Intrauterine spiral – contraception

How the intrauterine spiral works.

Safe sex is an opportunity to completely enjoy your partner and at the same time not become a victim of an unplanned pregnancy. Today there are many types of contraception, and one of the most popular is the intrauterine spiral.

, Intrauterine spiral – contraception

Intrauterine spiral – like?

The popularity of this method is due to the fact that the spiral gives a 98% guarantee of protection, when, condoms, for example, from 80% to 95%. In addition, the intrauterine spiral is not as dangerous for health as hormonal tablets that can greatly undermine the girl’s health.

The essence of the method is that the spiral is placed right in front of the woman’s uterus, and it blocks the penetration of spermatozoa. At the same time, the spiral can be installed for a period of about 10 years and not have a negative effect on the hormonal background.

Cons of an intrauterine spiral

If you decide to apply such a method of long -term contraception as an intrauterine spiral, then it is natural to consult a doctor, since this method of protection against unwanted pregnancy has a number of contraindications:

  1. The installation of an intrauterine spiral is not allowed if the girl has not yet given birth.
  2. The installation is also not recommended if the girl does not have a permanent partner or she has a random sexual life.
  3. The presence of inflammatory processes in the vagina.
  4. If there is a case with an ectopic pregnancy.
  5. There are problems associated with blood disease.
  6. Injuries that could form due to childbirth or abortion.
  7. Painful and long menstrual days.

Installation of an intrauterine spiral

, Intrauterine spiral – contraception

In addition, after installing an intrauterine spiral, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations and conditions:

  • abstinence from sexual activity for two weeks;
  • Also, for two to three weeks, you can not have sex, active sports, visit saunas and pools;
  • Be sure to undergo an examination by a gynecologist 2 times a year;
  • Carefully trace the dynamics and quality of your menstrual days.

As a result of our article, regarding the spiral type of contraception, I also want to say that if after installing the spiral for several months you feel an unpleasant etcho disk, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Installation of an intrauterine spiral is a simple and affordable type of contraception, so it is suitable for many, but there are also the minuses of the intrauterine spiral, which are important to remember and not cause harm to your own health.

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