Sexwife or wife for rent – what is it? | Psychology of relations

Sexwife or wife for rent – what is it?.

, Sexwife or wife for rent – what is it? | Psychology of relations
In modern times, a subculture called sexwife or wife for rent has become widespread. She is based on marital treason when the wife does not hide adultery from her husband. Here, a loved one encourages marital infidelity, and also takes an active part in the process.

Who is this sexwife?

, Sexwife or wife for rent – what is it? | Psychology of relations
In the classical family, treason is an unacceptable concept, which eventually ends with a divorce, a break in relations. But there are couples where treason is an opportunity to get additional sexual pleasure. For them, a similar process does not go beyond the scope of something indecent, unnatural.

So who is Sexwife? From English, the word translates as a wife-wife. This is a married lady who, with the permission of her husband, voluntarily enters into an intimate connection with one or more men. There can be several options for such a relationship, it all depends on the preferences of the married couple:

  • Sex occurs in the presence of the spouse. It is called kukold. Translated from English Cuckold – this is a cornea.
  • Intercourse occurs with the participation of her husband and other partners. This is called Geng-Beng, ordinary gangbang, MWM and other.
  • The girl independently visits dates, without a husband, and then provides him with an oral, video or photo report on what happened. Depending on what excites the spouse, brings him pleasure.

What is useful for a couple of sexwife relationships

, Sexwife or wife for rent – what is it? | Psychology of relations
For ordinary married couples, such a model of relations can cause indignation, because this is not right, goes beyond the scope of decency. In fact, in the exchange of wives you can find a number of advantages:

  • Couples bring into life the most daring sexy fantasies.
  • Quarrels disappear due to dissatisfaction with sex.
  • Quite often there are couples where husband and wife have different sexual appetites. This is a reason for scandals, because someone in a couple does not have enough sex. The new partner helps to solve such a problem. In such families, wives do not change. And why do this if you can always call the third?

The game for renting a wife saves many couples, brings a piquant note to the relationship, allows you to get excellent sexual discharge. Although there are cases when marriage still breaks up.

What does woman mean to be a participant in a swing relationship

, Sexwife or wife for rent – what is it? | Psychology of relations
Why do love ladies agree or want to become sexwife. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • She has the opportunity to seduce new interesting men.
  • Always sexually satisfied.
  • She has a variety of intimate life.
  • Changes without fear of losing a family, husband.

What for a man sexwife

, Sexwife or wife for rent – what is it? | Psychology of relations

  • I am pleasing to sadomasochistic fantasies. A man feels humiliated, realizing that the other is sleeping with his wife and at the same time gets tremendous excitement, pleasure.
  • Experiences stress that goes into a stormy passion.
  • The opportunity to save marriage. For example, if the spouse, due to physical disabilities, is not able to satisfy the noble.
  • The ability to sexually diversify intimate relationships.

Today, more and more couples choose a similar type of relationship. These people unite not only sex among themselves, their marriage is built on trust, the desire to satisfy all the fantasies of the partner, mutual respect. Sex is considered not the main thing in the Union, the marriage of feelings, understanding and emotional intimacy is fastened.

Partners exchange is swing. Sexwife is only spouses adventures. Although this phenomenon can also be called a manifestation of swing. Is it worth trying this form of relations? Each married couple will have to be resolved individually. And if you are not ready for such bold experiments, try to diversify the proximity by other means. In our catalog, you can always choose dozens of goods that will return the former passion in the relationship.

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