How sperm smells?

How sperm smells?.

Opinions on how male sperm smells, everyone has different. But what is the true cause of the smell of sperm and whether this smell can suggest that something is wrong with health?

The smell of sperm

Healthy sperm has a slightly nut aroma, and can also resemble the smell of chestnut flowers. The ejaculate contains approximately 95% of the water and therefore is quite neutral in terms of smell. However, if you deliberately sniff sperm, then a certain inherent smell is normal.

If the sperm smells unpleasant, you should consult a doctor. This is due to the fact that various sexually transmitted diseases can change the smell of sperm. That is why such noticeable changes are always a negative sign, and they should be seriously treated.

Causes of the unpleasant smell of sperm

1. Diet. A harmless reason for the change in the food is the use of foods containing sulfur. Garlic, asparagus, broccoli, Savoy and other types of cabbage used in large quantities can have a temporary effect on the smell of sperm.

2. Nicotine. Cigarettes not only negatively affect the quality of sperm, but can also give it an unpleasant odor. This is because the body wants to get rid of toxins with feces, sweat, saliva, sperm and urine. By the way, this also has a taste effect: it is believed that the smoker’s sperm is much bitter to taste.

3. Coffee. Coffee lovers are faced with the fact that their saliva has a bitter taste. This effect can be transferred to sperm, even if it is not so pronounced. However, the amount of coffee drunk is crucial here.

4. Long abstinence. The smell of sperm after prolonged abstinence will be more intense. After seven days, the number of spermatozoa increases by about 37%. There is less water in the ejaculate, but more the secret of the prostate and a larger number of spermatozoa. This leads to a more intensive smell.

5. Sexually transmitted diseases. If sperm has such a smell that it becomes bad from it, then in this case it is not food and lifestyle that is not to blame, but, most likely, STD. Gonorrhea, chlamydia, as well as trichomoniasis belong to sexually transmitted diseases that can cause an unpleasant smell of sperm.

How to improve sperm smell? There are a number of factors that can change the smell of your sperm. Many of them can be affected by yourself, leading a healthy lifestyle. But do not forget that sperm never happens completely without smell.

, How sperm smells?

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