How to understand that my husband has a lover: signs of betrayal

How to understand that my husband has a lover: signs of betrayal.

, How to understand that my husband has a lover: signs of betrayal

Do men think they can hide treason from their wife? Dear readers, we will tell you about the signs by which you can understand that your husband has a lover and he is cheating.

Indeed, by nature, all female representatives have a well -developed sixth sense, in comparison with the guys in whom it sleeps in such cases. Girls smell a mile away, and, as a rule, intuition in this matter leads them extremely rare. And yet, you should not rely only on assumptions and guesses. It is possible to blame the spouse of such a serious crime for marriage – treason, it is possible only if there are specific evidence and facts.

, How to understand that my husband has a lover: signs of betrayal

The most common signs of betrayal in the behavior of a man

The Institute of Marriage is a social phenomenon that attracts the constant attention of psychologists and sexologists. Experts can easily name the signs of male treason. How to understand that my husband started a mistress? If you want to know the answer to this question, be patient and remember everything that is said later. The most harmless reason, unlikely preposition or a carelessly abandoned word may be crucial.

First of all, a woman needs to pay attention to:

  1. Changes in relation to her spouse. If the husband started a mistress, and moreover, inflamed with her passionate feelings of love, this cannot but affect his behavior. Most often, men begin to behave strangely, unstable, alternating manifestations of affection and caring with irritation, detachment or even aggression.
  2. Sexual innovations. Everything is also individual here. Some men are trying to negate the fulfillment of marital duty, explaining regular ignore with fatigue, poor health, etc.D. Others, on the contrary, inspired by secret erotic adventures, begin to improvise and experiment in bed for no reason, which was not previously observed.
  3. Lack of tactile contact. Most likely, your husband really started a mistress and is in love with her if the familiar touches, hugs and kisses from you have become optional or unpleasant for him. If a married man loves a mistress, he noticeably moves away from his wife, ceasing to devote the previous signs of attention to her.
  4. Passwords and secrets. Privacy and changed passwords, a mobile phone is always in a pocket, conversations, leaving the room – all this is a significant evidence that her husband has a mistress. Now he will more carefully monitor his gadgets and accounts on social networks.

By the way, the reason for this mysterious behavior of a man is not always cheating. Too jealous wives and pressure on their part (attempts to completely control the spouse, his calls, movement, etc.D.) make the guys behave secretly and is closed to others. Any person needs his personal space.

, How to understand that my husband has a lover: signs of betrayal

Changes in appearance or how to understand that the husband started his mistress

Another obvious sign that perhaps the husband started a mistress, an external transformation noticeable to the naked eye can also be considered. Changes in the appearance of men, as well as in women, serve as a direct reflection of important events in their lives. But before presenting a suspicion of infidelity to the faithful, it is better to think carefully again: perhaps he was raised in position at work, and now the spouse wants to match the new status. But it is quite possible that the husband simply started his mistress and now, at the beginning of his relationship with the passion, he watches himself, wanting to look better, as he once tried to be on top for his current legal spouse. To understand about the presence of the third superfluous in the life of a married couple, as a rule, wives need to take a closer look at their beloved husband.

Signs of betrayal in this case are:

  • Daily shaving. Even if a man did this much less often than now, this does not mean at all that he started his mistress. But remember: most guys consider themselves irresistible with the perfect face of just shaved skin.
  • Selection of a new wardrobe or image change.
  • Smoothing clothes and too frequent wash of shoes.
  • Buying a new perfume. By the way, they may be a gift from a mistress.

How to understand that the spouse changes: ways to disclose deception

In any case, all his actions are aimed at winning a mistress to whom he feeds his feelings. The interest of a special female sex is significantly reflected in the usual lifestyle and relationships with his wife. The mood of a married man who meets with his mistress can rise sharply and immediately fall. If there were no events in family life with which perceptible changes could be explained, then most likely the spouse is passionate about another woman.

To surely check if the husband has someone except his wife, it is important to catch him on a lie. Each man, having a relationship on the side, is forced to constantly lie, so that the wife does not know anything about his adventures. But most often, he is not alone in deception, “accomplices” can be involved – they are often close friends, sometimes even relatives. When meeting or conversation, they can accidentally talk, or shake the excess. A sign that her husband’s friends are definitely knowing something about his mistress, there are omissions, misfires at a glance, constant exchanging with him.

, How to understand that my husband has a lover: signs of betrayal

When the traitor and his “accomplices” do not converge the versions, you can doubt: something is clearly wrong here. A person who constantly lies is once confused in numerous deceptions and talk. Think in advance the question in advance, to the answer to which your husband will not be ready instantly.

Understand whether the faithful lover has, is possible only with a stable relationship. In addition, a woman often provokes the changes taking place with her husband herself. Therefore, affection and attention do not always serve as a direct confirmation of infidelity: with their help, the man is trying to arrange a cold and detached spouse again.

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