How to seduce your wife and improve relations with her

How to improve relations with your wife? – Instructions for seduction of the wife.

The following techniques will help not only seduce your beloved woman, but also put a positive imprint on life together and improve relations with your wife.

Make compliments to your wife

After you got married, you are probably already telling her less compliments than before. Therefore, now, having said a compliment, it is very easy to seduce her wife and arrange her to yourself. The main thing is to say in a confident voice and look into her eyes.

Help around the house

Perhaps this idea will seem funny to some men, but perhaps this is one of the most correct ways to seduce your wife. Many women sometimes feel fatigue from homework, which often prevents them from being seduced, because for this you need to relax. Therefore, if you help at least wash the dishes or pour flowers, she will be grateful to you.


Light and relaxing erotic massage works miracles. In order for the seduction to go more successfully, turn on pleasant music and use flavored massage oils.

Surprise your wife by making her a foamed bath

Fill the bath with warm water with a lot of foam. Light a few large candles to create a more romantic atmosphere. Fill two glasses with cold champagne or wine. Seeing such a picture, the wife is unlikely to remain indifferent and will definitely invite you to join.

Dinner in a good restaurant

Beautiful dress, hairstyle, manicure, makeup and romantic atmosphere of the restaurant will make your wife feel special. In order for the seduction to work, it is important not to forget about the gentleman’s manners to his lady of the heart throughout the night.

Give small gifts

Most men believe that a woman can be seduced only with the help of large and expensive gifts, although many women will be quite a simple sign of attention, t.e. a small gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers, sweets or a campaign in a restaurant.

Hire the nanny

If you hire a nanny for a child for at least one day, this will allow you to spend time with his wife alone without worries. During the released day, you can go out of town and relax in the bosom of nature, go to a restaurant or a club or just rent a hotel room.

Talk and listen to your wife

A very important part of all women is a conversation. Ask questions about how her day passed and do not forget to listen to her. Listen and hear what the woman is talking about.


In the event that you have been married for a long time, it is likely that you forgot the basics of flirting. Moreover, it is advisable to flirt not with other women, but with your wife. This will turn into a funny game, which can later end with breathtaking sex.

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