How many times a night a woman should go to the toilet on a small

How many times a night a woman should go to the toilet on a small.

The question about how many times a woman should go to the toilet on a small one, quite ambiguous, because it depends on many factors. It should be understood that the absolute norm does not exist, but there are obvious signs of pathology, which are important to pay attention to timely.

How many times a night a woman should go to the toilet along a small one: the norm and deviation

The opinion is considered to be generally accepted, according to which the night trip to the toilet should not exceed once. That is, wake up every night in order to run away in a small one is an absolutely natural situation. But if during sleep a person, including a woman, wakes up twice and more often, analysis and clarification of the reasons is required.

It is also no less important how easy and comfortable the urination process takes place. If a woman goes to the toilet ezhenko, one time all the time of rest, but at the same time experiences one of the following symptoms, then she should immediately consult a doctor.

Burning and itching in the urethra during the emptying of the bladder, as well as a small amount of urine with a great desire. And if frequent urination is added here, then it is simply necessary to take general urine and blood tests, and with the results obtained will go to the urologist. If necessary, he will prescribe additional tests, consultations of other specialists or immediately treatment.

How many times a night a woman should go to the toilet on a small one: lack of pathology

If frequent urination has occurred once, then observation should be continued for at least a few days. The fact is that this process is affected by many factors, including abundant drinking, ambient temperature and nutrition.

You will carefully analyze these three components and only in the absence of any deviations from the usual lifestyle, you can begin diagnosis of the woman’s genitourinary system. Pay attention to the most popular causes of frequent trips to the toilet.

When is it cold in the apartment

In the summer, in the heat, people sweat a lot and lose fluid through the skin. Even abundant drink remains unnoticed, because everything went through the pores. A pair of drops were reached to the bladder, which sometimes accumulate to fill the vessel for a whole day.

In the reverse situation, thermoregulation blocks the sweating and on the contrary closes the skin for heat exchange. So goosebumps appear. But the main thing in all this is that the body is trying to reduce the number of heat consumption sources in order to prevent cooling.

Water, for assimilation, requires a lot of energy, which in turn takes heat. So that this does not happen, the body gets rid of any excess fluid refusing to absorb it. For this reason, in the cold, a person first wants to go to the toilet on a small. It is this process that can make a woman run along a small one and two and three times a night.

Abundant drink

. But the volume of the bladder is 300 milliliters and cannot accommodate more.

If a woman drank two glasses of tea before going to bed, then the likelihood of a frequent visit to the toilet increases greatly. The liquid cannot evaporate in such conditions and the only way is to exit through urination.

Diuretic products

Refusal or low salt consumption leads to the fact that the fluid in the body does not delay. An excellent method of combating edema, but you will have to get used to frequent urination. Naturally this is not a pathology.

Watermelons, melons, green apples, oranges, tangerines, pears, grenade, peaches, cucumbers, pumpkin, beets, parsley, lingonberry, blackcurrant, grapes, fruit juices. Here is a far from incomplete list of products with a diuretic effect.

Do not forget about medications that you may take. They can also strengthen urine production. This all perfectly cleanses the body and is extremely good for health, but two conditions are important. First, there is a limit to everything. Five times the night even from the watermelon to run abnormally. Secondly, no discomfort during urination should be in any case.

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