What to do to make more seed fluid

What to do to make more seed fluid.

In any matter, it is not quantity, but quality, but nevertheless, the pursuit of large volumes still exists. For example, men strive to ensure that sperm is a lot and wonder what to do to make more seed fluid

Sometimes the representative of the stronger sex sees this way of raising self -esteem, naively believing that this makes him a real male in the eyes of a partner.Although there are other situations when the number of sperm produced is really very scarce. This can prevent conception or turn the process of ejaculation into a miserable sight. But there are ways to make the seed fluid become larger. We’ll talk about them.

Sperm formation factors in men

In the process of forming seed fluids, not only testicles, but also other glands are involved. If only spermotozoids were released during ejaculation, their number would be negligible, barely noticeable. In addition, they would die in the vagina and their mobility would be zero.

So that this does not happen in the composition of the sperm, a liquid secret is included. It is he who provides mobility and a safe environment for sperm. This liquid secret of the prostate is produced.

In the ejaculation itself, the merchants of the gland that distinguish the pre -ejaculate are no less important. The very liquid that occurs in the process of excitation of a man lubricates the urethra and guarantees a slippery path for sperm during orgasm. These glands practically do not affect the total amount, but they should take into account.

If the sperm is very small, then the first thing you should check the prostate gland. It forms almost 90% of the ejaculate, which means that violations in its work will immediately affect the amount of sperm at the end of sexual intercourse. Make an ultrasound and visit a urologist for consultation. Also, for the prevention of prostatitis, it is necessary to regularly do the prostate massage. At home this can be done using a prostate massager.

What products increase the amount of seed fluid

If there are no problems from physiology, then the matter is in the lifestyle and nutrition. Refusal of alcohol, smoking, inactive lifestyle, tight linen and excessive heat in the groin, can positively affect the amount of seed fluid produced. But it is important not to forget about food and.

The main thing here is proteins, zinc and folic acid. Add green and ginger tea to the diet. Of the products, 1-2 walnuts per day (no more), oranges, grapefruit, carrots, strawberries, pistachios, buckwheat for breakfast, tomatoes, red fish, turkey, shrimp, chicken eggs, beef, sour cream, bananas, spinach, garlic, pumpkin seeds. This must be taken regularly, not a couple of times.

Only a change in lifestyle and a change in the diet will lead to the desired result and a significant increase in the seed fluid. And yes, you need to drink more water. The prostate forms a liquid secret based on water, so it should be more than enough in the body. With frequent ejaculation, you could feel a thirst for drinking, this is due to the fact that the prostate iron takes the liquid to create a secret.

Norm and deviations

In principle, the following methods are enough for the amount of seed fluid to increase. If the change of lifestyle and diet did not lead to the result, then the answers should be sought in the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, oligospermia often indicates diseases of the prostate gland and in this case it is better not to delay the diagnosis.

It is pointless to buy advertised drugs until the diagnosis is made. After the examination, the doctor can prescribe medicines or vitamins, or maybe he will just calm down with say that everything is fine with you. But for this you need to take tests and reach the doctor. Do not hurt and more often go to my blog, goodbye!

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