What will happen if a man writes on a pregnancy test

What will happen if a man writes on a pregnancy test.

A pregnancy test is intended only for women’s use – the average layman will not have ideas about its use by the male sex. However, some have a curious question – what will happen if the test for determining pregnancy is used by a man? The answer to this question is not as funny as it might seem at first glance.

The presence of two strips on the test

So, no matter how incredible it may seem if male urine comes to the test, he can show two strips. This state of affairs indicates one of the two options – the test or is defective;or a man whose urine was used has significant problems regarding health.

It must be understood that the test of any manufacturer demonstrates the results on the principle of a litmus paper. Strips on it arise due to the effect of a special hormone, which can only be contained in the urine of a pregnant woman.

This hormone is called chorionic gonadotropin, abbreviated – hCG. The male body or the body of a non -acquired woman does not produce this substance. Corionic gonadotropin begins to be produced only after fertilization occurs.

The egg is fixed in the wall of the uterus, after which the hCG level gradually increases in the mother’s body. This hormone does not need at all the body that is not pregnant. At the same time, hCG is critical in the first weeks of the development of the embryo.

A sign of cancer

However, in some cases, hCG is produced in a non -acquired body. In men, for example, the presence of this hormone may indicate a malignant tumor. As a rule, hCG in the male body is an egg cancer signal.

In this case, you need to contact the oncologist as soon as possible. After all, chorionic gonadotropin is produced in the male body directly by the tumor itself, and not by any organism. By the way, often female tests for determining pregnancy are used by oncologists in the diagnosis of men specifically.

But still do not panic if the test demonstrates two strips. It is possible that it is defective. It will be more reliable to purchase a couple more tests of different manufacturers.

Most often, the high level of chorionic gonadotropin is observed in men with egg cancer. At the same time, the possibility of other oncological diseases cannot be ruled out. If the test is positive, it is better to be checked comprehensive.

Some experts believe that home tests for determining pregnancy cannot serve as a way of detecting oncology – in their opinion, there can be no question of such a diagnosis without a detailed examination. HCG can be produced in the male body while taking some drugs.

It is also worth considering men who decide to try a female test for themselves. When taking medications that increase the concentration of chorionic gonadotropin stops, the hormone itself is gradually ceasing to be present in the body.

In any layer, one strip a test will still show whether a woman, a man or even an animal will help on him. This strip is a control. It is needed to determine the quality of the test, and not to check the presence of hCG in the body.

If there is not a single strip on the test – there is no doubt that it is defective. But if there are two of them, then the man who was helping for the test should not expect the bonus Charlie Chaplin (they promise to award the craftsman who can give birth, like a woman). Seeing two strips on the test, the representative of the stronger sex is better to seem like a doctor until it is too late.

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