How to increase libido in men. 9 effective methods

How to increase libido in men. 9 effective methods.

The first thing to clarify: libido is not identical to potency. Libido is a psychological attraction, a desire to have sex, but potency is a physical opportunity to enter into sexual relations, erectile function. The low level of libido is usually accompanied by general apathy, poor mood, dissatisfaction with life in general. However, it is quite possible to cope with the problem yourself, without the help of medications. I want to talk about 9 ways to improve attraction that really work. It is best to use them in the complex so that the restoration of sexual health takes place faster. But first, we will figure out the reasons for the problems with it.

Why is male libido decreasing?

  1. Testosterone is produced in smaller quantities. This is due to changes in the hormonal background – they occur after about 25 years.
  2. High consumption of carbohydrates. Several spoons of sugar in tea or coffee, constant snacks of chocolate bars do not affect the attraction.
  3. Chronic fatigue, regular stay in stressful situations, dissatisfaction with the surrounding conditions. As a result, adrenaline is produced, reducing testosterone.
  4. Medicines with codin, morphine, diphenhydramine in the composition, antihistamines, antifungal drugs, antidepressants also suppress libido.
  5. Constant strong physical or mental loads.
  6. Lack of healthy sleep. The consequences of chronic lack of sleep – increased adrenaline production.
  7. Too active sex life (sex several times a day). Everything is simple here: take a break.
  8. Big love for beer. The daily bottle of the foamy drink triggers in the body the production of phytoestrogens – substances whose action is similar to female hormones. They negatively affect testosterone products.
  9. Thyroid diseases.
  10. Low level of iron in the blood.
  11. The abnormal behavior of a woman. It can be too intrusive or cold, “outplay” into a non -traps or a libertine. It repels.
  12. Genetic factors.
  13. Psychological reasons: regular quarrels with a girl, dissatisfaction with her appearance, boring sex, forming a habit. This also includes experiences about past failures, too harsh education in the family.
  14. Poor physical form, sedentary lifestyle. Stagnaries in the pelvis, an unattractive figure lead to self -doubt and real erectile dysfunction.
  15. The monotony in bed. To stay in good shape, it is important to periodically try new techniques and poses. If this is not, soon the process itself becomes ordinary. You will find a lot of information about this in sexology courses on my site.

How to increase libido in men? If possible, avoid the factors listed above. In addition, listen to the further tips.

No. 1. Increase testosterone

He is the main guest of our studio. This hormone gives your appearance male features, is responsible for vegetation on the body, low voice, sperm production and sexual activity. The less testosterone in the blood, the more difficult it is to get excited and maintain an erection for a long time.

Normally, the body should itself develop testosterone in the right amount. This hormone is produced in testicles and adrenal cortex. The peak of its concentration is 18-20 years old, when the guys literally think about sex around the clock. With age, the amount of hormone is reduced, but there are norms of its content in the blood. To understand whether you have a lack of testosterone, you need to donate blood to hormones in the laboratory and verify the indicators with a sign that can easily be found on the Internet. In addition, in many laboratories, normal values indicate nearby.

To increase testosterone production, first of all, you will have to change your lifestyle. You need to move more and play sports. It is not necessary to become a bodybuilder, but 2-3 classes per week for an hour will really help to cope with the situation. Intensive physical exertion launches the mechanism of increased testosterone production, as if converting it into a special regime.

However, we must not overdo it. If the loads are too high, unbearable, the active production of cortisol will begin – the so -called stress hormone. There will be no benefit to the body from it: it leads destructively on muscle fibers, inhibits their growth. Experts recommend training in the morning, devoting to physical exercises no more than an hour. The next lesson is possible only after a good rest and restoration.

Many men complain about the lack of time to visit the gym. If you really want to increase libido, you can do at home. I propose 5 effective exercises.

  1. Lifting the pelvis. Starting position – lying on the back, legs bent at the knees, the feet stand on the floor. Raise and lower the pelvis 10-15 times. To enhance the effect, you can put a strip on the stomach.
  2. Squats with difficulties. Put your feet shoulder width apart, do a deep sitting. Then straighten your legs back, make a rack as for push -ups. Pull your knees to your chest – take the pose after squatting. Then straighten up, jump and make cotton with your hands over your head.
  3. Rotation of the pelvis. Everything is simple here: alternate rotations of software and counterclockwise with straight knees.
  4. Squeezing. Sit on a chair exactly, click the ball with your knees and squeeze it, straining the perineum and pelvis area.
  5. “Air” bike. Lie on your back on a flat surface, raise your legs by 45 ° and twist the imaginary pedals.

Physical exercises contribute to the development of muscles, and this provokes the production of sex hormones. In addition, so you strengthen the cardiovascular system.  

In addition to sports achievements, it is important to spend more time in the fresh air, be sure to stay in the sun (just do not forget about the sunscreen). Sun rays contribute to the production of vitamin D, which is directly related to the production of testosterone.

Refuse aggressive chemicals that violate the hormonal balance in the body, in contact with household and automotive chemistry, use the respirator. Try not to inhale contaminated air: always completely close the car windows in the cork, every weekend, if possible, spend in nature away from the city.

Sexual excesses and complete abstinence poorly affect the production of testosterone. If possible, have sex 2-3 times a week-doctors defined this frequency as optimal. By the way, if you and your wife are planning a child, such a regime of intimate life allows you to achieve an excellent sperm quality.

How to increase libido in men with food? To do this, you need to include in the diet products that directly affect the production of testosterone. This:

  • poultry or red;
  • any fruits, because they are rich in fiber, trace elements, vitamins;
  • seafood, especially salmon, oysters, mollusks, trout;
  • celery, tomatoes;
  • spinach, arugula, parsley, dill, cilantro;
  • wheat, pearl barley, buckwheat porridge;
  • almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews;
  • turmeric, red pepper, dried garlic;
  • ginseng, eleutherococcus;
  • cherry, cranberries, blueberries, currants.

There are also folk remedies to increase libido in men. These are mainly various herbal decoctions and infusions.

Example: Take 5 t. l. St. John’s wort, nettles, clover, mint, pour them with 5 glasses of boiling water, close the lid and insist for an hour. Strain, drink 3 times a day half a glass before the visible effect.

No. 2. Train the pubic and cap

LKM is located between the scrotum and the anus. She is largely responsible for the process of erection and participates in orgasm. In ancient times, men, especially the rulers, paid close attention to the training of LKM. It was believed that this prolongs sexual activity and makes a person literally tireless in bed. In the XX century, Dr. Arnold Kegel confirmed this. He revealed that regular workouts help to quickly restore potency, improve the quality of sexual activity, make an orgasm more striking and prolonged. In addition, this is excellent prevention of prostatitis, hemorrhoids, prostate adenomas, urinary incontinence by improving blood circulation. More training increase testosterone levels.

So how to find this muscle? There are two ways: to delay the stream of urine when urinating or try to raise the member up in an erect state by force. Both of them will lead to the fact that you will feel this important muscle. For a better understanding, you can put your hand on the crotch – the muscle tenses and you will feel it.

Good news: for training LKM, you do not need to allocate time or buy special equipment. In fact, you can do exercises anywhere, for example, in a car or office.

The basic principle of training is the voltage and reduction of LKM. It is important to do this so that all other muscles of the body remain relaxed, and LKM tenses efficiently. An indicator for a beginner is the ability to stop a stream of urine in the middle of urination, so that not a single drop is spilled. In the early days, these will be the main training-with each trip to the toilet 1-2 times, delay urination.

How to raise libido men: a set of exercises

  1. . The principle remains the same: strongly strain the muscle and then relax it, repeat it 10 times a day 10 times a day. Remember: it is more important not the number of approaches, but the quality of execution.
  2. Strain LKM for 3 seconds, then relax at the same time. Gradually increase the duration to 7 seconds. Periods of stress and relaxation should always be the same. 1 approach consisting of 10 times per day.
  3. Strain and relax LKM as quickly as you can. Repeat 20 times, use three times a day.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the exercises. It is important to make them regularly, gradually increase the load. You can combine them with each other to provide the muscle of different types of tension. After a couple of weeks of permanent classes, you will see a good result.

No. 3. Bad

BIODOTS for potency is a very extensive concept. They can include both actually working drugs and vitamins to maintain a general state of health. Bades are divided into 3 groups:

  1. Nutricotics – enrichment and addition of the main diet. They will help improve potency, if the reason for its reduction is stress, overwork.
  2. Parapharmaceuticals – contain large doses of individual amino acids or complexes aimed precisely at the genitourinary system and the body as a whole. They will help establish testosterone production, get rid of the consequences of urogenital diseases.
  3. Special drugs – contain active substances aimed exclusively at potency.

If you eat normally and look for dietary supplements that can really improve potency, pay attention to specialized additives. Among them stand out “Fitropostan”, “Prostamol”, “Prostasabal”, “Optimal”, Now, Vimax, “Prokolno”.

When choosing dietary supplements, do not forget about caution: the drug should be certified in Russia, have confirmation of clinical trials. Many Asian drugs contain potentially hazardous substances that are unpredictable on the body. However, among them there are also working, for example, “Fujunbao”. Do not be too lazy to find the full composition of the Asian additive to exclude allergies to its components.

How to increase male libido? If the matter is only in attraction, you can limit yourself only to dietary supplements. In addition to them, there are also medications that affect the potency directly.

“Burning mukuna”

It is produced in the form of powder, the base of the composition is vegetable, also contains some biologically active components.


  • improves libido and potency;
  • increases the time of erection;
  • stimulates testosterone production;
  • improves sperm quality;
  • Roses the tone of blood vessels to normal;
  • Positively affects well -being, sleep, self -confidence.


The main purpose is to increase libido. Does not affect testosterone products or the work of the cardiovascular system. An additional effect is an improvement in blood circulation in the pelvis, tonic smooth muscles. Works exclusively in the presence of the external pathogen.


Aimed at improving erectile function. Positively affects the flow of blood to the member, expands the vessels. The drug is especially shown to men who have reached the age of 40, as it copes with the symptoms of vegetative-vascular menopause.

“Vuka Vuka”

Phytopreparation with aphrodisiacs in the composition. It can be used immediately before sexual intercourse and course as a prevention. Tones the nervous system, increases libido, if the reasons for its reduction are psychogenic nature.


Made of medicinal plants, the active component in the composition is steroid saponin. Severe effects:

  • stimulation of testosterone production;
  • extension of an erection;
  • improvement of libido;
  • improving sperm quality;
  • Normalization of the tone of the walls of blood vessels, which is well reflected in the flow of blood to the penis.


The main action is the normalization of testosterone products. Improves potency even after viral or infectious diseases of the genital organs. Corrects the condition during menopause, helps to preserve libido in old age. It affects the quality of sperm, immunity, removes depression.


The main components are nicotinamide, vitamin E, zinc, ginger root (the latter is good aphrodisiac). The drug is aimed at increasing libido, potency, testosterone production when it is not enough.

No. 4. Normalize food

You probably heard that cholesterol is insanely harmful. Yes, but this applies to “bad” cholesterol, and “good” is directly related to potency. So do not lean on mayonnaise, it is better to pay attention to the liver, fatty sea fish, healthy vegetable oils, eggs. At least for the recovery period, completely forget about alcohol, reduce the consumption of strong tea and coffee to one cup per day.

Try to eat often, but little by little, the last meal – 3 hours before bedtime. Any preservatives are poorly affected – fast food, ketchups, chips and other “garbage food”. It is not necessary to become a vegan – a correctly cooked piece of meat will not hurt at all. Just combine it with a light vegetable side dish, not potato puree. Do not overeat!

No. 5. Rub

A cream to improve erection will not help increase libido in a man in the long term, but will make it possible to establish an intimate life. Each such cream or gel contains natural components that cause blood flow to the penis and scrotum. As a result, after a couple of minutes you will get a persistent erection and the opportunity to enjoy intimacy. As a rule, creams go well with condom.

In the rating of funds, the first place is occupied by MaxSize. Its advantages are natural composition, fast action, pleasant texture. The cream does not get the body or bedding, it is not felt when making love.

Hot Power Active – gel with vitamins and hoods of guarana. It causes an instant flow of blood to the cavernous bodies and provokes a persistent erection. Can be used constantly, it does not have side effects.

V-CTIVE-a drug in the form of a spray, which facilitates application (no need to dirty hands). The composition is not so natural, but pheromones were added to it. A pleasant aroma can enhance excitement, including female. Such a tool is convenient to take with you on trips without risk to stain other things.

No. 6. Use erection rings

This is another tool to achieve good erection before intimacy. A ring made of elastic material is put on an excited member and prevents the outflow of blood, holding the erection longer.

A pleasant bonus – the erective ring reduces the sensitivity of the penis slightly, so you will have sex longer. If you buy a model with a patch of scrotum, ejaculation will come even later. There are rings with a vibrational element: it will help a partner receive clitoral stimulation that will accelerate female orgasm.

The erection rings are well stretched and easily worn, but tightly fix the base of the penis. In sex shops, you can find products from latex, silicone, thermoplastic elastomer. Remember: using such a device is constantly not worth. Otherwise, blood supply to tissues may be disturbed. You need to remove the erective ring immediately after intercourse.

No. 7. Awaken

Member is the territory of numerous erogenous zones, but with traditional sex only some of them are involved. If you feel a decrease in sexual desire or note a weakening of an erection, try to awaken erogenous zones. In combination with other methods, this will give the desired result.

How to increase male libido in this way? Awakening of erogenous zones is the same masturbation, only conscious. No need to try to finish as soon as possible, even vice versa – try new types of touch. As a rule, men masturbate from adolescence, therefore, to adulthood, they manage to develop their own algorithm, which allows you to quickly get excited and finish. If you are constantly using it only, other zones remain non -law. When you arouse them, excitement and erection will come much faster, and the pleasure and power of orgasm will increase.

Scientists came to the conclusion that masturbation does not harm health in any way – of course, if you do not engage in it ten times a day. Even vice versa: self -satisfaction prevents stagnation in the pelvic zone, and this is very important for the potency and prevention of gender diseases.

You can also have manual sex with your partner. The bottom line: first, a man makes a woman vaginal massage with her hands, bringing her to enchanting orgasms, and then the girl begins to stimulate a guy’s member with the help of various manual techniques, awakening all 30 erogenous zones and points on a penis. This gives very vivid sensations. But manual sex needs to be able to do correctly, so a woman must study the course “Give a man a bright orgasm”, and a man “Give your woman 7 types of orgasm”.

No. 8. Massage the prostate

Many men are afraid of prostate massage, like fire. But in fact it is a very useful and pleasant procedure. You will be surprised, but in the process of massage you can even get a bright orgasm, because the prostate is an extremely sensitive tissue with a huge number of nerve endings. It is not necessary to visit a doctor for prostate massage – now there are many devices that allow him to make him at home.

The benefits of such a massage are invaluable. It improves the blood supply to the prostate, provides the outflow of seed fluid, accelerates tissue regeneration. Sexual function is quickly restored, if there are no serious physiological problems, the quality of sperm increases.

You can conduct prostate massage yourself, but even better to entrust this to a sensitive partner. She can use a finger or apply a special massager – the effect will be almost the same. The most important thing is to completely relax. Massage should be carried out in courses, since there will be no pronounced effect from one time.

No. 9. Rest

Male libido is directly related to the general condition of the body. If you are tired or nervous, this will affect the quality of sexual activity. Therefore, psychological comfort and rest need to pay close attention. Try to create comfortable living conditions – change stressful work, place of residence, relax more.

Healthy sleep at least 8 hours a day is also very important. Go from a night regime of life to a more correct one – get up earlier and go to bed earlier, well ventilate the bedroom before going to bed. Do not allow accumulation of fatigue, working without rest: there should be at least one day off per week, which is better to spend actively in the fresh air.

A set of methods for improving libido and potency will certainly work if you pay due attention to it. But the first thing you still need to be examined by a doctor to exclude serious health problems. If they are, you are urgently treated, and simultaneously connect all the possibilities to normalize intimate health.

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