Signs of a man of Abuzer

Signs of a man of Abuzer.

Violence in a relationship is a topical problem, from which mainly the fair sex suffers from. Men encroach on emotional freedom, deliberately manipulate emotions, leaving no chance of effective resistance. To avoid “toxic” relationships, you need to calculate the tyrant in a timely manner. To do this, it is important to know all the main features of the abusele man.

The main features of the signs of a man of Abuguster

Abuez – coercion to certain actions under pressure, insulting personality and violence. It can be physical and economic, sexual and psychological or combining several types of influence at once.

The main task of the rapist is the assertion of power over its victim. At first he commits beautiful actions, seeking confidence, and established himself in the life of a woman, begins to pressure. You can recognize an abuser man by several typical signs.

Signs of a man of Abuzer: criticism and condemnation

The-abecker easily expresses comments to the chosen one both in private and in the society of third-party people. The presence of spectators acts “in hand”, enhancing the malicious effect.

The manner of behavior, unsuccessful statements, the way of thinking, the intonation of voice, clothing, makeup other aspects that reflect individuality are subjected to criticism.

Constant prohibitions, restrictions and control

Relations with Abuzer are accompanied by restrictions on freedom. He alone manages the budget, decides where to go, with whom and when you can meet and communicate. The execution of orders is strictly controlled by surveillance, checking mail and phone.

Signs of a man of Abuzer: Conflicts out of the blue

Disagreement from the victim is always perceived by the abuser negatively and is inflated in conflict. Such a man does not tolerate compromises, goes to the principle, turns into a despot and tyrant. Anger, rage is masked by their irritability, and total control is careful.

Signs of a man of Abuzer: causeless jealousy

Abouuser is a pathological jealous, which is associated with self -doubt and possessive manners. A woman is perceived by him as a thing of sole use.

Jealousy is manifested by distrust, meticulousness. The abuser himself easily goes to treason, puts his mistress as an example, threatens to leave his family.

Signs of a man of Abuzer: indifference

The abuser man is not worried about the feelings and thoughts of the spouse, fears cause laughter and contempt, the opinion is not taken into account.

This is completely destroyed by the self -esteem of the victim, causes depression, neurosis. Such a person completely ignores requests, demonstrates boredom in conversations.

Threats, blackmail, intimidation

These exposure levers are used for any resistance. During the exacerbation and outbreaks of rage, the abuser ceases to control actions and words, threatens to apply physical injuries, throws objects, waves his fists, instilling a sense of fear.

If such behavior does not work threats, deprivation of money, food, restrictions on communicating with children, parents, prohibition of going to work.

Lies and disrespect

Game for the public and lies are characteristic of Abuzer. Lies he hides duplicity, masterfully comes out dry from any situation.

This person is inclined to deny his own actions, actions and words, can shift his guilt on others, make excuses and flatter. He apologizes when proof of wrong, but does it not sincerely.

Women need to carefully look at the chosen ones on the first dates. Abouuser will certainly show his nature sarcasm, light hints of rudeness, insincerity.

Varieties of Abuez

The concept of Abuez is classified into psychological, sexual, physical, narcissistic. The first is to insult, humiliation, blackmail and threats.

It is divided into open (resentments and verbal attacks are applied to other people), hidden (tendencies for violence are manifested at home).

Sexual Abuez is closely related to psychological. The rapist, trying to harm the victim, refuses an intimate relationship or uses it as a personal sexual toy, caring exclusively about his own desires and needs.

Physical Abuez is the most severe form of violence that pursues a threat to health and life. Insults, blackmail, jealousy here are accompanied by beatings.

The victim is constantly subjected to slaps, strokes, fists and improvised objects. Physical power is used by aggressor in bed.

Such a partner forces unnatural sexual acts, including strangers or things. His actions are aimed at suppressing will and moral superiority.

Narcissual Abuez has similar features with psychological, but is a more subtle. Narcissus manipulates the psyche, turns the situation so that the victim considers herself to be guilty.

Abuez victims and why should you avoid such a relationship

Idealizing a partner, many women make a huge mistake, hoping to redo the character of the chosen one. The result of arrogance is falling under psychological pressure. Emotional violence is especially dangerous.

It cannot be proved or confirmed until the abecuer comes across red -handed. Submission leads to disappointing consequences:

  • nervous breakdowns;
  • suicide attempts;
  • loss of faith in oneself;
  • total distrust that impedes the construction of normal relations in the future.

Abugues are men who have their own mental wounds, previously injured from other personalities, offended by parents, previous partners, suffering from deviations from psychological health.

They choose victims for themselves, who are weaker physically and morally. Blind love and adoration from a wife or mistress go into the hands of aggressors.

You can withstand the abuser by providing maximum rebuff. To do this, you need to overcome fear, believe in yourself, find strength to leave the offender. It is sometimes impossible to achieve the goal without third -party help, primarily a psychological.

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