How to end without hands? Methods and devices

How to end without hands? Methods and devices.

Ways to achieve orgasm, both in men and in women, a great many. However, all of them are somehow directly related to the presence of a partner or masturbation with their own hands. Even if extraneous objects are used for self -satisfaction, naturally we recommend using only special sex toys of high quality, you still cannot do without active work with your hands.

Today we will refute this myth and tell you how to get to the peak of pleasure. Moreover, “manual masturbation” often causes injuries, especially among the stronger sex and it would be time to leave it.

How to end a man without hands?

Regular ejaculation can prevent prostate diseases and eliminate stagnant prostatitis. There is a great influence on the mental state of a man, since nature conceived an active sex life with fertilization of as many females as possible.

In the modern world, such behavior is not always possible that we have come to a monogamous society where the fidelity of our soulmate is extremely important. And family sex thing is unpredictable and many married men are forced to resort to self -satisfaction.

. The task is simple – to ejaculate without much effort. What does it want to do this as simple as possible and, if possible, comfortable. Here you have to think about how a man ending without hands and enjoy the process.

For this, there are special automatic masturbators that allow a man to enjoy without making any movements. It is enough to get excited, put an erect member in the body of the masturbator, select the desired mode using a button and enjoy the process.

Some models are equipped with headphones with groans and female screams, which enhances the effect. Other models have control from a smartphone, which is extremely convenient and can be used with your partner. Entrust her with an impact adjustment and thereby play role -playing games. And most importantly – our goal is fulfilled, we can ejaculate regularly without making our own efforts.

All products are made of high -quality materials, have a guarantee and can be used under water. Sit in a warm bath, configure the speed of the masturbator and relax when you enjoy it, here is a small part of what modern toys are capable of.

How to end the girl without hands?

Despite the fact that physiologically an orgasm for a girl does not matter what is his influence on the psyche. The consequences of female abstinence are very different from the male, but the destructive effect on the body is no less.

Here we are talking more about hormonal malfunctions, worsening of the condition of nails and skin, mood swings, neurosis. When a man is not able to give a partner affection in the right volumes or a satellite at all, you have to resort to masturbation. And it should be of high quality, in every sense of the word.

Options to achieve orgasm without their own efforts in girls are a little more than in men. But the fastest and most effective way is to use a clitoral stimulant.  The toy has small dimensions, an average of 15 cm long, with a diameter of 4-5. This allows you to carry the product with you without any problems.

Use is also possible under water, which allows you to achieve orgasm in the shower and bathroom. The impact goes directly on the clitoris and the peak of pleasure occurs on average in 1-3 minutes. After excitement, the stimulator is substituted to the clitoris, the desired mode of operation is selected and further actions are not required.

Thus, we get the answer to the question of how to end the girl without hands. Of course, the toy must be kept in one place, but there is no need to show any other activity, so the fingers do not take part in the stimulation of the genitals, there is no need to “jerk off”.

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