How much it costs to sell virginity: stories of successful girls

The cost of selling virginity.

, How much it costs to sell virginity: stories of successful girls

Since ancient times, there were strict wedding customs in the world. The guys married only innocent girls. In the era of capitalism, traditional values began to blur. And the commercial component came to the fore. Now virginity can be sold. Let’s talk about how much such a pleasure costs.

The price of innocence

The scatter of price tags is quite large.

Starting amount – 15,000 rubles, maximum – 3.8 million dollars.

It all depends on the following factors:

  • Age. A girl who is 21 years old has more chances to get a profitable offer. Ladies older than 25 will be more difficult.
  • Appearance. Elastic breasts, good shapes, lack of cosmetic defects. This increases the cost.
  • Profession. It is easier for models to find an exit to wealthy people. The party helps to break out above.
  • Language. With knowledge of English, the road to Western cavaliers opens. They are more secured.
  • Manners. Awareness of the rules of etiquette helps to sell the innermost more than the starting amount.

Judging by the interview of agents who are looking for innocent young ladies for wealthy gentlemen, people with money like natural beauty. Piercing and tattoos on the body significantly reduce the “price”. Virginity – pristine purity. Pankovsky Iroquois and pierced nipples – attributes from another opera.

Supply and demand

In the digital era, most transactions pass through the Internet. Where to set your proposals, if not on the network? For these purposes, a district newspaper or an ad collection of ads is unlikely to be suitable “from hand to hand”. First of all, we drew attention to the statistics of the Yandex search engine. We will study the proposal. There was such a saying “You have a product, we have a merchant”. Let’s talk about “goods”.

, How much it costs to sell virginity: stories of successful girls

As can be seen from the diagram, the crisis 2020 hit the wallet of Russian virgins strongly. Back in January, the number of requests was 19,294. In the spring, the trend was declining, but by the summer the column flew up again. To position 14 181. Year under number 2021 could not repeat record values. Under the battle of chimes were puzzled at the cost of innocence only 10 083 ladies. For June, the indicator has grown by 663 units.

Now let’s take care of the statistics of “merchants”. We will use the tools of the same Yandex. Namely, the report “History of requests”. The results are fundamentally different from those presented on the last schedule.

, How much it costs to sell virginity: stories of successful girls

There are not so many people who want. In the first month of 2020, only 2,929 potential hunters for unknown. By June, the number completely decreased to 1,762. But in 2021 the demand slowly crawled up. January – 1 923. In summer, the column has grown to 2,458 units.

It’s time to do arithmetic. Take peak values from both graphs and share more by less:

19294 /2929 = 6.5

Now we will do similar manipulations with the least numbers:

10083 /1762 = 5.7

What does it all mean? It turns out that the supply indicator exceeds demand by 5.7-6.5 times. That is, for every 5-6 girls there are only 1 guy interested in the transaction. The laws of the market say that the price of virginity cannot be overestimated, otherwise the buyer cannot be found.

Where to sell

The choice of the site depends on the ambitions of the virgin and her starting characteristics. If money is urgently needed, and appearance does not reach the level of the German baroness, a direct road to one of the groups in social networks. To increase the rates you will have to find a representative of an elite agency. Let us dwell on these matters in more detail.

Social media

Price tag: 15,000 – 100,000 rubles.

This is VKontakte and Facebook. Domestic businessmen live on the first site, on the second you can “catch” the Western macho with a large wallet. Social networks are full of thematic groups, where saleswoman and buyers post their offers. There is a minus – a lot “threw”. from extortionists of erotic photos to potential rapists. You need to keep your ear. Safety is above all.


Price tag: 100,000 – 300,000 rubles.

The network has success stories from Russian girls who were able to realize their innocence for a good amount. Main platforms: for the Russian Federation and ebay.COM for Western countries. However, recently the auctions administration began to ban ambiguous lots. Blessing from owners of trading floors is not easy to get. But there is an option to arrange a real competition with raising bets.

Elite agencies

Price tag: 300,000 – several million rubles.

Similar offices work on the basis of modeling agencies and administrators of beauty contests. Recruiters select personnel for domestic businessmen and large officials. People with large capital are not too worried about the price. They pay attention to the appearance. There is a risk of running into scammers. You cannot agree to a trip to another country if there is no confidence. Otherwise, there is a probability of getting into a harem.

It is clear that a high price can only be found in places where Western businessmen live. The most famous resource is Cinderella Escorts. With Russian everything is not so rosy. Therefore, it is better to study English. This will increase the chances of success.

Success stories

Over the past decade, many transactions for the sale of virginity have passed in the world. Many girls received modest amounts of money in their hands. But there were real stars among them. They managed to part with innocence for astronomical amounts. Especially by Russian standards. From 810 thousand dollars to 3.8 million. We will arrange the success stories of decreasing the proposed financial resources.

Natalie Dylan

, How much it costs to sell virginity: stories of successful girls

Sum: 3,800,000 dollars.

Girl from California at the age of 22. She was very ambitious and needed money to pay for study. Therefore, in 2008, she put her virginity at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch auction for $ 3.8 million. There were a lot of applicants for “honor”. As many as 10 thousand applicants. Where does such popularity come from?

The lady was found by the producers of the American show of Howard Stern. They interviewed her and “shaved” information about the auction throughout the country. It turned out a kind of reality show. So Natalie at the peak of trading received an offer for more than 3 million “green”.

Katarina Migliorini

, How much it costs to sell virginity: stories of successful girls

Sum: 1,500,000 dollars.

The model from Brazil decided to sell innocence under a noble pretext. She was going to build a shelter for homeless people. In general, virginity has become the subject of bargaining at the Internet asociation. The first big fish was a businessman from Japan, who offered the girl $ 780,000 for the right of the first night. It went to the end of the transaction, but the insidious resident of the Land of the Rising Sun suddenly disappeared.

His place was quickly taken by the Arab millionaire. His offer was double: $ 440,000 at once and $ 1.5 million after a voluptuous night. But then an unexpected event occurred. The prosecutor’s office of Brazil intervened in the case. Against Katarina, they opened a case under the article “Prostitution”. The lot remained not played out.

Raphaella Fico

, How much it costs to sell virginity: stories of successful girls

Sum: 1,400,000 dollars.

Virgin 20 years from Italy. Representative of the modeling business. Designated her desire to part with innocence for 1 million euros. The girl wanted to spend money wisely. First of all, buy a chic mansion in Rome. The second tranche would go to teach acting.

During the auction, the cost of the night with Raphaella flew to $ 1.4 million. But thanks to popularity, the model met with a rich athlete and soon gave birth to a child from him. So the dream of easy profit crashed about real feelings. But Fiko got on the cover of Maxim magazine.

Graciel Yatako

, How much it costs to sell virginity: stories of successful girls

Sum: 1,300,000 dollars.

The mother’s life stood at the stake of the model of Peru. At least, it was precisely this reason that Graceel called it as an excuse for the auction of her virginity. The country was experiencing a deep economic crisis. Therefore, the girl gave advertising right in the local newspaper.

The indignation of the Catholic public could not limit. Folk rumor accused the 18-year-old virgin of attempt by self-PR on a “sensitive” topic. A millionaire from Canada decided to buy innocence. But the young lady defiantly refused money. She probably wanted to regain a good name for herself.

Elizabeth Rhine

, How much it costs to sell virginity: stories of successful girls

Sum: 800,000 dollars.

Lee seriously approached the matter. At the age of 27, she did not use auctions. Instead, the girl created her own site with a detailed biography and photos in the style of “nude”. Virgin was a student of a medical college. Part of the amount – 35 %, Elizabeth planned to put to help women living in third world countries.

The first time trading went for a long time. At that time, few used the Internet. But by 2014 the situation has improved. The long -awaited fans appeared. One of them offered a solid “kush” in the first night – $ 801,000. But the girl suddenly turned off the trade and refused to complete the deal.

Although the bets were high, many girls could not part with virginity for money. Excessive attention from society is not the best assistant. Therefore, it is better to act secretly, to leave the public field as much as possible.

Is it legal

Sale of virginity – delicate topic. According to the logic of things, if both parties make a deal voluntarily, then no sanctions on the part of laws should be. This is true. The domestic femid is loyal to such situations. According to practicing lawyers, the auction participants may threaten:

  1. Article 6.11 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. This is a prostitution. Fine 1.5-2 thousand rubles.
  2. Article 134 of the Criminal Code. Sexual intercourse with a face under the age of 16. Until prison.

In the first case, law enforcement officers are unlikely to prove that the sale of innocence is prostitution. Girls of easy behavior provide customers with services systematically. And virginity can only be lost once. Therefore, an administrative penalty runs past.

The second option can be “sewn” by those who buy innocence. But only if a virgin is less than 16 years old. Men monitor this moment. Therefore, they are ready to give money only to adult ladies. Minimum age – 18 years. And it is better to have a relationship with 21 years.

There are no punishments under Russian law. But abroad, everything can turn out against the participants in the transaction. History with Brazilian Katarina Milorini confirmation of this. Before traveling to an unfamiliar state, it is better to get acquainted with the intricacies of native jurisprudence.

Stages of the transaction

It is clear that when it comes to big money, no one wants to stay in fools. Therefore, ladies should know the algorithm by which buyers act. First of all, you need to enlist the support of an authoritative intermediary. Without access to wealthy men, it will be difficult to help out a solid amount. A good “broker” is looking through friends. Moreover, if a person requires money forward, with a probability of 80 % this is a fraudster. Where did the girl get the “loot” who has not received anything yet?

Experienced agents understand that first you need to provide a virgin with a starting amount. This may be required for a flight to another city or country. When all the formalities are settled, the transaction goes as follows:

  • The customer conducts a girl’s medical examination to confirm innocence. Doctors are rarely mistaken. They can see traces of hymenoplasty. It’s better not to take risks.
  • A man gives an advance payment of 50 % or the entire amount. Parties discuss the details of the first sex. Discuss additional services for a separate price.
  • Sexual intercourse occurs. The businessman issues a full calculation. At this stage, interesting proposals for further relationships may be received.

If the girl likes it, she has a chance to stay with a wealthy man. The oligarchs are characterized by nobility. They believe that they pull out a defenseless girl from deaf poverty. There is no need to show pride here. It is better to play along with your “Savior”.

About scammers

When making a transaction, there is a risk of running into scammers. Both sides can fall into an unpleasant situation:

  1. The virgin was not real.
  2. The customer “threw” with money.

The first option often happens. Let us turn to one interview published in the publication “Moscow Komsomolets”. According to the former intermediary, who worked in the field of supplying innocent girls to customers, there are surgeons with golden hands. They restore the virgin pleasant so professionally that it becomes impossible to recognize a fake. According to the informant, her girls sold virginity 5-6 times. But one fine moment the deception was opened. The business had to be turned off.

The second option is characteristic of provincial businessmen. People who are stuck in the 90s relate to their obligations philosophically. They are looking for naive girls, promise the golden mountains, and give a couple thousand rubles and say goodbye. You can protect yourself from such a development of events. It is necessary to carefully choose future customers, take an advance payment. Well, if there are friends from this sphere. Then the word of mouth will work without fail.

Virginity can be sold for any amount. In a poor situation in the hands, a couple of tens of thousands of rubles will be. At best, there is a chance to take possession of millions of dollars. Good external data and young age will help to increase the bar. The case can be handed over in a public social network or at an online asociation, but it is better to contact a VIP agency. There are examples in the West when men were ready to give $ 3.8 million. The procedure is absolutely legal. The main thing is not to run into scammers.

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