, from cornflowers, bee propolis and many other natural drugs are able to help in solving the problem of quick ejaculation.

What can a girl do if a man quickly ends

If you want to know how long to end a man, then think about what makes him quickly complete the process. Of course this is your sexuality. Of course, you feel good at the time of sex, but do not moan hard if you know that your boyfriend is a speed. It will excite it even more and then the process will end faster. Better to start breathing. So you will slightly reduce the level of your eroticism, but in your hand. Then your man will learn how not to finish for a long time.

Hit skill – this is the key to success! Nothing happens by itself, train, have sex more often, and then, believe me, you can overcome the problem of premature ejaculation.

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