What to do if I’m a virgin? As a guy is better to lose virginity?

What to do if I’m a virgin? How to lose virginity as a guy?.

, What to do if I’m a virgin? As a guy is better to lose virginity?

«Virgin — Beautiful and romantic. Virgin — The harsh truth of life»

Deprivation of virginity for a young man – This is not only pleasure, but also the danger of getting a psychological trauma. Difficulties in the first experience are experienced not only by young guys, but also by mature virgins who do not have enough flexibility. This article will help to take the bull by the horns and both.

► Why are you still a virgin

«I’m not beautiful enough». The guy tends to betray the undeserved meaning of the appearance. To repel externally, you need to have a frank ugliness. Therefore, the complex of appearance has a psychological background, often being far -fetched. As one famous actress said – «A man should be a little more beautiful than a monkey». Plaiboi will agree with this, for among them a little written handsome people like Alena Delon.

Poor – Means «No sex». Also a popular excuse. The poor will have to forget about the models for a while, because they have other ideas about the partner. However, there are enough girls in the world who can «Get stuck», Using intelligence, not a wallet. The problem of major is that they often stumble upon «dynamo» females who need only money. Pickups will confirm that the main thing in seduction is the mind, not a pack of dollars.

Lack of dominant qualities (will, masculinity, willingness to stand up for yourself) is the most difficult problem. Nobody needs weaknesses and panties. There is only one way out – Work on your shortcomings. The character is difficult to adjust, but this must be done, otherwise failures in the genital area will become chronic.

Clasp the one at hand

Surely there are a couple of girls in your environment. Maybe you don’t like them outwardly? Were not too exacting. Remember that the princesses are not enough for everyone, and once, tired of your complex, you risk losing its virginity, it’s not clear with whom. Do not make a cult from this event. Get rid of innocence, even if it will not be sexy, like Angelina Jolie (an experienced seducer will say «there is no such woman that there is nothing special in her»). The first experience will help to overcome uncertainty and fear. He will become a new level, which means that you can look for a more worthy partner.

► Do not be afraid to admit that you are a virgin

The guy is often shy about his innocence, up to the point that he considers himself flawed. Woman – The creature is compassionate. Plaibias are successful with this. Virgin can also play on this string. A woman faced with frank recognition in virginity often works «Rescuer’s reflex» Or hunters.

► Use the Internet

Meet through social. Network, now very popular among girls. Amazing, but ads «Help me lose virginity» Find a lively response. Especially if you add a promise of material assistance to it. It is possible that such information will be interested in only girls of light behavior, but also an adventurers. It is important to competently compose such an ad, emphasizing your shyness and desire to join the sacraments of sex. There are many older ladies on the Internet, who are exciting inexperience.

, What to do if I’m a virgin? As a guy is better to lose virginity?

How to lose virginity as a guy is the easiest way

The stuck boy often seems to be women – creatures, so to speak, are the highest, or moreover, they are saints.

Go to the brothel. The night of corrupt love will deprive all complexes, and will make it possible to verify his own viability. Make sure you are not disgusting and your penis is normal. This will give you the opportunity to look at women more soberly, and a good harlot will show the basics of sexual game. High -quality ads «individuals» full on the Internet, and «Take a clock» It is not at all expensive.

► Do not catch up with your shadow

In conclusion, advice – Do not make a cult from bed. Such a desired event as the first sex brings new colors to life. However, it is not worth earning a complex and considering himself a loser only because there is no love experience. The problem of virginity is often invented. It will be easier to lose virginity if you do not get hung up on it.

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