How to give pleasure to a little member of your girlfriend?

How to give pleasure to a little member of your girlfriend?.

In a state of erection of a male penis on average approximately 14-17 cm long. If you are among those men who have less this indicator, then you should not worry at all. Because the main thing is not the length, but the ability to properly dispose of this length!) Therefore, if you have a member of the non -stable sizes, follow some rather simple and effective tips stated below so that you managed to give pleasure to your girlfriend a little member.


The prelude in this case plays a very important role, t.e. The less male dignity, the more efforts it should make during the prelude. The longer stimulate and excite a woman, the easier it will be to bring the girl to orgasm.

The prelude should include everything that you like and excites a partner, for example, kisses and affection, stroking, etc.D. Moreover, all these caresses should not focus only in one place – between her legs. Remember that a woman is a continuous erogenous zone, if you approach her correctly. Therefore, you need to start with remote places. Lips, ears of the neck, brushes and gradually go to the chest, and then below. That is, you start playing with her genitals at the very last moment. When you make this path, the girl will already be well excited. And the stronger it is excited, the more blood comes to her genitals and the denser her vagina becomes, which means that your at first glance a small member of her feelings will no longer be so small!)) The partner should be so excited that you must pray to you. Materials below will teach you some techniques that you can use for additional or alternative stimulation of a girl:

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Clit stimulation

It is important to pay more attention to the clitoris of a woman before sexual intercourse itself. You will caress the clitoris with your tongue or do a clitoris massage with your fingers, in any case, try to make your partner reach an orgasm at least once. This will help you give pleasure to a small member of your beloved and get even more pleasure from intimacy.

Pose for a small member

Doggi pose

, How to give pleasure to a little member of your girlfriend?
If you have sex in the Doggi pose, then even the smallest member will seem to the woman big. In order to deliver the maximum amount of pleasure to the partner in this position, it is advisable to become in such a way that she can put her head and shoulders on the pillow, while her priest will be raised. Her back should be curved. This Doggi pose will allow any guy to feel like a sex giant.

Frog pose

, How to give pleasure to a little member of your girlfriend?
For sex in this position, a woman should lie on her stomach and slightly spread her legs. For convenience, you can put a pillow under her hips. The partner lies on top with the whole body. This pose also allows a pope partner to swell (of course, if she does not mind), thereby adding severity to sex.

The pose “Horner”

, How to give pleasure to a little member of your girlfriend?
Your girlfriend lies on her back and, spreading her legs, lifts them. You, entering her, hold her legs by the ankles so that the position of her legs resembles the English letter “V”. Thus, a man can penetrate as deep as possible, thereby giving pleasure to the girl with even a small cock. This is how the clitoris is additional stimulation. In order not to change this pose, you can just put your partner’s feet on a man’s shoulders.

, How to give pleasure to a little member of your girlfriend?
While society is trying to impose standards to everyone regarding the size of the male penis, it is important to understand the simplest truth – a man, with any size of his dignity, is able to enjoy the girl, the main thing is only to wish for this.

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