Urofilia is a normal phenomenon or not?

Urofilia is a normal phenomenon or not?.

Urofilia is a sexual preference in which a person enjoys the view, smell and taste of urine, from the fact that he was helping someone, or due to the fact that he was urging him. Other names – freation and golden rain. Officially, urofilia is one of the forms of paraffilia.

Urofilia: its causes and manifestations

As in all sexual branches, uroofil is divided into several types. From the main ones, we can distinguish voyeurism, exhibitionism, uropagia.

Accordingly, the main characteristics can be distinguished from the names when a person enjoys observing urination, the fact that he urinates in front of the eyes of others, or the taste of urine.

There is also the so-called active or passive urofilia, in which a sense of satisfaction occurs only when either a person urinates someone, or a partner urinates him. This is called golden rain in sex, you can read more about this.

There is a place to be uropylia and one of the elements of BDSM. Then Urina serves as a punishment or encouragement for a guilty or obedient submissive from the dominant. Another special subtype is the intentional restraint of urine during intercourse.

According to scientists’ research, the restraint of urine during sex enhances the sense of orgasm. According to adherents of such practice, sensations become brighter, more acute, more piquant.

In general, the causes of urofilia lie in the beliefs and sensations of a person. In the first case, he thinks and believes that urine is good for health, therefore it can use it as a method of treating or strengthening the body.

In the second, we are talking about the pleasures of both emotional and physical. A person is enjoying urination on a partner or on the contrary, when he pisses him.

There is no need to talk about some deviations of the psyche here, doctors give a completely self-sufficient explanation-this is Filia, that is, attraction.

Urofilia and attitude from society

Officially, ugliya has not been ranked to any of the currently existing mental disorders, and does not contradict the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on any points, except perhaps the hooliganism and damage of other people’s property, and even then only when a person urinates to a strangerown.

The act occurs exclusively on a voluntary basis and does not threaten the physical and mental state of partners.

Accordingly, people who are addicted to such games cannot be called either crazy or criminals, but even despite this, at the heart of their attitude of society towards such a purely negative.

To someone, ugliya may seem a vile, incomprehensible occupation, by all points violating any dogmas of morality and virtues that corrupt the modern generation.

Engage in this – nonsense, and this one could clearly come to mind only to sick people, is it true? So – no. Urofilia – the phenomenon is absolutely normal.

To judge a person by his addictions, not pernicious, not bringing any harm to anyone, the matter is exceptionally stupid and rather strange.

People should be evaluated by their actions, sometimes – words, and you should be more patient with those who are in one way or another.

Morality, it would seem, is chewed in every children’s cartoon, but how many times do not repeat it to the world … People who are tended to uaropilia suffer and suffer. Some – smiling politely, hide their secrets, knowing that society will certainly condemn, will not understand.

Others, brought up in more conservative families, break on the verge between sincere pleasure and an unshakable disgust to themselves, going crazy with the impossibility of opening, because society will not understand, condemn.

Urofilia has the right to exist. True, unfortunately, the general failure did their job, and people are forced to hide themselves and their essence, panting in the shackles of society ..

But it is worth remembering the main thing – your intimate life should not become public, everything that happens in your bed should remain there. As Freud said, the only deviation is when there is no sex at all, everything else is a matter of taste.

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