What most of all do not like the guys in bed and women?

What most of all do not like the guys in bed and women?.

, What most of all do not like the guys in bed and women?

Probably, any girl mentally wondered: “Is everything suits my boyfriend in bed?”Indeed, in nature there are a lot of things that do not like the stronger sex, concentrated in an intimate process. It is advisable for women to know everything about what mistakes can negatively affect the development of close relationships.

As a rule, only narcissistic girls who believe that external data and their goodwill are quite enough for the partner to consider them real “goddesses” of sex do not even think about the presence of difficulties. In fact, every guy has his own, albeit unwritten demands for the ideal in his understanding of his mistress.

, What most of all do not like the guys in bed and women?

Men do not like “logs”, untidy and talkative girls

Probably, no one will be a discovery for anyone: men do not like to have sex with a “log”. Which guy in bed will like when a lover demonstrates indifference to sexual intimacy as such. The principle of “I am ready and do what you want with me” is not impressive, therefore, silently giving herself like a victim to be torn, the girl stops sex into boring and monotonous sexual intercourse.

Needless to say that men do not like if in bed with them is a groomed woman. Whatever they say there, and the appearance for guys is determined. No one says that a girl should have a luxurious model figure, silicone breasts and pumped lips, but she must take care of herself. This is especially true for excess vegetation on the body, freshness of underwear and the lack of smell of sweat.

In almost all thematic forums, men note that in bed they madly like it when a girl groans sweetly and breathes erotically. At the same time, the guys are annoyed by the endless chatter of the partner, especially during intimacy. Needless to say that men love to have sex with liberated girls without complexes and constraint, with which you can experiment and constantly discover new steps of sexual science.

What is unknown to women: what do guys do not like in bed

But this is not all. Iceberg is now known about the top of the ice, but if you dig further, you can find out about the depths of male experiences. As a rule, representatives of the stronger sex are trying to keep silent about the following secrets, but is it possible to hide anything from curious ladies?

  1. Most of all, men do not like in bed when a woman shows that she agreed to sex with him only at his request and persuasion. It’s easy to discourage the partner: it’s enough to make it clear that sexual intercourse for the girl is burdened, does not cause any pleasure and in general she is looking forward to every time when the guy finally finishes. The consequences of this behavior of women can be the complexes and isolation of a man, and in severe cases, gynecophobia.
  2. In women, men do not like the indestructiveness. It is meant that at least sometimes even a shy girl needs to take the reins of government into her own hands and declare to her partner about her desire. This once again confirms the sexual attraction of a woman, which, in turn, greatly raises male self -esteem.
  3. Most young people are perplexed (even if they do not talk about it out loud), when women ignore their body, especially the most important part for sex. An penis – an object of male pride and self -sufficiency, and guys like it when it is caressed by delicate female hands or mouth.
  4. Some men are annoying when the partner has responsible for the failed orgasm exclusively on them. Contrary to stereotypes, according to which all representatives of the stronger sex are recognized as selfish sexual partners, it is worth emphasizing: the female orgasm plays a huge role in building male self -esteem and sense of self -confidence. So that a man does not develop a loser’s complex, you should share your feelings with him, constantly helping him solve the secrets of his body.

, What most of all do not like the guys in bed and women?

What girls constantly cause irritation in a man

Among women who do not like men in bed, a separate type of young lady should be distinguished – “controllers”. Any of these ladies will constantly control the love process, correcting the partner and pushing it to the “right” actions. Every person, and especially the guy during sex, want to prove himself, make maximum efforts to justify the hopes and trust of the second half. But is it possible if a man will constantly pull?

In addition, men and themselves like to “turn” a woman in bed. Choosing a post for sex – also their path. The most unloved position for men in bed is a missionary, while Doggi Stayl is what all the guys prefer without exception. But here everything is individual, each representative of the stronger sex can have his own tastes.

It is worth noting the ladies who fall into real dependence on their partner. In bed with such a woman, a man feels uncomfortable, since a low self -esteem and a girl’s lack of self -esteem – scareful factors to continue relations, including intimate.

But you know what other women do not like men in bed? Perhaps this will seem too exaggerated, but still: guys do not like stupid and near -minded girls. You should not run to the library right now and try to catch up. It is rather about “blondes” (not by the color of the hair, but in terms of intelligence and self -development).

, What most of all do not like the guys in bed and women?

If the girl’s vocabulary is limited by several phraseological turns, there are a lot of parasitic words in it, and the young lady itself is not able to correctly formulate its point of view, the man will immediately understand: at the right moment, he will not be able to lean on the partner’s mind. But every guy so wants to be proud of his lover! So do not waste time, sitting day after day by the TV, watching your favorite series – do self -education.

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