Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

What are the priests: views and differences.

Buttocks – one of the most attractive parts in the female body. It is customary to represent the fifth point in the form of a heart, however, there are many types of pop. We will talk about them in this article.

The shape of the buttocks depends on what?

Many believe that nutrition, physical activity affects the size of the fifth point, however, in fact, everything is not so simple. Scientists got very interesting results: it turns out that those ladies who are characterized by a lush ass are owners of high intelligence.

, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

And this statement is a scientific substantiation. Those girls who have a button more than the average indicator, the level of cholesterol in the body is much lower. Thus, in their body, hormones that break down sugar are produced faster and in larger quantities. Volumetric buttocks indicate that the body has a high content of omega-3, which are mainly nutrient for the brain. This fatty acid supports the brain to young and healthy, improves concentration, memory, speed of thinking.

As it could already be understood, a magnificent ass is an indicator of excellent health.

Types of female ass

As we have already said, there are many forms of buttocks that differ not only in volume, but also in appearance. We brought precisely shots of celebrities from the paparazzi, and not the staged photo shoots, with the calculation that they do not have a correction of the figure characteristic of magazine or instagram personnel.


This is the most classic, as well as the desired type of female charms. It is in this form that it is customary to portray the fifth point. Characteristic features – full bottom, in parallel the narrowing to the top, closer to the waist. Over time, this zone is inclined to lose adipose tissue.

, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

Despite the fact that many girls dream of this ass, according to scientists, these forms of priests indicate an insufficient level of estrogen. A similar problem can be encountered in youth or already in adulthood.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

This ass is the dream of any girl. It is small, elastic, rounded. It will look great in dresses or trousers. Usually the representatives have the same elegant and fragile figure, the growth of a small. Such forms are very rare.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

Sexual type of buttocks that differ in an elongated shape with noticeable roundings. Prevails in temperamental and passionate persons with a classic female character.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

Such an ass is mainly in women with magnificent forms. Not only the fifth point differs in large sizes, but also the hips, shoulders, hands. At the same time, the girl needs to constantly monitor herself: attend sports halls, perform special exercises, as well as cosmetic procedures. And the exercises are required not only to the female figure, but also to the internal organs: the intimate gymnastics of Kegel will retain the tone of the vagina.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

Speaking of the generally accepted type of priests, scientists claim that these are small buttocks and convex relief. Such parameters allow you to climb the fifth point into any pattern, it is precisely such buttocks that can be found in world models. And read the varieties of more intimate parts of the body in the article about vaginas and clit.

Cottage cheese

, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

When we talk about this form, we mean no more congenital appearance, but what ass becomes over time. Usually, due to the lack of physical activity and the presence of improper nutrition, roundness is overgrown with cellulite and become similar to cottage cheese.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

These are very large buttocks, which are very elastic and, it seems, a little more, and they will explode like bubbles. Most often you can meet in Africans and Brazilians. Only nature itself can give, and to maintain a beautiful look, a diet is needed.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

Jennifer Lopez is a bright representative of the amazon priest. The woman was lucky to have a large ass with outstanding hips, a narrow waist and a fit breast. It is not surprising that with such parameters the Hollywood mommy is included in the top-senior sexy women of the world.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

Only African women can find such forms. This is a very distinguished part of the body, which they are happy to emphasize with tight and open outfits.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

By the very name, one can understand that such an ass becomes as a result of anorexia disease. In addition, a flat point can occur due to severe weight loss, without the absence of sports activity. In anal sex, this form can affect negative: when entering the partner, the pelvic bones will cause discomfort, since the fat layer is too small.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

Can be compared with the type of “bubbles”, only in this case the relief will be much larger. In the profile, the upper part of the roundness clearly stands out, which attracts the attention of the male half.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

The flat shape of the ass, which is characterized by wide hips with ears. Basically appears after the birth of a child. To give them a beautiful relief, you need to adjust the power and sport.


, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

Such a form of priests is found in advanced age, when the body stops developing estrogen and collagen, in addition, there is no physical activity. However, some girls in their youth suffer from such a problem, it is possible to solve it when visiting a doctor and compulsory physical exertion. It is better to do this as early as possible, otherwise a partner for sex
Find it can be problematic.

Types of male pop and what they mean

Now you know what kind of priests are women, but what about men? They also have the fifth point that differs in form, and each type can describe the character of its owner.

, Types pop – types of female and male buttocks

Pear and apples

If your man’s ass resembles a bulk apple, then you can immediately understand that you have a confident personality. Very self -sufficient, knows what he wants and loves him in society. In bed with him you can get a real pleasure, as he gets high from intimacy and can convey the same sensations to his partner.

Pir -shaped butt indicates that a guy can boast of a margin of patience, as well as practical views. They are distinguished by economic, fidelity, ideal for family and children.

Representatives with a curved and elegant boot is better to avoid. In sex, this is an ideal partner who will make an orgasm more than once, but in everyday life they are selfish and are not true, so they replace the girls.

If there are “ears” on the sides, it means that you have a devoted, calm person, everything will be stable and moderate with him, however, boring. The lack of ambitions is characteristic, respectively, there is no desire in career growth.

 Hairy buttocks

If there is such a note on the ass, then this is a kind, flexible person with whom you can build a strong relationship. But here you need to be neat, since sometimes a hairline at the fifth point of a man indicates a violation of the hormonal background or the development of diseases of the pelvis organs.

Folds under the booty

Symmetric folds reflect the character of a real man. He is charming, has a balanced disposition, a stock of patience. At the same time, love of love is not characteristic, it can give its heart only to one lady and for life. In bed is very attentive, it will ensure that his partner has a real pleasure.

Asymmetry in folds indicates the greed and egoism of the guy. Requires constant attention to himself, while not thinking about his girlfriend at all. In sex, everything is the same, only his sensations go to the head, while the partner goes into the background. Stable, strong relations with such a person cannot be built. Read also about what penis are.

Thus, the variety of forms and textures of human buttocks is simply impressive. Moreover, not only genetics affects the appearance, but also a way of life in combination with a state of health. For the fifth point to always look elastic, attractive must adhere to proper power, as well as play sports.

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