How to improve the taste of sperm?

How to improve the taste of sperm?.

The taste of sperm depends on the diet of a man. In most cases, it is brackish, sweetish, with a light sourness and notes of bitterness. With frequent ejaculations, the sweetness decreases, and bitterness, on the contrary, intensifies. If you like oral sex, but the main obstacle to occupation is not tasty sperm, take the matter in your hands. About what can be done to improve its taste – then.

General recommendations

General recommendations for improving the quality of sperm relate to hygiene and diet:

  1. Enter natural juices and fresh fruits in the daily menu – just not sour fruits. For example, a pair of pineapple lobules daily will make sperm very pleasant to taste. Melons, peaches, mangoes, kiwi – choose what you like best. Caution must be observed with apples, because not all varieties have a positive effect on the quality of male seed.
  2. Love yogurts – regular use of yogurt makes sperm sweet. Just do not overdo it – you need to eat them a little, since the abundance of sour milk in the diet leads to an effect directly to the opposite of the desired.
  3. Start eating dill, celery and parsley – these spices very positively affect the taste of sperm and are simply good for health. You can add herbs to salads, the second and first dishes, chew in its pure form. But asparagus and cabbage for connoisseurs of oral sex under a strict prohibition.
  4. Drink coffee less or do not drink it at all. This also includes smoking and alcohol in any form – bad habits are harmful to everything and for the taste of sperm in particular.
  5. Make a bet on seafood – they not only improve potency, but also enhance desire, improve the taste of sperm. It is enough to eat 200 g of any meat per day.

But ordinary meat, fish are not the best allies in increasing the taste characteristics of the seed. It is worth minimizing the amount of consumption of crackers, chips, fast food. Oranges, garlic, tangerines are also banned. If a man takes medication, sperm will begin to bitter, and she gives her beer lovers with a rotten.

How to make sperm sweet

Most of all, the ladies taste sweet sperm. Let’s see how to make it like that. First – give up the main reasons for the appearance of bitterness in the taste of seed, namely caffeine, narcotic substances, alcohol, nicotine.

It is also necessary to establish a drinking regime – if you drink less than two liters of water daily, toxins and toxins are not excreted, polluting the body, negatively affecting the condition of the excretory system, blood vessels, heart and … the taste of sperm. So drink a sufficient amount of pure water – and the benefit will be for everything.

To give sweets, you need to lean on fruits – this is, as we already wrote above, melons, pears, pineapples, mangoes. Cum for vegetarians are really more tasty and sweet – the reason for this lies in the rejection of meat. The main thing is not to replace the chicken and pork for cabbage with asparagus – otherwise you will not achieve any effect. What to do to meat -eaters? Or a little adjust the diet immediately before the night of passion, or switch to seafood.

With cheese, cottage cheese, sour -milk products, care should also be careful. Sharp seasonings, including onions and garlic, also do not make the seed more sweet. It is worth abandoning canned food for the same reason as from fast food – they contain different chemicals, preservatives clogging the body.

And further

You should not buy special products to improve the taste of sperm – their composition and principle of action are not studied, but you can harm yourself. The easiest and most correct way is to make adjustments to the diet, a change in taste habits.

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