Ways to give a man pleasure – he has not yet experienced

Unusual ways to give a man pleasure.

, Ways to give a man pleasure – he has not yet experienced

Sex is a very important line of relations between a man and a woman, no matter how hard about spirituality and romance, intimate brings together and leads proximity to a new level. No wonder in Sholokhov’s novel “Quiet Don” Grigory blames the legitimate wife on her coldness in bed and cannot forget “Axinho frenzied in love”. Mastering a variety of ways to give a man pleasure immediately increases the rating of a woman in the eyes of a partner and imperceptibly attaches a lover to her emotionally.

Women’s trainings on intimate skills are gaining popularity, and will never be superfluous to add another technique to the arsenal of skills, from which the partner has explosive orgasms.

Blowjob vagina

This unusual practice requires mastering oriental breathing techniques Uddiyan and Nauli. To perform Okdiyana, you need to take a fisherman’s pose: put your feet shoulder -width apart, round your back, sit down a little and lean your palms on your hips. Then a slow breath and a complete exhalation is made, the lungs should push the air without a trace. The stomach will get to the back;Next, you need to try to raise the diaphragm – if everything is done correctly, the navel will fit up. Then it follows the relaxation of the abdomen and the slow breath.

Nauli is a rather complicated practice that requires long -term preparation: cleansing the body, reviewing nutrition, etc.D. To use it in bed games, it is not necessary to go so far, it is enough to master the simplest technique. To do this, you should learn how to control the rectus abdominal muscle: it is paired, so you just need to strain one right or left, then, first, having drawn up the stomach, as described in the technique. If you do it quickly, then a wave will ride around the stomach.

The sequence of blowing a blowjob by the vagina will look like this: the girl sits on the excited member of the partner in the pose of the reverse rider (she turned to face the genitals of a man, and at that time he will see her ass), then makes Uddiyan, and then a wave of stomach, that is, Nauli.

Men who have experienced the action of this technique claim that it is similar to the absorption of a partner’s mouth, and if it is supplemented by tension of the vaginal muscles, then an enchanting orgasm is provided to the beloved. Due to the stress of the abdomen, the very effect of the vacuum that brought the glory of the Maspurbaters is achieved.

To make a blowjob with a vagina technically, it is better to practice a rubber member in order to link the holding of the breath and tension of the abdominal and vagina muscles into a single process. Do not do Uddiyan and Nauli if there are menstruation or there are problems with pressure.

Egg massage

Typically, this part of the body remains unattended in bed games, and it is a pity – the stimulation of the testicles is unlikely to lead to orgasm, but it is capable of making it brighter and more voluminous.

Before the massage, you need to lubricate the scrotum with a lubricant on a silicone or oil base, and then, based on a partner’s reaction, play with stimulation methods. You can gently sort them out, lick, suck, can be slightly delayed and released or, vice versa, pull them up to the member barrel. Of course, it is better to combine this with oral affection.

Studying the ways to give a man pleasure, it is worth paying attention to the zone under the scrotum – if you stroke it towards the anus, the man will experience pleasant sensations throughout the penis.

Diversify the blowjob

Almost every man will appeal if his beloved wakes him up 10 minutes before the alarm clock with oral affection. In the morning, a healthy man in normal erection occurs, and it is a sin not to take advantage of this – this beginning of the morning will provide him with a good mood for the whole day.

Men who do not spill anal affection in their direction, you can offer a combination of a blowjob with stimulation of the rectum by a vibrator. While the vibro -yield buzzing in the priest, the mouth slides along the excited penis – fantastic orgasms come from such double stimulation.

The very fact that a girl is looking for ways to give a beloved man a pleasure will bring him a deep inner satisfaction. No matter how strong and self -sufficient young man is, he will surely appreciate care and attention from the second half.

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