How to increase a member forever?

How to increase a member forever?.

How to increase a member forever? So that the result does not disappear in an hour and delight you for many years? To date, only two non -surgical methods are known to increase the penis: exercises called "Jelk" And the use of an extender. These methods have been proven by scientists in the course of experiments and we would like to tell you more about them.

Method 1. Exercises to increase a member

Such management are called Jelk. The essence of the exercises is to stretch the penis for hands according to a certain methodology. This improves blood flow and an increase in a member increase are comparable to muscle growth during training. Before starting, be sure to warm the penis. You can do this with a warm towel and bath for 5-7 minutes. This will protect the fabric from possible injuries. Jelk should be performed when a member is in an excited state by 50-70% – this is a prerequisite. Apply grease. We recommend using special training creams, with their help, efficiency will increase many times and the result will become noticeable much faster.


1. Apply grease and distribute the penis.

2. Bending the thumb and index finger into the ring, grab the dick as close as possible at the base.

3. Squeeze the grip and slowly, for 3 seconds, take the grip to the head, holding the penis parallel to the floor.

4. As soon as your grip is at the base of the head, intercept the base of the penis with the other hand, and let go of the grip near the head.

5. Repeat the step 1-4 with the other hand.

If the level of erection increases, then rest a little and continue the exercise later. After this exercise, the member should look more in a calm state, heavier and fleshy – this is a sure sign that the charging was successful. It is recommended to engage in jelkom no more than a day at the very beginning. Quantity “jelking” In the first month should reach 100 times. Next – gradually increase to 120-150 times, when the fabrics are used to such an effect. Growth power also over time increase, depending on personal sensations. When unpleasant and painful sensations appear, the exercises should be stopped. If necessary, consult your doctor.

Method 2. Wearing an extender.

The extender is a device that, with the help of traction, is able to increase the length of the penis. The principle of action is based on the natural ability of the body to change under the influence of a constant load and consists in prolonged effects on a hollow member, which the apparatus exerts using a stretching force. As a result of this effect, the growth of the cells of the penis barrel is stimulated: the length and thickness of the penis increases. As well as this device can have a corrective effect with the curvature of the penis.

The extender requires much more attention than jelking: the device must be worn from 2-6 hours a day, but the result is justified – the member increases to 5 cm in length and to 1 cm in thickness. The first result will be visible after 5-7 days. According to research, the penis increases during this period to 5 mm. After 2-2.5 months, the result will reach 1.5-2 cm. We would not recommend combining Jelk and extender, t.To. Each technique in itself is quite effective, and their combination can lead to injuries of the genitals. But to improve the result from jelking or using an extender, you can use a vacuum pump.

Method 3. Temporary increase using a pump

Vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump improves blood circulation, erection and increases the duration of sexual intercourse. In addition, the pump contributes to a temporary increase in the member both in length and in volume. In combination with special creams (for example: cream "Persian shah"), which we talked about earlier on this page, you can achieve amazing results in shorter periods and get incomparable pleasure. Please note that the vacuum pump itself does not give a constant effect of an increase in a member.


The hydrope is absolutely safe, easy to use and effective! It is conveniently attached on the basis of the penis, without causing discomfort, and creates sufficient pressure for effective training, without requiring constant pumping. Unlike other vacuum pumps, hydraulic boards use the power of water, so it must be used in the bathroom or soul. Thanks to the hydraulic region, an enhanced rush of blood to the tissues of the inguinal region, the cavernous bodies, as a result of which the length and diameter of the penis increases – the erection of the penis becomes more pronounced and prolonged. Your penis will be stronger – with regular use, an increase in the penis by 2-3 cm occurs. The more often you use the hydraulic tank, the greater the result. The advantage of hydraulicum over the usual pomp is that due to the features of the mechanism of work, it is almost impossible to get the microtrauma of the penis with it.

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