TOP-5 the most unloved female poses

TOP-5 the most unloved female poses.

Sex is good. I don’t even want to argue with this. There are only positions in which it is completely uncomfortable, there is no pleasure, and the desire begins to decline rapidly. In this article, we have collected the TOP-5 sexual positions that can ruin the intimate.

, TOP-5 the most unloved female poses


This is the most beloved pose for men, but at the same time the percentage of women in whom she causes the same delight is negligible.

There are two main reasons and they are banal to the impossibility.

First, it hurts. This pose implies the deepest penetration. The intensity of movements and a good male size may not give pleasure, but pain. In this position, the phallus can quite sensitively hit the cervix.

Secondly, the position of the racer is quite faceless. Men are so focused on their feelings that they completely forget about their partners. Some complain that if you quickly change the woman to the doll, then the man will not feel the difference.

Pay attention to your partner, do not forget to caress her, look at her reaction and there is a chance that the attitude to this position will change from the sign “-” to the “+” sign.

, TOP-5 the most unloved female poses

Missionary position

What could not please women classic from classic?

Some say that she is quite boring. If you do not experiment, then sex loses peppercorn and becomes quite fresh.

Others claim that in this position they do not get caressing at all. Most often, the partner’s hands hold him from falling on a partner, which means that there is nothing to stimulate the rest of the sensitive parts of the body.

Perhaps it is worth seeing other positions when the hands are free, and the depth of penetration does not suffer. Spines, for example.

, TOP-5 the most unloved female poses


Here the male part may be indignant: “And now they are dissatisfied with what?!”. And they will be a little right. After all, it is this pose that is dominant for women. It is they who control the depth and frequency of penetration. Here the hands of both partners are free and can caress everything that you want.

What is the catch? By secret, the girls admit that they are shy. They worry how they look. Thanks to cinema, each knows how it should be ideally, and is very worried, which may not correspond.

Simple questions like: “Is it funny breasts?”,” Is the chest hanging?”,” What an expression on the face?”,” How the hairstyle looks?”. These and hundreds of other questions can fly in a female head in a minute, without contributing to excitement.

How to be? Do not forget to praise a partner. Say pleasant words, instilling confidence in it. You can also blindfold your eyes so that it focuses on sensations and stops following your reaction to its actions.

, TOP-5 the most unloved female poses

Pose 69

This pose is quite popular. That’s just in order to get pleasure in it, a certain practice is required. Girls admitted to us that it is difficult for them to focus on a partner when he caresses the clitoris. If they concentrated on the caress of a partner, then they lost all those pleasant sensations that he tried to deliver.

In our discussions, we never came to the general opinion, how can we persuade the scales in favor of this position. Except that one -time affection. But it hurts it reminds the chess clock.

, TOP-5 the most unloved female poses


How many times in the films showed this hot sex, standing in the cabins of the toilet or in a shower cabin. It is so incendiary that, probably, there is no pair that would not try to practice it. And here difficulties often begin.

The difference in growth when a partner has to stand on the fingers of one leg, abandoning the second on a partner. Insufficient stretching also brings its discomfort. And attempts to substitute a stool can end quite deplorable. For both.

One of the possible options that will enjoy the woman in this position is with her back to the partner. But the main thing is to prevent Doggi-Stayla’s mistakes.

, TOP-5 the most unloved female poses

We do not claim that all women cannot stand these positions. Some in them, like fish in water, and get maximum pleasure. If the partner’s face is distorted during sex and it does not seem to be from passion, but rather from pain or boredom. Or she reacts much weaker than during the prelude, it is better to change the pose.

Ideally, generally discuss the preferences of both. Half an hour of a shameful conversation, if you are both of the shy, but then hot sex full orgasms!

, TOP-5 the most unloved female poses

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