How to find a prostate and how to stimulate it?

How to find a prostate and how to stimulate it?.

1. How to find a prostate?

To achieve a prostate, it is enough to insert a finger or anal toy into the anus by about 5-7 centimeters, depending on the individual anatomical structure of the body. The desired gland can be felt how a small tubercle on the lower part of the anal passage.

2. Do you need an enema?

The enema before the massage, of course, is needed – it will serve as the key to a comfortable procedure. Also, when exposed to the prostate gland, calls to defecation often occur, and the preliminary preparation helps to avoid unpleasant consequences of the uncontrolled operation of the rectum.

3. How to stimulate yourself? (self -massage)

An indirect self -massage of the prostate is possible. Of course, it is not the most effective possible, but the easiest and does not require penetration. To do this, you need to compress and unclench the muscles of the anus. Direct self -massage of the prostate will be fully fulfilled if you have sufficient flexibility, using prostate massages.

4. How to stimulate if there is a partner/partner?

Prostate stimulation should be done with a finger or using anal stimulant. If your partner is not ready to do it with your hands, then the toy will be the best alternative. Anal traffic jams, and even more so special prostate stimulants have an anatomically ideal form for influencing the prostate gland.

5. Do you need a lubricant?

It is simply necessary to use lubrication during massage of the prostate, both for a more comfortable use of the stimulant, and to avoid possible injuries of the rectum, since the anus is not adapted to develop its own lubricant.

6. Do you need a condom?

Using a condom will save you when massage with your finger from bacteria getting inward, and with a massage toy – from absorption of smells into its material.

7. Whether the toy is needed stopper?

When stimulating a prostate toy, it is necessary to have a limiter – stopper, which will ensure the safe use of the toy and prevent its complete immersion in the anus.

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