Secrets of Peting. Pleasure without penetration | Practices

Secrets of Peting. Pleasure without penetration.

, Secrets of Peting. Pleasure without penetration | Practices
Sex without penetration is a lot of pleasant touches. Any pair can make such caresses, while sensations are very bright. In this case, you can experiment even in crowded places. How to realize this in reality? Peting is called a kind of imitation of sex, in which there is no direct interaction between the genital organs of partners. This type of intercourse has its pros and cons of. In order to do petition, you do not need to look for a secluded place where there are no people and other factors that prevent lovers from retirement. A knowledgeable person can with the help of hands give his sexual partner a great pleasure, which in some cases will be stronger than with ordinary sexual intercourse. In any case, you need to know the erogenous zones of your second half, since their stimulation is a key factor in success in this matter.

What is the meaning of petting?

The main meaning of this kind of sex is to deliver pleasure to each other without direct touching the genitals between a man and a woman. For the first time, petting appeared in those countries where sexual intercourse between a guy and a girl was prohibited before the wedding. It was also used in cases where partners were afraid to become infected with various diseases that are transmitted sexually. In the modern world, petting is actively used to make a variety in the sexual life of people. Petering can be actively used when sexual contact is prohibited by one of the partners. The reasons for the ban are not important. And during pregnancy and during illness you can touch each other and give joy.

Types of petting

Petering is not such a simple concept as it might seem at first glance. Distinguish between surface and deep types of petting. The second technique refers to the excitation of the lower areas of the body of the partner, namely the hips, buttocks, crotch and genitalia.

  • 1.Superficial petting can be used without taking off your partner’s clothes. The fact is that some erogenous zones on the human body are in accessible places. They can be stimulated even when a person in clothes. The most common example of superficial petting is strong kisses and hugs that are used to obtain emotional discharge. In this case, it is quite difficult to bring a partner to orgasm, and in some cases it is impossible. If partners want to do superficial petting, then you need to put on the right clothes that would not interfere with access to erogenous zones.

, Secrets of Peting. Pleasure without penetration | Practices

  • 2.Deep petting has a more tangible effect of partners. In this case, the movement is performed by the hand through the most erogenous zones of the partner in order to excite and bring to orgasm. The individual components of such petting are an integral part of the prelude, which is used by most people before sexual intercourse. Oral affection can also be attributed to this technique. Sometimes the contact of the genitals is allowed, but only without direct penetration. 3.There is also a separate type of upper petting, which is commonly called Nekking. This type of interaction involves the upper parts of the human body. Partners can caress the head, face, ears, chest or other zones that are above the waist. The main goal of the nexking is to stimulate the upper erogenous points. For stimulation, partners can use language, teeth or hands. There are examples when such caresses gave people an unforgettable pleasure that cannot be compared with classic sex.

Petering with sex toys

Petering cannot be called a replacement for ordinary sex, because it is a self -propelled element of manifestation of love. In order to diversify sex life, you need to use various sex toys, because petting can be done not only with the help of hands and language. For example, for sex, you can choose a vibrator that will help the partner give more pleasure. Even ordinary handcuffs or eye mask can create a unique atmosphere for petting. And it will also be useful for tickling, soft wattle.Massage is also a type of petting. And it is also worth practicing for a variety. Massage oils or special candles will help better sliding, as well as fill the space with a pleasant and exciting aroma.Do not neglect the use of auxiliary things that will add pleasure to both partners.

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