Silent for the intimate muscles of women – species

How to choose a simulator for intimate muscles.

The intimate muscles can and should be trained. A good tone in this area is not only to increase your and your partner’s sensations, but it will also affect the female health positively. How to train intimate muscles? You will learn about this from our article.

How to train intimate muscles

Every modern woman is familiar with this term, but not everyone resorted to this methodology. And in vain, however, before we describe the methods, it is worth noting that before training it is worth consulting a gynecologist. Since some women need to not train, but learn to relax muscles, and this is another technique. After the consultation, you can understand what you need and start the goal.

So, today the following methods and simulators for pumping the internal muscles of women are common:

Kegel exercise

, Silent for the intimate muscles of women – species

This exercise was invented in the 20th century, its author is urologist Arnold Kegel. In short, this is a scheme of exercises, which at that time was directed to treat such problems as involuntary emitting urine and lowering the muscles of the pelvis.  For a greater effect, along with exercises, it is best to use a Kegel vagina simulator.

Vaginal balls

Vaginal balls are one or two balls that can be connected by a special thread. The principle of their use is simple, you need to place them in the vagina and wear them within a day.

, Silent for the intimate muscles of women – species

The main tasks of the girl are to hold them, try to change their positions or even knock on each other. Now there are many types of vaginal balls, but you need to choose them carefully so as not to harm yourself with such a simulator for intimate muscles.

Laser simulator

The laser simulator for intimate muscles is suitable for beginners, but it is expensive. It looks as follows: it is a small rod on one side of which a ball (there may be different diameters), and on the other – a laser.

, Silent for the intimate muscles of women – species

Standing, the girl puts the rod, the ball inside, then she begins to reduce the inner muscles. The red dot begins on the floor, which shows clearly the frequency and strength of your abbreviations. Such a simulator for strengthening the vaginal muscles also, due to increased blood circulation, renews the mucous membrane directly inside the vagina, it becomes more ribbed, more pleasant to the touch. All this together significantly increases the orgasm of a woman.

Balls and eggs

Vaginal eggs are similar in principle to vaginal balls. They can also be worn throughout the day and work out. True, they need to be pulled here, and not press.

, Silent for the intimate muscles of women – species

Vaginal cone

This simulator appeared about 20 years ago, its author is Stanislav Povlenik. Just like other simulators of intimate muscles, it is easy to use. It must be immersed in the vagina by about four centimeters, then begin to reduce the vagina. So the muscles will begin to work out, and the entire pelvic zone will be strengthened.

, Silent for the intimate muscles of women – species

In stores you can find different sizes of a vaginal cone, but if you are only a beginner, then of course you will come together the smallest. To get started, get up smoothly and put the cone inward, then try to keep it there for 10 minutes. After a while, try to extend the training and at the same time hold the cone, with the independent reduction of the internal muscles.

Pneumatic simulator

And this is another invention of Arnold Kegel, whom we mentioned earlier. The simulator received such a name due to the fact that it has a separate compartment with air. This compartment is resisted when you begin to reduce the muscles.

, Silent for the intimate muscles of women – species

In addition, there is a manometer that can clearly show the strength and frequency of contraction, which also increase the efficiency of training of intimate muscles.

There is also a modern analogue in which, instead of a manometer, there is a digital display.

Vibro-pneumatic simulator

There is also a type of previous simulator for intimate muscles, there is a display here that displays the indicators of contractions, as well as an air chamber, but in addition a vibrator is also built.

, Silent for the intimate muscles of women – species

Thus, in response to reductions, the compartment that we put in the vagina begins to vibrate, thereby increases the activity of nerve endings. Due to this, the muscles begin to contract faster and the training will be more effective. For comparison, Kegel traditional exercises activate about 58% of muscle fibers, and this simulator – 96%.

Truck simulators

These are the same vaginal balls for training intimate muscles, but only with a big weight. That is, the vaginal training is adjusted by increasing the weight of the simulator. Often they fit the girls more experienced in this matter, since the unprepared vagina simply cannot withstand heavy balls.

, Silent for the intimate muscles of women – species

The diameter of the balls can also be different, with it you can perform completely different exercises, often they are described on the instructions complete with cargo simulators.

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