How to get a lover of a married woman? The main thing is to prepare a husband for a lover

How to get a lover of a married woman? The main thing is to prepare a husband for a lover.

, How to get a lover of a married woman? The main thing is to prepare a husband for a lover

The reasons for everyone are different, but the request is obvious – Urgently needs a lover. Take a hurry to start the latter or despair with unsuccessful search. To begin with, we will study how to prepare a husband for the appearance of a lover, where lovers are found in our time and how to save a lover in a secret?

Step No. 1: Preparing the ground for a lover. We create real employment

You are already ready to start searching or a suitable candidate has appeared on the horizon. The soil needs to be prepared in advance, then the success will be ensured.

+ Sign up in a circle, a sports section, a school of photography or weaving of African American pigtails, and preferably in several. Moreover, for the husband, these classes should be one hundred percent uninteresting. It is real sections, and start to attend this whole thing, bring photos of classes and stay for gatherings with real interests of interests. Then both the husband and relatives will be completely sure where you are, with whom, and that you have a real reason to linger. At the same time, do not extend much about the location and the exact schedule of classes in order to move away from the rules at the next step and adjust them at your discretion.

+ Ask for business trips to work. Real business trips with real employees, if there is such an opportunity. Then we use this time for traveling for several days to city with a lover.

+ Do not spend all the holidays and weekends with your husband. Let him know in advance that you have a large circle of communication. Moreover, there are so many of them that the husband does not know and cannot know everyone. Even if you go to the next movie with Masha’s acquaintance, come up with that this is an old school friend Tanya and gradually diversify your friends so that when a lover appears, you can go a couple of times with «Tanya» in a cafe or go with her for a summer house with an overnight stay. Create the appearance that you are the soul of the company «Between us girls», You often need to spend time with friends.

+ Be a mystery. Do not tell your husband and your family absolutely everything, dedicate less to plans and your thoughts. You are not secretive, just individuality and self -sufficient woman. This is a plus for relations with her husband, as they say, «there should be some kind of mystery in a woman».

+ Devote enough time to your husband and do not stop taking care. The husband must very smoothly survive the period of your «socialization» and the appearance of many friends. In order for the appearance of a lover to not radically affect your appearance, getting out with friends or just to work, continue to pay a lot of attention to the appearance, so that the husband is not surprised by the combat coloring.

+ Carry out leave, especially it is convenient in the summer – Get out with real girlfriends for the weekend at sea, river or forest. Let him get used to your absence.

, How to get a lover of a married woman? The main thing is to prepare a husband for a lover

Step No. 2: We are looking for a lover and set up all points over «AND»

In order for the lover to become a lover, it is necessary that passion and interest be lit between the two, there are common topics for conversation, but just in the amount that this does not grow into friendship. When meeting, it is better to interest, seduce, crush sex, but do not jump right into bed – After all, a permanent lover is needed, not a one -time toy. In addition, having talked a little, you will find out how free the future lover is, is located to meetings, what experience he has in such matters, how reliable he is, and that you have a better husband to hint immediately. This narrows the search circle and protects your future. You need to choose a lover so that he supplements the husband, then your life will be harmonious, and the relationship in the family will be at the expense of complete satisfaction of life.

Where to look for a lover?

► Social networks. The usual dating sites are outdated – too little information and a lot of inadequacy. But on the social network, like VKontakte, it is much more often indicated by truthful data, a lot of additional information, and a partner can be selected through the search, literally, according to the zodiac sign. 80% of men respond to the message from the girl, it is enough to show the initiative only at the beginning, «throw bream» Using the correct compliment and smoothly transfer to the field of sex – It always works.

► Night clubs and cafes. Here to find someone at night is easier than on «constant». Of course, you need to choose older men and better than married or womanizers. It is unlikely that they came here to get acquainted with the future wife.

► work colleagues. There are a pair of reservations here – If a man works in the same department as you, he must be extremely experienced in love ties in order to carefully keep the secret. Perfect option – An employee from the parallel department with whom you have cross -country interests, then your joint pastime will not cause suspicion. You need to be extremely careful – Some companies can fire for a romance at the workplace.

► Club of interests – also a very thin option. The main thing is that the husband is not familiar with anyone from this club, and so that no one in the club knew that you are married so that your sympathy was quite traditional, and envious people could not recoup on you.

Step No. 3: We enjoy the fruits of the competent preparation of the husband for her lover.

We replace any of the mugs-facultists to meet with a lover, enjoy joint trips out of town for a couple of days and do not forget to pay attention to the unsuspecting husband.

P.S.: If a woman has a husband and a lover, both love and idolize her, then life was a success!

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