What to do if the girl has too narrow

What to do if the girl has too narrow.

Full sexual intercourse includes many factors, among which both psychological and physiological characteristics of each partner. Someone is not enough emotions and they are interested in why the girl does not groan, someone prefers male dominance in sex, there are those who think what to do if a man has a big dick, but everyone without exception likes a narrow vagina. In this case, we will find out what to do if the girl has too narrow and this has become a lack of advantage.

Narrow vagina: what is it and what are the reasons

By the concept of a narrow vagina, this refers to the entrance to it, and not what is inside. The question of what to do if the girl has too narrow in a situation where the penetration process is difficult and introducing a member into a partner becomes problematic.

For this reason, many girls cannot lose their virginity. Or the first experience is so unsuccessful that later I do not want to repeat it, the complex is formed.

If we talk about the norm, then in a state of tranquility in the vagina, two fingers tightly pressed to each other should enter the vagina. This is usually checked by the geniologist at the examination.

In the case when three fingers are free, we can talk about the weakness of the vaginal muscles. If one passes alone, then the muscles opposite are tense. This is called a narrow vagina.

Congenital. Genicologists observe the phenomenon of the “narrow vagina” in girls of a thin physique with a violation of the hormonal background.

In the process of forming a reproductive system, the genitals receive some deviations from the given norms. This is not critical, but the difficulties with penetration can occur. You need to contact a doctor.

Postpartum and traumatic. The second reason often occurs as a result of damage to the reproductive organ and imposing seams on the vagina. As a rule, this happens during childbirth, or during injuries of a different origin.

The virgin state of the vagina. Before the start of sexual activity, the state of the entrance to the vagina can be a little already than necessary. Over time, the problem should disappear. If this does not happen, you should also visit a gynecologist.

Vaginism.  This is a pathology in which the muscles of the vagina are compressed, sometimes so much that a man is in a vice. May have psychological and physiological causes.

What to do if the girl has too narrow and it is not possible to commit sexual intercourse

As mentioned above, sometimes due to a too narrow vagina, it is not possible to lose virginity.

In this case, we are most likely a spasm of vaginal muscles against the background of fear. Lack of experience in both partners often leads to such consequences.

It is necessary to take care of the trust between the guy and the girl, she must be sure that she wants this here, now and this is with this person. Until the girl feels comfortable, spasm will not go anywhere.

The second reason concerns not only virgins. Regardless of why the girl has too narrow, the decision comes with the purchase of lubrication.

To do this, you need to buy a special vaginal lubricant. Typically, a long prelude and the use of a lubricant forever solve the problem.

If this did not happen and despite all the efforts of the partner’s vagina remains too narrow, which interferes with full sexual intercourse, it is necessary to visit the doctor and exclude possible diseases.

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