Than women finish: 3 types of liquid

What is the female ejaculate.

, Than women finish: 3 types of liquid

The guys with the finale is clear. After an orgasm from the urethra, sperm flows with tremors. The seed solution is “stored” in the testicles. How to do with girls? They also have discharge after violent sex and masturbation. Where do they come from? Find out what happens when women end and what is the composition of the ejaculate.

Types of liquid

It so happened that the ladies in the vagina have three types of liquid. Only one of them can be called a full -fledged ejaculate. For “production” the internal glands are responsible. Their work is launched by different events taking place before, during and after sex.


, Than women finish: 3 types of liquid

Transparent grayish liquid. It is formed in bartolin glands, which are placed inside the labia label. To make the lubricant go out, there is a special duct with a hole on the inside of a small labia.

Compound: purified blood plasma with additives.

The existence of the glands was revealed by Anatya from Denmark Caspar Bartolin, who lived in 1655-1738.

The task of the liquid is simple. It ensures the moisturizing of the vestibule of the vagina and makes sexual intercourse painless. Lubrication appears after excitement. If during intimate caresses you have to constantly use a lubricant from a sex shop or pharmacy, then three options are possible:

  1. The partner does not excite.
  2. Alarming situation.
  3. Climax is approaching.

In the first case, everything is clear. The man does not force the nerve endings to tremble. Just an exemplary husband, or a “good guy”. Objects under the code name “you like my brother” sex does not fall off at all.

The second circumstance develops when it’s time to work, there is no time, my head hurts. Plus a rattling intercom and ringing of a perforator from neighbors from above can turn on this magic button.

The third option occurs when a fair sex is experiencing menopause. In the area of 45-55 years, reproductive functions are fading away. The vagina becomes dry. This is a sign of a close parish of menopause.


, Than women finish: 3 types of liquid

We often see transparent fluid during excitement. But after, how the girl finishes, you can notice white viscous discharge, somewhat similar to male sperm. Scientists suggest that this liquid is just female ejaculates. It is produced by the glands of the skin.

Compound: protein, phosphodiester enzyme.

For the first time, the gynecologist from Britain Alexander Skin discovered the glands. This event occurred in 1880.

Unlike lubrication, the liquid is released only after orgasm. The amount of secret can be different: from 1 to 20 ml. The volume of “female sperm” depends on how powerful the final of sex was.

Scientists conducted a study of the skin of the skin and found that they, in anatomical structure and composition of the released fluid, are almost the same with the male prostate gland. Therefore, the education was called – the female prostate.


, Than women finish: 3 types of liquid

We are used to seeing the scene in porn films when the girl is stormy. At this time, a stream of transparent fluid pours out of the vagina under the pressure. The phenomenon is called squirting. The main feature is that the volume of “moisture” can reach 150 ml. A whole glass. Scientists agree that this is a mixture from the contents of the bladder and skin of the skin.

Compound: urea (minimum), water, protein, phosphodesterosis enzyme.

To find out the true nature of Squirt, in 2014 a study was conducted. Scientists selected several women and asked them to urinate. Then each ultrasound study of the bladder was carried out. It was empty. It turned out that even the emptied bladder during sex begins to instantly fill up. And after Squirt, he again becomes empty.

From this we can conclude that the discharge with a jet orgasm consists of urine, but unusual. This is essentially water without smell with minimal impurities of urea. Plus the contents of the skin of the skin.

How to achieve orgasm

It is difficult to make the girl finish if the partner does not excite her sexually. Although, there are options. Often, ladies engaged in copulation with an unloved husband imagine the image of a lover. In this case, an orgasm is possible. Plus a woman can enjoy during masturbation.


Vaginal or oral. There is no particular difference if the condition is fulfilled: the partner likes and excites. It is important to choose such a pose that the member massage the front wall of the vagina. Such stimulation increases the chances of success. In addition, one should not forget about the clitoris. Girls love to iron it on their own while the guy enters inside.

In front of intimate caresses, it is necessary to provide silence. Extraneous knocks, phone calls will become an obstacle to achieving an orgasm.

Artificial lubrication will not be superfluous, especially if the woman “starts” for a long time. With a lubricant of touch will become more pleasant, excitement will come much faster.

Stimulation of the point G

Disputes about whether the point G has existed since 1981. Then the gynecologist from Germany Ernst Grafenberg presented his colleagues with the results of his research. We know that the skin of the skin is located along the urethra, which means they are adjacent to the front wall of the vagina.

In the same place, at a depth of 2-3 cm, point g is theoretically. It is easy to find when probing: the texture is not smooth, but rough, with many folds.

Therefore, stimulation of female prostate can cause a stormy orgasm, and sometimes even a squirt. The main thing is to step over the psychological barrier.

Before ending with a stream, the girl experiences the urge to urinate. This is a turning point on the way to squirt. If you “let go” the situation, the orgasm will be strong and bright. Squeege will not give such an effect.


Some women discover the world of self -satisfaction in childhood. Begin to regularly massage the genitals to enjoy. There is nothing shameful in this. It is enough to run your favorite fantasy in the imagination and begin to caress the clitoris.

To finish, you can stem the clitoris with one hand, and massage the point g with the second. Then there will be a probability of testing a jet orgasm.

To increase the sensitivity, toys should be used. Vibrators and clitoral butterflies will help to finish in minutes.

We found out that women end the secret of the glands of the skin. In the case of a squirt, the contents of the bladder are added, but with another, softer composition. To experience a strong orgasm, you need to shift the focus of exposure to point G.

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