How to determine a virgin by obvious signs of innocence

How to determine a virgin by obvious and indirect signs of innocence.

, How to determine a virgin by obvious signs of innocence

In the modern world, you rarely meet the men who are concerned with the innocence of the chosen one, but still such specimens sometimes come across a life path. They certainly need to be the first of their girlfriend or wife, so they rape the search engine with requests for the type “How to determine that girl is a virgin“, And also take out the brain to their girlfriend with constant interrogations. The most fundamental ones are sent to a chair to a doctor to get a certificate with evidence.

By the way, the girls themselves, especially the Muslim religion, are very worried about the preservation of virginity for the future spouse. They meet with guys, sometimes allow more than just a kiss, masturbate, and then fill gynecologists with questions about maintaining chastity. But in fact, is it possible to preserve the virgin pleura after masturbation with a finger? Can a film that is valuable for some individuals between the legs from tampons or skiing on a bicycle be damaged? Let’s deal with all questions arising from people who are concerned about a piece of skin in the crotch.

, How to determine a virgin by obvious signs of innocence

Why do men want to be the first of their girls

Is virginity important? Does she directly speak about the spiritual qualities of the future life partner? The presence of a film in the vagina will protect you from betrayal or any betrayal from a woman? It would seem that round dances around the virgin pleura are the remnants of the past at the witch level burned at the stake, but there are dogmas, crazy about the thought that the girl with someone had sex before the arrival of his Majesty in her fate.

Unfortunately, there are no instincts! Many men are terrible owners who want to be the first of their loved ones. And, yes, the realization that someone’s member has visited his woman, whom he kisses, caresses and wants to see next to life, entrusting the birth and upbringing of children, even torments adult males, not to mention young boys at the age of 18-25.

When a representative of the stronger sex has an irresistible desire to find out everything about the past life of his young chosen one, probably we are talking about fears and distrust of. Every man wants to be a “discoverer”, have a relationship with an innocent young lady. It is believed that the respect of the partner is largely determined by this aspect.

The realization that someone was owned by the body of his beloved girl, unpleasant even an adult self-sufficient man. But if in adulthood the top, as a rule, takes common sense and understanding of life realities, then young people under the age of 22-25 are often guided by emotions. In their understanding of decent love, warmth and trust can only be a “pure” girl.

Continuation of the genus

In general, the main reason why men want virgins is to continue the genus! Or in a scientific-struggle for the purity of its genetics. They want to be sure that a woman gives birth to children from him. Males even in nature do not feed someone else’s offspring. The presence of virginity is a guarantor that paternity is clean, without impurities of other genetic codes of an alien genealogy.


We call this a hound of sperm: men, while still boys, always compete with each other, showing leadership qualities or qualities of a nerd. Then they compete in finance, sports, winning the best place under the sun. To be the first of a girl means taking a prize among all competitors.


Banal disgust to the fact that someone merged his sperm in her vagina. It seems to be stupid for modern realities, but the fact: the guys still prefer “new”. Well, we do not take bitten sausage or worn tights. This is normal healthy disgust. Just everyone has a very severity varies.

Dreams or sports interest

The desire to be the first of a girl can be dictated by the usual interest. Elementary I want to try sex with an innocent girl and, possibly, amuse my pride in order to talk about how cool he is in the company of friends.

Among young guys and even adult men, there are fetishist-perverts who receive special psychological and sexual pleasure from virgins. They specially seduce innocent virgins, buy them for money and are in every possible way to go to bed with an untouched.

Against the backdrop of these male addictions, cunning girls have long realized that it was possible to simulate her virginity, and modern science in general from a walking woman can make a modest bashful nymph with several waves of the surgeon’s hands. Hi, hymenoplasty – restoration of a virgin pleura, which is no different from the nature of this film at birth.

How to determine a virgin if you directly ask about it more than awkward? This issue of innocence at the Institute of Marriage has long been considered almost fundamental. Many are aware of white sheets with red spots posted on public display as evidence of the worthy and honor of the bride. However, such a method for determining innocence, still used at the most remote points of the planet, cannot be considered objective. It turns out that bleeding in the process of defloration is far from a widespread prerequisite. For some girls, the rupture of the virgin rod could even go through a painless or unnoticed.

, How to determine a virgin by obvious signs of innocence

I am a virgin or not: Features of female physiology

In the case of careful and delicate first contact with a man, a lady can feel great and even, which happens quite rarely, to experience the first orgasm. But is it possible to determine whether the virgin is a young lady, trying to find or make out a pleura yourself? Most of the guys who do not know about this are asked that only a real professional is capable of seeing a specific “microbarier” in the vagina. With the help of medical equipment, this is possible, however, in this case, it is worth considering the individual characteristics of the fair sex.

Not all men have a correct idea of what is a virgin playing. Many people imagine it as a kind of film, which, during the first sexual intercourse, breaks through a male member. In fact, the feather resembles something like a narrowing of the vaginal space, so it is not so simple to determine whether the girl is wished. Reminding a narrower channel in the vagina, it can vary in quality. For example, depending on the body and lifestyle of the girl, the feather can be very thin or, conversely, fleshy, dense.

The virgin playing is located around the perimeter of the vagina, as if bordering it. In most cases, in the middle there is a hole for menstrual blood. It is located 2-3 cm from the entrance. The form can have any: round, semicircular, lattice, with a partition in the center. More often torn at the first sexual intercourse, but there are exceptions when defloration occurs after several contacts, during childbirth or surgically.

Frequently asked questions about imprisonment

Remember a few simple conditions so as not to fill the Internet with stupid issues.

  • It is impossible to tear the virgin pleasant with a swab.
  • From the caresses of the clitoris and kuni they do not lose innocence.
  • It is impossible to lose virginity when riding a bicycle.
  • A stream of water, even powerful, does not tear the virgin Pleve.
  • Fingers to make a girl a woman is quite real.
  • The same applies to the introduction of the penis to the “half of the bumps” and the phalloimitators.

But! For sure whether the virgin is a girl or not, only a doctor at a gynecological examination can. And whether there was damage to the river during masturbation or petting, only the gynecologist will say too. Do not read the advice of the Internet scribble and poke your fingers in the vagina in an attempt to find virginity – you risk it to lose it. You will not know anything yourself.

The main sign that you have lost its virginity is the appearance of blood and pain, which feels like a garden of the wound! They persist for several days then and noticeably intensify when going to the toilet in a small. But this is a classic case of deprivation of innocence.

How to understand whether a girl of virginity lost if there was no blood and pain? Go to the doctor or have sex again. Perhaps the virgin is very tight and was not completely torn. Too elastic fabric also does not immediately break – so you can never be 100% confident.

If you plan to have sex with a virgin, pay attention to auxiliary toys for adults that will make the first sex girl less painful. Be sure to go to the “Preparations and Cosmetics” section, there are special gels and lubricants that solve the issue of lack of natural mucus release with insufficient excitement. Different sex toys, such as massagers, vibrators, clips on the chest will make the prelude more colorful, and at the same time distract from thoughts about pain.

How to understand that girl is a virgin by indirect signs

Can a man somehow determine the girl’s virginity by indirect signs? After all, not always the question in the forehead will be appropriate. Sometimes there are doubts for those guys who already had sexual contact with a partner, but are not sure whether she was innocent, as he said. Therefore, we learn to look for indirect signs of virginity in behavior and manners!

Signs of the virginity of the girl

It is very difficult to determine by the manner of behavior only. There is an opinion that an innocent girl behaves modestly, is shy when communicating with the opposite sex, blushing at every step, etc.D. This is such an inaccurate sign that you should not hold a landmark on it.

Among the virgins there are many young virgins who behave liberatedly, fun, playfully – it seems that their entire message to the outside world is sexual subtext! For many men, this behavior is regarded as a green light. Such Madame is only a great seducer and mistress. Often in bed, guys are in a state of shock, which deprived the “fatal woman” of innocence. It’s just that not all men can distinguish real -simple and funny girls from vulgar hubalized gamepress. And yet, modesty or deliberately cheerful behavior will enter the list of points.

Shy and mega-out-of-access or cheeky-prone-abrasion girl

When something climbs over the edge, there is a suspicion that not just like that. If communication, especially intimate, was not with men, or it was present in minimal quantities, and the matter did not reach vaginal penetration, the girl will be embarrassed and closed in herself when trying to get closer to her. Too active and liberated may not be shy and bring to bed, because she herself wants to get rid of the “obstacle” to adult joys.

Reactions in the dialogue

In general, everything is simple here. When it is difficult to understand by behavior whether the virgin is a girl or not, you need to try to promote her on income topics. If he answers out of place, blushes, embarrasses, transfers the conversation into another direction, and lowers or takes his eyes to the side, which means that there is not much experience or not at all. Be sure to track her emotions at such moments.

When trying to talk, her innocent nymph can ask in response such naive and ridiculous questions that you will immediately understand whether she was familiar with the penis or only out of the corner of her ear, she heard that he was hanging out in men between the legs. Most likely, she will refuse to discuss erotic fantasies, the intimate life of friends, etc.D.

, How to determine a virgin by obvious signs of innocence

The defile is naked

Try to leave the bathroom naked if you are visiting you. A girl who has no contact with men may not know what a real member looks like. You will see all her reaction through bulging eyes. Or she will turn away mechanically, very embarrassed. A lady who knows what it is to jump on a male penis, will hardly look away and most likely comment on your natural data.

By the way, an innocent girl can generally refuse to visit you so as not to stay with a man tete. If she finds out that you are alone at home, being already “laid on the network” of an insidious seducer, you will see by her behavior that she is afraid or clearly feels “not at ease”.

Log in bed

Even on condition that the girl herself wanted to lose her virginity, the first time she will behave squeezed and modestly. Neither knowledge gleaned from the network or from friends, nor your skill and tenderness will help. At the most crucial moment, it will tense, will slow down the process several times, doubt and.D.

She will be embarrassed when touching the male genital organs, automatically twitching with your attempts to caress her non -standard – all her intimate will “clamp in Teski embarrassment”. Such a virgin even lowers panties, embarrassed and blushing.

With a convinced virgin, even a hint of sex can end in a scandal. It’s not so easy for an innocent girl to lure in bed.


Of course, this is already a very indirect feature that has a great connection exclusively with the inner sensation of its “I” of each particular girl. Nevertheless, the virgin walks along the street a little differently: her steps are shorter, less confident, as if their owner is closing from the outside world so as not to attract excess attention. She is not yet familiar with a sexy gait from her thigh and launching arrows with her eyes in passers -by.

A woman who has sex with men goes as if swimming: the steps are confident, the tread is firm, wagging hips makes many males turn out. This is so deftly combined with her languid looks! Everything in her, as it were, says: “Look, I am a woman! They want me! I am in demand!”

It happens that 14-year-old virgins frankly went and vulgarly wag their hips, and women who gave birth to more than one child go like schoolgirls, one flat line. Therefore, use such an inaccurate way as this, and try to determine the virgin on the gait is not particularly worth.


Now young virgins are also watching themselves. Makeup, fashionable clothes, style-all this is familiar even by barely operating teenage girls. But a woman with sexual contacts can still be highlighted. She always has a certain image, most likely, the one that is aimed at exciting men. The girl chooses outright silhouettes and makes such mistakes as exposing both the neckline and hips, which does not do more liberated lady, leading sexual life. The image of a “experienced” temptress is most often chosen by uncertain virgins.

As a rule, in more adulthood, men no longer think about how important it is for them to have a relationship with an immaculate young lady. There are completely different values in the priority: mutual trust, respect for each other, the birth of offspring and the desire to meet old age together. If a beloved person is dear, he can forgive any mistakes and accept his past as it is. Therefore, dear men, do not clog your head with remnants of the past, but just enjoy your beloved nearby!

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