How to make a man end first

How to make a man end first.

As a rule, men are excited and receive an orgasm much faster than women. According to statistics, representatives of the stronger sex are enough only 3 minutes of active sex to finish. However, the statement is only partially partially: these data concern young guys. Those who have for 30 may have problems with ejaculation.

How to make a man end first

The main reasons why your partner has not experienced an orgasm for a long time is several:

  1. Reducing the level of testosterone. Sexuality, libido, orgasmism, etc. depends on it. To increase it, you need to eat properly, play sports;
  2. Weak pubic and cope muscle. It is located between the anus and the scrotum, it is realistic to train it, relaxing and straining it. A big plus – you can do this anywhere;
  3. Boring in bed. This happens when people are in a relationship for a long time, or intimacy has become a monotonous. Want to correct the situation? Watch the free online video course “How to become the best mistress for your beloved man”. Your boyfriend will appreciate the changes that have occurred;
  4. The muscles of the pelvic floor in a woman are not in good shape. If they are weak, do not wrap the penis tightly, it seems to the man that he was moving in the void. What kind of orgasm we can talk about? Output – take care of the training of intimate muscles.

All these actions are stretched over time. They are aimed, rather, to solve problems with ejaculation in general. But what to do here and now, if you want a partner to come to the finish line before you?

How to make a man quickly finish

I share several tips, using which a girl will help a guy to achieve a peak of pleasure faster.

Take the initiative in your own hands

Let your partner take a pause, act actively yourself. Very carefully and gently make movements up and down the penis, pulling the foreskin. Pay special attention to the bridle: caress it with your hands, tongue, but make sure that there is a lubricant. Dryness will only lead to pain sensations. You can make a full -fledged blowjob: your young man will accurately appreciate such a turn of events and quickly finish. In the process, use twisting: rotate with your hands or head, caress. This enhances sensations, additionally excites. Do not forget about testicles, they are a very sensitive place.

Give visual pleasure

Men love their eyes. Arrange a small performance to your partner: Start masturbate right in front of him. Demonstrate your sexuality and relaxedness – the result will not be long in coming.

Do not forget about the nipples

They are also an erogenous zone. Stroke slightly, kiss, spend your tongue, bit a little – your young man will experience additional pleasure.

Stimulate the prostate through the anus

Many men are shy, but the majority really like the penetration of the anus. It’s all about the prostate gland: its stimulation causes incredible sensations, significantly brings the discharge. How to do it? You can use your finger, but you need to act very carefully and carefully so as not to damage the delicate skin inside. Nails should be briefly trimmed. Another, more hygienic option is to put a special nozzle from silicone or latex on a finger. She has a smooth surface, so there is practically no risk of injuring the anus. Be sure to use the lubricant. Lubricate the hole and finger/nozzle to them to ensure sliding. Make progressive movements with pressing the front wall. Anal caresses can be combined with a blowjob: then a man will receive just enchanting pleasure and a very bright orgasm.

Remember what he likes

Everyone in sex has their own preferences, why not use it? Someone excites a specific aroma, someone-heavy music. Find what your man is crazy about and feel free to use!

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