How to humiliate a man in bed

How to humiliate a man in bed.

It’s no secret that many men like to be a humiliated woman. According to studies, even successful and brutal in life guys may experience a desire to submit to a weak sex. In bed, often it is the woman who takes the process of managing the process in her hands, which turns both. Today we will discuss how to humiliate a man in bed, as this direction is a leading culture throughout Femdom and raises a lot of questions from those who wish to try something similar.

There are many practices that will help both partners get the necessary emotions. Let’s try to list the most popular, and then tell you which sex toys will help in the implementation of fantasies.

How to humiliate a man in bed with the help of slaps and spitting in the mouth

Practice that came from the BDSM culture, in which a man is subjected to physical impact on the part of the leading partner of the female.

Are usually used in combination with insults and moral humiliation. In words, a woman can humiliate the dignity of a man, his social status, make fun of the shortcomings of the appearance.

It is worth taking into account the fact that the practice is quite tough and is not suitable for everyone. If the lower psyche is not stable, the consequences can be destructive. Depression and reduction of self -esteem can be provided by a couple of words. Not recommended lovers of light and role humiliation.

Bdsm humiliation of a man in sex

Separate practices are aimed at elevating a woman over a man and putting him in a humiliated position.

This is done with the use of sex toys or without them at all, but the essence of the practice is that the representative of the strong half of humanity is in the role of a dutifully accepting everything that a woman does with his body.


English experts have already understood that it will be about the toptail. This is how the springboard is translated. If the lower man has fetish on female legs, then he will like practice.

And the process in which the girl will walk through his body, face and genitals can satisfy his needs for humiliation.

You can use shoes. Quite popular practice among lovers of submission. However, also for an amateur.


Humiliation is achieved through causing pain to the lower partner. Oddly enough, there are a lot of lovers to get balls.

The action is as follows – a man usually stands, wide apart, so the target is in accessibility. A woman strikes the testicles on the testicles. As in the springboard, power must be adjusted.

The goal is not to break, but to hurt. In general, Bollbasting belongs to lovers of sado-Mazo, but the psychological component is available. A man who is beaten in this way feels humiliated. Actually, behind this came!

Games feminization

Sometimes a man wants to experience a humiliation of his male dignity. That is, in the format of a role -playing game to lose it completely.

For such demand in the BDSM, there is a proposal in the form of feminization, that is, the development of signs inherent in the female sex.

The game feminization uses dressing in women’s clothing, manicure, pedicure, cosmetics, and home responsibilities. A man does not feel like a man, but experiences vivid emotions from reincarnation.

Do not confuse with transvestites. This for various reasons like this transformation. And we are discussing the situation when for a man this role is humiliating and he does it with the aim of obtaining the necessary emotions.

That is, this is forced feminization of the guy.  There is still non -nipple feminization, this is when a man completely changes lifestyle, takes hormones, performs an operation to change the floor and ultimately becomes a woman.


Like it or not, but in bed a woman will always be the receiving side. Although the man is changing into a woman, even vice versa. Neither spit nor Ballbasting could change anything.

It was impossible to change roles until a strapon was invented. With his help, to humiliate a man in bed became quite simple.

Now a woman can purchase it in a sex toys store and make her partner experience all the charms of penetration of a penis into him.

As practice shows, in addition to a sense of humiliation, he receives inconsistent stimulation of the prostate, which in turn leads to orgasm in 9 cases out of 10.

Practice is used not only in the context of humiliation. For example, the situation in which the husband wants to try with a man will be a great reason for using a strap -on with his wife. Moreover, the choice of such toys is simply incredibly huge.


The last practice is on our list, but by no means the last in value. There are different flogging and there are a great many.

One of the forums of lovers of this technique says that an active partner is experiencing emotions much stronger than the lower. This helps mentally discharge.

A whole range of feelings falls on the beaten, from pain to moral humiliation. Perhaps this is not given to everyone, but people like it and this is the main thing.

In ordinary life, humiliation for some reason is not a taboo. Many are striving for this, just to increase their self -esteem at the expense of another or bring down the arrogance from the impudent type.

However, remember that any attempts to humiliate can cause psychological injury to the opponent, and you will be responsible for his future. Therefore, it is worth being kinder and forgive people their shortcomings, and leave emotions from humiliation and subordination for the evening with a partner who shares your tastes!

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