What is a natal card of a person?

What is a natal card of a person?.

A natal map is a scheme that transfers the location of the stars at the time when a person was born. Used in astrology and is also known as the cosmogram. Has some common features with a horoscope, but in general, more detailed. By the way the stars and planets are located on this day and hour, astrologers make up predictions for humans.

What is such a card for? By the location of the planets and their characteristics, the astrologer can learn about the personality characteristics of the one who was born under them. The forecasts for the signs of the zodiac were seen by everyone – but the natal chart is needed to draw up a more detailed, individual forecast.

What is a natal chart and why it is

She looks like a scheme of the starry sky on a certain day and time of day. Predictions for it are considered much more accurate than ordinary ones: when compiling a simple horoscope, only where the sun was on a person’s birthday is taken into account. Other stars and planets are applied to the map here.

Compilation of this card is a more difficult thing than a horoscope for different signs: it is worth knowing not only the date of birth, but also the exact time. For a person born on January 21 at 11 a.m., the forecast will sound different than for someone who was born on the same day at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The astrologer needs to know not only the time up to a minute, but also the place where it happened.

The calculation may include rectification – this concept denotes the clarification of all the circumstances of the birth. Only specialists with extensive experience can do this to calculate the time they need. For this, they will learn everything that can have a relationship to this: what events were in the life of the client, what changed for him in different periods.

The collection of such data and the natal card itself is a separate service that can be ordered from an astrologer both for yourself and for other people. The main thing is to have the necessary information.

Is it possible to do it online? Yes, such services on the Internet are now appearing, like computer programs with appropriate functions – but you do not need to expect one hundred percent accuracy from them. It is better to contact the research specialists who have experience in drawing up detailed forecasts.

What does the natal card look like

It has the shape of a circle divided into several sectors. Inside the sectors depict the symbols of planets and stars, other astrological signs. To designate these sections, experts prefer to use the term “at home”. Each of them shows how things are in various areas of life. Some of them show the character of a person for whom an “astrological portrait” is created.

Circles here are drawn both external and internal: the external designations are located, the map of the sky is reflected inside.

Depending on how the objects were located at a certain time, one such house may contain several of them. It happens the other way around – the sector remains empty. Each planet and the star that are there can be understood differently-depending on the house in which they are located and how they, according to astrologers, affect the zodiac sign.

An experienced specialist in individual horoscopes can correctly interpret the location of celestial bodies and their number in different parts of the circle. The power of the element depends on the second parameter, to which the sign belongs. For example, Aries belongs to the fire, and Scorpio – to the water, and so on.

This is the most important characteristic on which both personality characteristics and reaction to various life events can depend. The location of the moon reflects the attitude to life, and the sun is what exactly you are going to achieve first.

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