What does a woman feel when penetrating?

What does a woman feel when penetrating?.

Sex is the basic need of a person, as it involves many body systems, including the psyche and hormonal background. Many processes are activated, mood changes, pain is dull, the figure is transformed. We know all this very well. But there is one more question – what a woman feels when penetrating from the point of view of physiology?

First you should divide all sensations into normal, that is, natural and pathological. In some cases, penetration can cause discomfort and even pain. Say that each sexual intercourse is the same, completely impossible. Let’s discuss each example separately.

Painful sexual intercourse in women

Dyspareunia – painful sensations in the external genital organs of a woman caused by penetration of the penis and conducting sexual intercourse as a whole. Leads to the denial of sex, the rejection of sexual intercourse, the negative perception of his partner and any physical contact with him.

To make such a diagnosis, painful sexual intercourse must be repeated repeatedly, while all other causes of its occurrence are gradually excluded. First of all, the sexologist finds out in what relations are partners, is there respect, trust, manifestation of affection, care and love between them.

Otherwise, the pain may be caused by the psyche of a woman in the form of protest. When sex occurs with a person causing disgust in ordinary life, penetration is guaranteed to be difficult.

If everything is in order with this, the search for physiological reasons begins and establishing a dialogue. To begin with, it turns out whether everything is fine with lubrication of the vagina, whether natural lubrication is released when excited. Otherwise, it is recommended to buy water -based lubricant. The problem is solved in an instant.

The last step is to study the actions of partners. In order for the girl to feel only pleasure and pleasure in penetration, a high -quality and prolonged prelude is required. The introduction of a member should occur smoothly, without sudden movement.

Only after a few frictions can you proceed to acceleration of the pace. It is important to establish a dialogue so that both can in the process report what they like and what is not.

If after this painful sexual intercourse has not gone anywhere, then the time has come to diagnose and prescribe treatment. There can be many reasons, including the notorious vaginism. In the context of this article, it makes no sense to discuss this.

What does a woman feel when penetrating in normal condition

Many women declare that with a long absence of a partner at the time of excitement, itching is felt in the crotch and the thought that only a member will help get rid of it. Therefore, at the time of penetration, they feel a decrease in unpleasant sensations. It is like a cessation of a headache after a painful day.

At that very second, when a member slowly enters the vagina, the girl experiences pressure, which smoothly replaces the feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen. Not everyone considers what is happening something very pleasant, the feelings are quite peculiar, no other word, except for the fullness of the vagina with something warm and solid, it is impossible to describe this.

When he was already inside, I do not want to pull it out. There is a desire to continue. At the same time, girls feel humidity in the crotch, according to many, this feeling is impossible to muffle, everything is damp and nothing can be done.

In the area of the intimate zone, the temperature rises, this is caused by a blood flow. A woman feels warm, and sometimes just heat. The lower abdomen is strongly strained, each muscle works at the limit. The member itself is tangled well, each movement leads to an increase in all of the above sensations.

Most of the girls also spoke out that the first penetration of the member causes euphoria, and goosebumps are running through the body. A partner who seeks to go as soon as possible to active actions is being broken down. The first seconds are better to make smooth frictions to allow her to enjoy the blood flow, heat in the labia, deliverance from waiting and the long -awaited filling of the vagina.

Which leads to discomfort when penetrating

And so, insufficient prelude and, as a result, a low amount of natural lubrication, in the first place. No pleasure will come. In second place in the ranking of the men’s unsuccessful actions is too sharp and a high pace of friction from the first seconds.

But it is also important and at what angle, in what position this penetration occurs. If you enter unsuccessfully, the girl will experience a tingling tingling outside the vagina, many compare it with a knife that was stuck into the body.

The pose is also important in terms of sex context. That is, all that happens outside the vagina. Most of the tender sex like additional stimulation when penetrating. The body should fit tightly to the partner, it is especially felt if he is on top and the contact area is maximum.

Kisses are important, touching the neck with lips and chin. With your hands you can take your hair or chest. Everything is individual, but the contact must definitely be. During intercourse itself, without the active stimulation of erogenous zones and the clitoris, it will not work to achieve an orgasm. But today we discussed only what a woman feels when penetrating. We’ll talk about the rest in other publications.

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