How to surprise a man in a bedroom?

How to surprise a man in a bedroom?.

, How to surprise a man in a bedroom?
If at the beginning of the relationship the couples make love with enthusiasm and a burning look, then over time sex turns into a commonplace routine. Often for this reason, men decide on treason. When a crisis comes in relations and sexual life in particular, you should think about how to surprise your man in the bedroom. There are several simple ways.

Sexy linen

All men love erotic outfits. The classic sets are too familiar, so it is better to excite a partner with something original. Several varieties of sexual underwear can be distinguished:

  • Body. This outfit visually lengthens the figure and makes a woman slender. You can purchase linen with a prolongating effect. The fastener in an intimate place will definitely arouse interest in a man.
  • Bodistoking. So called a body made of transparent kapron or an outfit in a grid. The stylish thing will emphasize the chest, attract his attention.
  • Corset. Lace erotic corset will advantageously emphasize the chest and waist, creating an aristocratic image.
  • Stockings. The openwork edge of the stockings, sexually peering out from under the cut of the skirt, invariably rivets the delighted male views. In bed, this attribute will also have an amazing effect.
  • Panties with a cut. The cut can be on the pope or open the crotch. Such linen incredibly excites men. Stock on the body. Transparent fabric tightening all roundness is very exciting. And such a thing does not need to be removed during intimacy, special slots do not interfere with penetration.

Combining beautiful linen is recommended with high heels. It is worth meeting him from work in a similar form, and he certainly will not stand.

Sex with tied eyes

A man will pleasantly delight sex with blindfolded eyes. To do this, you can use a comfortable mask from our store. At the same time, both the woman and the man may plunge into the darkness. Completely light -permeable things will temporarily switch attention to touch.

If a woman puts on a bandage, her partner automatically becomes the master of the situation. Men love to dominate, so such sex will bring the loved one maximum satisfaction. A woman at this time can forget about the shortcomings of her body. A man can consider the charms of a partner without resistance on her part.

Putting on a man’s eye on the man’s eyes, you need to gently touch his erogenous zones. Easy movements will become stronger over time, while a man will be exhausted from pleasure. It can also be limited in movements so that he does not resist and does not try to speed up the process. Buy Eye mask For sexual experiments.

Additional stimulation using sex toys

Sex toys will help to closely bring orgasm to an orgasm. During a blowjob or prelude, you can stimulate the erogenous zones of a partner by a vibrator. It is worth starting at low speeds, and then gradually increase the intensity. A game with such an item will make sex brighter., How to surprise a man in a bedroom?
The masturbator can also be useful in bed. This toy imitates the vagina and other openings of the female body. Masturbator is used during a blowjob or as a replacement of anal sex. It is especially useful when a man cannot finish for a long time for a blowjob for a long time, you can finish the process with a sex toy. Then the girl’s neck and jaw will not have time to get tired.

Exposure by cold

Touching a piece of ice to the flaming body will cause unusual, but pleasant sensations. You can use pre -prepared ice from fruit juice, which will be pleasant to lick from a partner.

During a blowjob, you can also use a cooling effect. Before the start of oral caresses, you need to put the ice cube in the mouth and wait until it melts a little. You can not add additional cubes – this can lead to loss of sensitivity of the penis. Ice can be replaced with coolant with menthol, which will also help to extend sexual intercourse. And after application, it is worth it to blow a little on the processed surface, this will cause goosebumps and incredible excitement.

Erotic games with changing

Role games using special costumes can improve sexual life. The assortment of our store is so extensive that a woman can transform into anyone. Snow White, cat, stewardess, innocent schoolgirl or policeman girl-a variety of images allow you to find the best for a particular person.

Erotic costumes will help to realize the most bold fantasy of a man. Turning it into a charming maid or nurse for a while, you can pleasantly surprise your loved one. He is easy to adapt to the proposed plot, and then he will definitely want to repeat.

It is not difficult to surprise a man in the bedroom, it is only important to show imagination and are not afraid to realize it.

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