How to use a vibration egg?

How to use a vibration egg?.

The prospect of buying a sex toy attracts many women, but it is not always easy to deal with the instructions. For example, how to use a vibration egg? But if you use it correctly, he will give maximum pleasure. This is really a pleasure generator and pleasure supplier.

You can use it not only for masturbation, but also in order to diversify sexual games with a partner.

A vibro -tie equipped with a remote control can be used not only as a stimulator of familiar areas – vaginal and anal, but also to play with nipples, inguinal area and other sensitive body zones.

At the same time, the sensations will be very pleasant – it is enough to attach the vibroyaito to the selected zone and turn it on at the pace that you like.

Remote control opens an even greater scope for games, because in this case, the sex device can be used for a very exciting lesson – hidden masturbation. How it looks?

How to use a vibration egg?

Everything is very simple – you need to introduce a vibro -yard into the vagina or into the anus (in the second case, it is necessary to use a special lubricant), and just take the remote control with you, for example, by placing in a purse.

Thus, a woman has a chance to get an orgasm anywhere where she wants – at a boring meeting, in a crowded cinema, among the stiff public of the usual theater or in public transport.

Especially amateurs to fucking exciting publicity without the risk of being revealed – others will never guess what happens a stone’s throw from them.

Also, such a toy opens up a lot of capabilities and in front of pairs. A pleasant kind of game with him is a situation when a girl gives power (read – a remote control) in the hands of her partner, and a vibroyite is comfortably located in one of her holes.

A lightweight version of the game is just doing household chores, sometimes being distracted by enjoyment of vibration, and when it becomes very difficult to endure, attaching your man and having sex with him.

But there is something more interesting: partners can get out somewhere together, while a woman will have a vibro-tie in the vagina, and a man in his pocket will have a remote control from him.

It is difficult to imagine a more piquant situation. It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the case can end in sex in a public place!

How else can you use a vibroyean? For example, similar to vaginal balls, that is, for training intimate muscles.

The effect, according to reviews, is quite impressive, but it is necessary to train regularly, at least several times a week. But the partner will definitely appreciate!

It can also use a man who is fond of sex dolls: if he has a model, not equipped with vibration, it can be improved by placing a vibro-tie in an artificial vagina. The sensations from penetration will immediately increase.

Use a vibro -yard in accordance with certain rules. So, since this is an intimate toy, it is better not to share it with anyone.

Before introducing it, it must be treated with an antiseptic, given what kind of delicate areas it will be introduced.

If the toy is used for vaginal and anal penetration, hygiene issues should be paid to special attention. Ideally, it should be used with condoms.

Lubrication on a water or silicone basis is a necessary participant in the games with a vibration. With her, they will all be comfortable, and the risk of injury will be reduced to zero.

After all the pleasure is received, the sex aggregate needs care: it needs to be washed well with warm water and soap, and if there is a risk of moisture on the batteries, then treat it with a special wedge that can be bought in a sex shop.

It must also be remembered that grease on a fat basis will almost certainly spoil the vibroyaite, and in addition they can harm the health of the one who uses it.

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