Sparking spanking – what is it and how not to harm

Spanking or flogging of the buttocks.

When asked what spanking is, you can get a simple and capacious answer: this is a variety of BDSM entertainment, which includes slap on the buttocks. Proceeding before sex can be a bright prelude not only fans of the BDSM practitioner, but also those who want bright sensations in bed, but are not ready for excessively aggressive options for gardening.

, Sparking spanking – what is it and how not to harm

Such an imitation of punishment is carried out between the slave and the dominant. There are no most popular roles here. Can punish both a woman and a man. An excellent option would be to include this element in the role -playing game. For example, a strict teacher punishes his non -pound student. Everyone who follows this direction in sex is called spankophiles.

The pleasure in spanking is achieved by the fact that there are punishable ones that satisfy their needs from the fact that they experience pain during slaps. But the so -called dominants achieve pleasure through their power over the subordinate, flogging their partner.

It is important to note that in this process both partners should have fun, the slave – from humiliation, the dominant – from dominance. True, sometimes the one that punishes can succumb to fanaticism and overdo it with its blows and flogging of the buttocks, in which case it is necessary to discuss the stop-word in advance. It doesn’t matter what prayers and requests the slave will say, his lady/owner will not stop, but after pronouncing the stop-word, the game ends. Thus, this signal suggests that one of the partners can no longer continue.

How to spank a girl correctly

, Sparking spanking – what is it and how not to harm

It would seem, how to spank, there is nothing complicated. But nevertheless, to find the perfect pace and impact power for a particular partner, you will have to spend some time. To start spanking, you can use light slap and touches. This is called warm -up. You can spank until the skin acquires a pinkish tint. Next, you can use improvised means. In intimate stores, many spanking items are sold. You can make your choice in favor of a whip, it can give both tender sensations and give rigidity to the blows. A combination of shock strikes and stroking your hand will be excellent. Girls spanking differs only in that strong floor needs to accurately use force and in a fit of passion not to harm the partner.

For spanking, you can use various improvised means: a thin whip, ruler, jump rope, or just palms.

Proceeding Spanking is one of the most harmless BDSM-ordering, as it is less traumatic. However, if you overdo it, you can still damage the “fifth” point, so you need to discuss all the boundaries in advance and feel the true desires of your sexual partner. In the future, light forms of games such as flogging the buttocks, as well as springboard or face -citing, are able to bring diversity to sexual life and make you experience a lot of bright emotions, both for one and another partner.

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