How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

How to insert a swab correctly?.

Tampons – one of the hygiene products that are used to absorb menstrual discharge. They became popular only at the beginning of this century and acquired a number of changes so that their use was significantly simple. Despite their long existence, not everyone knows how to insert a swab and what needs to be taken into account when using it.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

How to choose tampons?

It is necessary to select tampons in accordance with your own sensations. They exist of various sizes and degree of absorbent abilities. For the first time, select a small product with a pointed end, as this will greatly simplify its passage into the vagina.

The sizes of tampons

This is the main criterion according to which the tampons are selected, the size affects the number of absorbing the discharge:

  • Mini is the lowest indicator that is designed for a minor blood release. It is usually recommended to use in the last period of the cycle;
  • Normal is the most common size, since it can be used at an average level of menstruation, which can be closer closer to small;
  • super/super plus – they are designed to absorb a large amount of blood.

If during application you noticed that a few drops from the discharge have passed, then it is worth changing to products with a greater degree of moisture. This degree is easy to determine by the number of drops on the package, the larger them, the higher the indicator of their absorption. For each period of menstruation, select the appropriate type.

Types of tampons

The second indicator, according to which the funds are divided into two types, lies in the convenience of use:

  • without an applicator – have existed for a long time. Represented in the form of a compressed synthetic substance, which is placed in a special cap in the form of a small bag. To use the product, the contents of the cap must be removed and placed in the vagina, during this the contents of the product are in contact with the air and the environment;
  • with an applicator – all the contents are tightly packed in thin plastic with a smooth surface. Due to this, the risk of various bacteria is reduced and facilitates the passage of a swab in the mucosa of intimate organs.

Instructions for use

Before using a hygienic agent, first you need to understand in which position it will be more convenient for you to introduce. It can be a sitting position on the toilet or in a standing position, lifting one leg on the bathroom or chair.
After that, start promoting the product into the vagina with a finger. To understand how to enter a swab correctly, you must first try to push it directly then diagonally relative to the back. You will immediately feel that the product is moving in the right direction, if discomfort is felt, then you need to change the angle of introduction.

How to introduce a swab without an application correctly?

Before using the product without an additional applicator, be sure to rinse your hands in a soap solution so that bacteria do not get to the surface. After that, strictly follow the instructions:

  1. On the cellophane wax, the arrows in the opposite directions are indicated, twist the bag in the direction of the shooter. Holding the product by the lower part, get rid of the remaining wrapper. If there are wings on the product, then do not touch them.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

  1. Stretch the cord that will need to extract a hygienic agent. To do this, pull it down.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

  1. Now fix the index finger at the base and get rid of the rest of the cellophane shell.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

  1. Take a convenient position and spread the labia with one hand, then lean the product against the vaginal hole.
  1. During the introduction, try to relax so that the product is easier. Try to introduce it deeper if you feel the resistance, then try to change the direction of the tampon.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

If you feel it, then try to advance the product deeper. A properly introduced swab should not make itself felt.

How to insert a swab with an applique?

The use of funds with the applicator is slightly different, however, before the introduction, it is also necessary to rinse your hands in a soap solution, as well as clean the vulva.

  1. It is necessary to give the applicant a normal shape, for this, start pulling the inner tube until the moment the click is heard. To introduce, hold the applicator with the index and thumb by its lower part.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

  1. Spread the labia with your free hand by placing the product between the urethra and the anus.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

  1. Start introducing the product into the vagina until the index and thumb not touch the skin surface.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

  1. Now start pushing the hygiene with an index finger deeper into the vagina. If everything is done correctly, then the swab will slip into the necessary place on its own, and you will not feel it.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

  1. Now you need to get rid of the applicator, while the stretching cord should stick a little from the vagina. Make sure that it is two tubes that come out. After that, throw the applicator into the garbage container, and rinse your hands.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

It is not necessary to use this type of product if you are convenient to introduce without an applicator, then you can use the first type.

How to safely extract?

You need to know not only how to enter the product, but also how to correct it correctly. To do this, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Rinse your hands with soap and take a convenient position. It can be a vertical pose with slightly placed legs or squat.
  2. Pull the cord that hangs from the vagina. You need to pull it out slowly, try not to use any sharp movements.
  3. When the product is extracted, throw it into an urn, and rinse your hands again.

If you have difficulties with the extraction of tampons, then immediately consult a doctor.

Special instructions for adolescents and virgins

In adolescence, many girls already want to use this type of hygiene products. Gynecologists argue that if the girl lives a sexual life, then there are no prohibitions for this, however, it is worth considering all the contraindications related to the use of such means.

Virgins can also use this type of product, since the virgin is quite capable of skipping a small item. Thus, the minimum tampons with the lowest absorption indicator are suitable.

, How to insert a swab – instructions for introduction

If you are interested in how to insert tampons to a virgin for the first time, then you can view the information above. However, with greater attentiveness, it is necessary to take the process of extracting. Thus, when using such products by virgins, it is worth considering the following features:

  • It is the cure that can damage the pleasant, since the swab increases in diameter due to the absorbed discharge;
  • Also, some girls have a poor stretch in some girls, so it can be damaged even with a low size of the product;
  • The use of such means can cause the development of inflammatory processes in the vaginal cavity.

How to make sure the swab is introduced correctly?

If the product is correctly introduced, then you will not feel it, since it is placed in the middle part of the vagina, where the least nerve endings. In this case, the swab will not fall or feel even if there is physical activity.

If you feel it, then try to change his position, piercing him deeper. To worry about the fact that he will disappear somewhere and you will not get it is not worth it, since it can always be extracted with a cord. If you still do not succeed, then it is worth starting the whole process again, it is better to use products with an applicator.

It is important to remember that when using such funds, you should not experience pain or severe discomfort.

How often you need to change tampons?

When using hygienic tampons, it is necessary to know not only how to introduce or extract them, but also how often to replace them. The average duration of the use of one agent is 3-4 hours.  There are also the following points:

  • Even if he did not absorb a large amount of discharge, if you still need to replace after the specified period;
  • If during use you noticed that several discharge has passed, then it is worth choosing a product with greater absorption;
  • change them as necessary, but not longer than the specified period;
  • Long -term wearing funds is prohibited, since after this time dangerous bacteria begin to multiply, causing inflammatory processes;
  • In case of difficulties with the maintenance of the product, it should not be reused;
  • make sure that the surface of the swab does not contact with anything other than clean hands. Otherwise it cannot be used.

 Is it possible to swim with tampons?

You can use funds during bathing, since they not only block the ingress of discharge on clothes, but also protect the damaged mucous membrane from bacteria in water. However, immediately after water procedures, you should immediately change it to a new one, since dangerous bacteria are already actively beginning to multiply in it.

Contraindications to use

Despite all the positive aspects of using this tool, there are a number of contraindications:

  • toxic shock syndrome is a reaction of the body to the ingress of foreign bacteria into the body. The symptoms of this syndrome are as follows: reduced pressure, temperature growth, weakness, impaired coordination, dizziness, malfunctions in the heart rhythm. In this case, the tampons are prohibited;
  • allergies-some women may allergies to any components of the product;
  • the specifics of the structure of the genitals – do not use the product if pathologies with the anatomy of the genitals or changes associated with surgical intervention are observed;
  • the presence of inflammatory processes – only after treatment can these funds be used.

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