The third is not superfluous! A selection of love films three

The third is not superfluous! A selection of love films three.

, The third is not superfluous! A selection of love films three
Love triangle – flour or pleasure? Intimshop made a selection of the hottest and most exciting films about triple unions for a secluded evening or for an exciting date.

1. Dreamers (2003)

The film unfolds in Paris, the most passionate city in the world, on the eve of the 1968 sexual revolution. In the center of the plot, in contrast, the American, free from the sister and conservative views, is gradually led by universal erotic attraction.

2. Love (2015)

French picture of Gaspar Noe about love three. This is perhaps one of the most frank existing films, telling about the unrestrained novel of the girl and young men, who decided to invite a neighbor as a love experiment to their bed. Hot sex, living emotions and an unthinkable number of frank scenes – all this you will find in the film “Love”.

3. Vicki Kristina Barcelona (2008)

In the film, the master of love plots of Woody Allen, we get acquainted with two completely different female characters: an old -fashioned, tuned only for serious relationships of Vicki and sexy liberated rebel Christina. But both friends are fascinated by the charismatic artist Antonio. Is it possible to maintain friendship when you get into a love triangle without abandoning your feelings?

4. And your mother too (2001)

Mexican sex comedy about a car trip to the paradise beach of two school friends together with a charming 28-year-old Louise, experiencing her husband’s betrayal. And now the two young men are already becoming a road trip: they are worried about the question “who is the first to enjoy the so seductive body of Louise?”. The issues of growing up, friendship and true love – it was not for nothing that this film was awarded as far as 2001 as many as two awards of the Venetian Film Festival.

5. Kurios (2019)

And again, the picture of the French director, whose actions unfold in Paris of the late 19th century. A film full of dizzying passion, desperate love, suffering and talented actors. Which is more important: wealth or sincere feelings, get married by calculation or drown in a sea of passion? To these questions will give the answer “Kurios”.

6. Chloe (2010)

A picture of bisexual relations, rich in a well -known cast (Juliana Moore, Liam Nison, Amanda Saifred). The film tells about the measured way of life of a married couple: a house, a child, family dinners in the evenings. Add to this idyll emotional and, to some extent unstable young girl, toxic jealousy and slightly obsession and get a high-quality erotic thriller.

7. Friends (2016)

Nevertheless, French cinema is a world leader in love triangles! Another drama originating in sensual Paris. The picture has a standard plot for such a subject: two good friends experience feelings for the same girl. But how events will develop, given the fact that the main character is a prisoner working at large, and the actions of the film take place in the height of the French Revolution of 1968? This film was nominated for two awards of the Cannes Film Festival: for the directorial debut and lighting of LGBTs in the cinema.

8. Another of the genus Boleyn (2008)

A picture with an equally titled cast than “friends” (Scarlett Johannson and Natalie Portman play the main female roles). Love stories in the above films were often intertwined between friends/friends and the third side. Director Justin Chavik went on and pushed two sisters in the struggle for the attention of the King of England. Time of maid of honor, lush balls, court intrigues … But even here there is a place of love.

9. Passion price (2011)

The film is saturated not only with a love story, but also by issues of faith, religion, revenge and predestination. From the first minutes of the viewer, a rapidly developing plot clings: on the roof of the skyscraper, the policeman dissuades the young guy to step down. It would seem, and here is a love triangle? However, then we get acquainted with the main characters and understand what the intrigue with a married neighbor can lead to.
We have collected for you 9 films of various genres united by one problem: what to do correctly if you find yourself in one of the corners of the love triangle? The heroes will make a choice of conscience or they will master the desire to indulge in passionate all -consuming love. Answers in films from the proposed list!

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