What is the MBR in intimate terms and how it is related to prostitution

The mystery of the term MBR in sex.

, What is the MBR in intimate terms and how it is related to prostitution

Most adults are positive about oral affection. These are not just words. We cited survey results for girls. There is a similar article for guys. There are terms that many do not know. This is a professional slang. We will tell you what the ICBR is in intimate terms. Find out if it is dangerous or not.


, What is the MBR in intimate terms and how it is related to prostitution

MBR – Blowjob without gum. Girls with reduced social responsibility call one of their piquant services so. Here, the safety problem arises in full growth. Contraceptives reduce the risk of picked up SPPP – sexually transmitted diseases.

If there is no protection, then the possibility of infection increases at times. Slutty ladies from city streets relate to this philosophically: they pay more. But we are more interested in “normal” relationships inside the couple.

Dangerous moments

In Russia, scientists pay little attention to the research of the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, it is still difficult to establish ways to arrive in dangerous viruses and microbes in the body. People who practice ICBMs can become infected with the following infections:

  • AIDS or HIV. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is very dangerous. But the likelihood of infection with unprotected oral contact is not too high. Although, everything can be.
  • Gonorrhea. The people are often called a tripper. It is caused by microorganisms called gonococci. If not treated, complete infertility occurs.
  • Chlamydia. Ailment with unpleasant symptoms. Pain during urination, discharge from the urethra, local tumors and deterioration of overall well -being in men and women.
  • Syphilis. A disease that is transmitted not only by sexual, but also in the domestic way. In the first case, the risk is maximum. Dangerous microorganisms do not affect the whole body well.
  • Herpes. Itching acne appears on the genitals. According to statistics, 10 % of the population of the Russian Federation has this ailment. It proceeds in a chronic form and is not to be treated.
  • HPV. This is a human papilloma virus. At first glance nothing dangerous. But some varieties can provoke the development of cancer diseases.
  • Thrush. Fungal infection. The pathogens settled on the genitals and in the oral cavity. But treatment is relatively simple. It is enough to drink a course of drugs.

During the ICBR, you can pick up any sore from the list. Therefore, prevention measures must be observed.


, What is the MBR in intimate terms and how it is related to prostitution

It sounds trite, but the level of security depends on the choice of a partner. A random acquaintance in a nightclub with a stormy continuation is the perfect way to get sick. Partners do not know anything about each other. A pretty appearance and a high level of education do not guarantee that a person does not have STD. Not only workers of factories, but also cinema stars come to venereologists. Social status does not affect the degree of risk of infection.

Therefore, you can only engage in a blowjob without an elastic band with a permanent partner. The ideal option is oral affection only between husband and wife. Living in marriage, it is difficult to hide the adventures to the left. But sometimes there are misfires. Spouses with a three -digit IQ are able to establish the level of conspiracy as in scouts.

What can be done to reduce risks:

  • Take tests regularly or before the MBR itself.
  • Notice possible symptoms of a partner.
  • Use a wide spectrum antiseptics.

Let us dwell on the last paragraph. An antimicrobial drug can be rinked to your mouth and apply a solution to the penis. But this is not one hundred percent protection. Many drugs do not act on viruses, and the taste after processing the genitals will be so -so. Here is a list of medicines:

  1. Chlorhexidine. The solution is sold in any pharmacy, it costs a penny. The drug kills bacteria that cause the most common STDs: chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. But against viruses, the antiseptic is powerless. There is a risk of catching hepatitis.
  2. Miramistin. Local drug. It was developed by Russian scientists. Therefore, a solution is used only in the CIS countries. He destroys the HIV, herpes and hepatitis virus. Has a wide antimicrobial effect. The drug does not spoil the enamel of the teeth.
  3. Octenisept. The most powerful solution that can eliminate even the Koch stick is the causative agent of tuberculosis. Plus antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Rinse the mouth with an antiseptic and moisten the penis, the more, the better.

Antimicrobial drugs are good for the ICBM, but there are many gaps in their protection. For example, when diluting physiological fluids, the solution loses its properties. The head of the penis was covered with a natural lubricant? Efficiency has fallen. The same with saliva in the oral cavity. It dilutes the drug, reduces the concentration of the active substance.

Why the ICBR is popular

, What is the MBR in intimate terms and how it is related to prostitution

In the male community, there is constantly debate about whether the gum is needed with oral contact or not. Supporters of condoms give their arguments, and opponents categorically disagree with these arguments. Here are the advantages of an “open” blowjob:

  • High sensitivity. Even the thinnest condom reduces tactile sensations. Receptors get a minimum of stimulation, an orgasm becomes not as bright as with direct oral contact.
  • There is no taste of rubber. According to girls, latex contraception means leaves an unpleasant “aftertaste” in the mouth. It remains for a long time, easily transmitted to the partner during the kiss.
  • Trust between partners. Men really appreciate women who can make a blowjob without any barriers. This speaks of high trust between people. Strong relationships without trust will not be able to build.

These factors play the hands of the guys more. Therefore, girls of easy behavior take a double, or even triple tariff for the ICBR. And the demand for the service always remains stable.

Both partners can infect each other. Therefore, not only the girl risks risks. The level of danger will help reduce our simple tips:

  1. Minet only with a permanent partner.
  2. Spended by sexually transmitted diseases regularly.
  3. Never change your second halves.
  4. Use wide spectrum antiseptics.

Observing these simple recommendations, you will get rid of the risk of picking up SPPP. The main thing is to think about the health of a partner and not get involved in adventures like random sex with a stranger. The consequences will not only affect health, but also destroy relationships.

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