What will happen if you swallow your own sperm?

What will happen if you swallow your own sperm?.

When swallowing, sperm is broken down and sucked. The same process occurs when the water, milk or gelatin. If you are a man who is worried about swallowing your own sperm, we hasten to please you – this is safe if you do not have sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

If a man has certain STIs, swallowing his own sperm can be unsafe. In this case, the risk depends on which infection, what is the method of its transmission and the area of infection. When swallowing sperm, the main concern is caused by infections localized in the genitals, in the mouth and/or in the throat. If the infection can be transmitted through sperm and affect various places, then there is a possibility that it can spread to the mouth or throat. This type of infections includes gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Some SPPPs, such as the human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes and syphilis, spread with direct contact of the leather-k-kozh or oral-genital contact. If a man has HPV, herpes and/or syphilis, the infection can spread from the penis to the lips, mouth or throat.

The swallowing of its own sperm does not pose a health hazard in relation to systemic infections or diseases (for example, HIV). This is because these infections are in the bloodstream, and their symptoms are present throughout the body.

So if you do not have a SPP and there is a great desire to try your sperm, do not hesitate to pamper yourself!

, What will happen if you swallow your own sperm?

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