How to remove a sudden riser. 5 working methods

How to remove a sudden riser. 5 working methods.

, How to remove a sudden riser. 5 working methods

Every healthy man is familiar with the situation when he suddenly had a riser. An unforeseen erection can occur at the wrong moment, and you need to be able to cope with it. There are 5 effective ways to help to solve everything very quickly.

Erection happens at any age. But this problem is most often found in adolescence. It is not necessary nearby that there may be an attractive girl with her alluring forms. The riser can sometimes occur spontaneously or from the mere thought of sex.

Due to sexual excitement, a man begins to feel shame if he is in sight of other people. Therefore, it is important to be able to quickly get rid of excitement. But how to do that? Let’s talk about 5 ways that They really work.

1. Physical exercise

Starting to do physical exercises, a man will be able to reduce blood supply in the genitals. Such exercises as: squats, push -ups or running help in this. If there is no way to do these exercises, then strain the hips muscles. This is also a kind of exercise that will help remove excitement. 2-3 minutes of classes will help to fix everything.

, How to remove a sudden riser. 5 working methods

2. Cold

Many men know that cold is one of the most effective ways to remove the riser. It is enough to take a cold shower and the problem goes by itself. You can replace shower in order to attach a cold item to the inguinal region. It is important not to overexpose and not catch a cold.

3. Masturbation

This method can be perceived ambiguously, but this does not reduce its effectiveness in the fight against the riser. After ejaculation, the excitement falls and the size of the penis decreases. Of course, this method is not suitable for public places, but you can almost always find a secluded place for yourself. And there are even compact masturbators that you can take with you and have fun not only with the help of hands.

, How to remove a sudden riser. 5 working methods

4. Switch attention

A man needs to just start thinking about something else, thereby switching his attention. No need to think about women, erotica, upcoming sex and so on. Try to think about some difficult task, your work, your life, problems and so on. Or remember something that is not connected with sex at all: something unpleasant or even disgusting.

5. Pain

Pain also helps to remove the riser. But this method is better to use if many of the previous methods have not worked. Try to start doing yourself a slight pain, for example: start to pinch yourself. Thus you can remove excitement. It does not always work, if there is a tendency to masochism, this can strengthen the excitement. But if you hit the nightstand with your finger, attention will shift sharply and the erection will disappear.

5 ways to combat excitation work. Use them safely and simple, but for the implementation of everyone it will take a few minutes. It is almost unrealistic to remove the erection instantly, and if it happened, it is better to leave the room and stay a little alone.

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