I want with two guys at once. Is it normal and how to realize?

I want with two guys at once. Is it normal and how to realize?.

One of the most popular sexual fantasies among women has always been sex with two men. Most of such an idea are considered exclusively as a dream, or use the imagination in the time of masturbation. Not everyone resolves to move to active actions, but those who decided, do not know how to realize this.

If a girl tells her husband something like that ”I want with two guys at once, invite a friend”, the reaction rarely will be positive. In the fantasies of men, of course, they also represent this, but it is unlikely that it will work to share their spouse with someone.

Another thing is if the girl is free and represents herself in the arms of two men simultaneously exclusively as an experiment or entertainment. There are no problems, except one – where to find two men. There are many of them around, everyone is ready for intimacy, only the three of them.. How to be?

I want with two guys at once, but there is only one

You can get out of the situation with sex toys, such as dildo. Their variety amazes the imagination, and the ability to completely replace the third partner during intercourse just rolls over.

It is necessary to choose a dildo on a suction cup, this is easily attached to any surface and imitates a man. A rather passive partner turns out, but better than nothing. Much better.

There are several options. We talked more about this in the article about double penetration, read. Here we will only clarify that you can use the phalloimitator for oral sex while the partner will be busy with vaginal contact, or do the opposite the contrary.

What is the name of the fact that I want sex with two guys at once?

Your fantasy is so banal that it has been known to the world for hundreds of years. A huge amount of pairs practice similar at special parties. Read our article about who the swingers are. In order to get to such an event, you must have one partner.

That is, this option for the implementation of your idea is suitable only if you have a man and he is a poll, that is, he enjoys the betrayal of his spouse or at least not against such an event. At swinger parties to try MWM contact is the easiest way.

Instead of the result

The forums have a huge amount of information on this topic. Everyone has the same problem – it is impossible to find a partner. Many people think normally and how not to offend her husband. Most women do not dare to tell their sexual partner about such a desire, so as not to seem stupid or a whore.

Therefore, sexologists recommend, first, just chat with a spouse frankly on the topic of desires. Not as a readiness to realize, but simply what thoughts came to mind. Maybe your dreams coincide?!

After that it will be correct to go to practice with a sex toy. In this case, you need a phallus precisely on the suction cup, only it is able to replace the second partner during sex. You can look at the assortment of dildos on a suction cup here, after choosing a toy, you will be very simple to experience a double penetration feeling. If this gives the desired pleasure, you can discuss the opportunity to let the third into bed.

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