How to satisfy a woman with physiological needs without a man

How to satisfy a woman with physiological needs without a man.

The question of how a woman to satisfy physiological needs without a man arises for a reason. Despite the abundance of proposals from free men and the availability of intima today, many women still suffer from the under -shock. And the state of frustration, which occurs in this case, is really painfully experienced by the representatives of the tender sex.

The absence of a man pursues women at all times. Previously, there were much less and all women were not enough, so the shortage of sex was explained by simple mathematics – there are no men, no one to make love.

Now the demography dipped women into a real paradise, where representatives of the strong half of humanity are simply abundance, but limiting beliefs, morality and other problems resulted in high self -esteem and frigidity. Women simply stopped surrendering and this is visible.

How to satisfy a woman with physiological needs without a man with the help of masturbation

All physiological needs of a woman can be divided into physical and psychological. The former are satisfied with the help of different forms of masturbation, which will be discussed in detail in this article, the second respectively with the help of communication and flirting.

Masturbating without improvised means, exclusively with fingers, is not always effective and, moreover, it is injured. The woman is responsible for the orgasm, so 90% of all actions are sent in his direction.

One of the most effective practices is water masturbation. We have written about it, everything seems to be done from how to do it before choosing the right pose. This method is one of the beloved in girls, as the water stream copes with the task in a couple of minutes.

If you like to do this in bed, where it is difficult to deliver a tap with water, then you can replace it with a clitoral vibrator.

This thing is vacuum-wave and its functions are sharpened exclusively on the stimulation of the clitoris, which leads to orgasm all in the same couple of minutes.

According to reviews on forums, from all types of clitoris stimulants, these are the best devices of the best. In addition, they are very inexpensive.

But the satisfaction of physiological needs does not end only with the masturbation of the clitoris. This will bring to orgasm without any doubt, but such methods are passive.

That is, a woman does not move in any way, does not show activity, simply takes a convenient pose, sets up a stream of water or vibrator to the right place and everything.

Many people want to have sex, jump, say, feel a member in yourself, enjoy penetration and reciprocating movements.

The revenue comes to the rescue of the phalloimitator of the realistic, which is made of cyber skin, which means that you definitely will not distinguish it from the present to the touch.

Many models repeat the anatomy of the penis, they have wreaths, scrotum, visually and tactile they are exactly the same as real. There is also a suction cup that allows you to attach the phallus in a convenient place.

This allows not only to independently perform frictions, holding it in the hand, but also install the phalloimitator as if there is a man from the bottom, side, back or front you.

The most popular options are the edge of the bath, the wall for the position of cancer and the floor to feel in the pose of the rider.

And the clitoral stimulator and the phalloimitator of the realistic can be used not only alone, but also after the appearance of the sexual partner.

The first to add pleasant sensations during sex with a man, and use the second for a blowjob while a guy from behind or opposite to sit on him when busy with oral caresses.

By the way, there are models that combine the phallus and the clitoris massager, but judging by the reviews they lose to separate options.

Moreover, at the price, buying two toys sometimes comes out even cheaper, and the functionality that you get in the end is much wider. Therefore, consultants of sex stores advise buying the phallus of the desired size and a clitoral stimulator personally for the masturbation of the clitoris.

How to satisfy a woman with physiological needs without a man: unusual ways

There are toys that give pleasure without any effort from a woman. At the same time, emotions from their use are quite interesting. For example, earlier we talked about what Lovence Vibrator is. This thing is really able to impress without hands!

It is very pleasant to feel a member in yourself, according to the statements of girls, but this cannot be experienced when going to the store or while training in the gym. Although in the latter case, nothing prevents the myotonic orgasm.

At work, such tender emotions are not available. But there is a way out – anal traffic jams for wearing. Their structure and material are selected specifically in order to use outside the house, during physical activity.

There are also models with vibration, which is controlled from a mobile phone. Imagine how you are going in public transport, take out a smartphone, turn on the desired function and enjoy the sensations, radiating happiness and satisfaction.

And most importantly, only you know about your secret, those around you can’t even think about what you are doing right now!

Not the best ways

As we have already said by hand and fingers, it is very popular, but it is not the best solution. It’s just that this is perhaps the most affordable way. But often girls resort to harmful tips.

The use of the pillow is recommended by many blogs, but it is important to understand that the friction of materials for this can not be expected to end with injuries of the clitoris and labia.

It is often impossible to use such a method, it threatens unpleasant consequences.

Another destructive advice is to use fruits. Cucumbers and bananas are used and this is not a joke. At best, the girl puts on a condom on them, which of course does not guarantee absolutely nothing.

The consequences will definitely occur, although there is a chance that you will not even know about it. To damage the delicate tissues of the vagina is too simple, but tolerate itching and burning then not an occupation from the lungs.

Of course, a man is not just a member, this is a person with whom during intercourse an exchange of emotions and hormones occurs. Absolutely nothing can fully replace it.

But speaking exclusively about physiological needs, then doing this with the help of modern technologies and inventions is quite simple.

The main thing is not to get hung up and not solve at one point that regular and various orgasms without a man are always secured, and not a fact with him yet.

We already stopped communicating in living, rarely get acquainted, and the refusals of sex as a result of unnecessary thoughts and harmful beliefs lead to sad consequences.

The best decision would be to turn to a psychologist and finally find out why, if you have a huge number of men, you personally do not have it.

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