Where to find a guy if you don’t go anywhere?

Where to find a guy if you don’t go anywhere?.

With the question “where to find a guy, if you don’t go anywhere,” often encounter introvert girls. Noisy companies and funny parties they prefer home comfort, cinema, reading, conversations one on one. But it is precisely the rare appearance in a relaxed atmosphere among people that leads to the fact that the satellite is absent.

The second reason lies in limiting beliefs, complexes and psycho-emotional injuries. .

And here the problem is not that she does not go anywhere, but that she depreciates everything that is, looks at men with an appraising look with contempt and distrust. Ignores their desires and needs, is not ready for acquaintance, tries to avoid rapprochement before he proves his love.

Mentally healthy men do not participate in this. They express sympathy, call on a date, communicate, find out common interests. And yes, they also need attention, care, affection and love. Therefore, first of all, you need to learn how to be open, good to feel your boundaries and boundaries of the interlocutor, sincerely love men and know their psychology.

Only in this case, from the whole variety of representatives of the stronger sex, you can notice interesting, responsible, adequate and ready for the desired format of relationships. And there are much more men under the age of 34 in the world than girls.

The official statistics of Rosstat to help you if you still live in the Soviet Union and think that there are 10 children for 10 children, then you will be disappointed. Well, or joy, on the contrary.

Where to find a guy if you don’t go anywhere: dating sites problems

First you need to remember how a acquaintance is acting that can develop into something more. People get acquainted in some interests in places that are not initially involved in such an outcome. At work, at study, in sports circles and sections, at exhibitions, at business meetings, other events and in the company of friends.

Dating sites become a good way to start communication and completely closes the question of where to find a guy if you don’t go anywhere. But in fact, everything is much more complicated. Dating Services do not have the right functionality, there is always a disgusting audience and a rigid shortage of important tools. This is just a business, it is not beneficial for them to find a soul mate here here.

The shell without filling

Hence the conclusion – dating sites a priori are not able to give the main thing, namely the situation with mutual interest. There are always registered with a specific purpose, but there is no interaction. No one participates in discussions, does not show its character traits, it is impossible to look at the behavior of a person, to evaluate his sense of humor in a real life.

You see a photo and description. But this usually does not say anything about a person at all. I had a case when we were given the task of putting up advertising leaflets in the area.

They informed pensioners that one of the days would be a free consultation of a specialist. We went outside, all immediately threw leaflets into the urn and went home.

I thought this is an important matter, since many pensioners are simply necessary. Without my participation, they will not find out about such an opportunity, but this could help someone improve their health. And in the end he stuck everything that they gave me.

The girl who I liked, but did not pay attention, found out about this and wrote that evening that she was surprised. I looked at you from the other side, it turns out you are not what it seemed to me before. So we have a relationship. And this situation clearly explains the main drawback of all dating sites – they give an absolutely distorted idea of a person and finding their native soul will be very difficult.

There is only one way out – do not evaluate appearance and description. The main type, for example, I do not like full girls, so I do not get to know them. The rest I propose to call right away and go on a date.

In personal communication, and better the joint performance of any activity, everything immediately becomes clear. And only then we decide whether to continue acquaintance or not.

Incorrect filters

There are usually filters on dating sites. Gender, age, city, purpose of dating. And here is another problem, because among the goals there is always something slurred. Well, who is so looking for a serious relationship like this? Where are the goals “go to the cinema now, have sex, find a lover, take a walk along the street, visit the pizzeria, watch the movie at home, practice together, ride bicycles …”?

The goal cannot be global, people usually try to solve local problems and close the momentary needs. Therefore, communication for dating sites always turns into aggressive, just people are looking for completely different.

Many girls accuse men of preoccupied and want only sex. But I had another indicative story. VKontakte was written to me by a girl, she liked my status “Borch Plato. Fortune telling by clitoris “. We laughed at this phrase and almost immediately phoned.

In the conversation, she said that she divorced 8 months ago, the man was gone for a long time, but she wants. We agreed to meet on the street, with mutual sympathy and a sense of safety on her part, go to my house and watch the movie. And there, by circumstances. So I got a girl. Then the truth parted, but there were completely different reasons there.

It is stupid to live with limiting beliefs and wait for the man from the first minutes to begin to prove something to you. So does not work. People meet in mutual interests, and care is to meet each other’s needs, including. Do something together, talk, walk, give support and attention.

Crooked filters of dating sites do not allow you to find a person who is needed right now. Ride on great, go to the cinema, take a walk along the street. This is why any relationship begins, because only at such moments do people recognize each other for real and understand that they want more.

What to do?

The main problem of all these resources is that they are free. Yes, you can buy premium and get a little more rights than others, but the audience remains the same. Not serious people, bots, perverts.

To avoid this, you need to go not to garbage sites, but to a closed dating club online. There are no freebies at all, access strictly by subscription and a similar approach cuts off all those who registered “on jokes”. Think for yourself if a person has paid 200 rubles a month to get into a closed community, most likely he is serious.

A sample of the audience shows that both the top managers and qualified specialists and representatives of respected professions join closed clubs. The chance to meet a worthy companion increases at times. But there is a nuance – you will also have to pay for access. For those who are aimed at serious relations 200 rubles per month, not a problem, but for the rest this is the right barrier. After all, if the girl does not have that kind of money or she was used to sitting on the pope exactly in anticipation of a miracle, then she is unlikely to be suitable for creating a family.

The most popular service in the world today is the Linkyou closed dating club, which is built on the principle of the Linkdin social network, which has long been closed. A wide selection of filters allows you to choose interlocutors in the city, gender, age, interests and even professions. Especially relevant for those who want the husband of a doctor, military, lawyer or manager.

How can I use the vkontakte social network?

VKontakte can be an excellent solution, though there are just problems with the audience. 90 percent of those who wrote it will be mildly “such guys”. But this can be experienced, nothing bad. Adequate and interesting guys there too. The main thing is to know how to be in sight.

This will need one good photo and a brief description of yourself. Nothing supernatural is better not to invent. Write your age, hobbies, how you like to spend time, what kind of guy you want to find (age, physique, interests), and you can stop there.

In every city there are thematic groups “Dating” and “I am looking for you”, for example, dating Saratov or looking for you Kostroma. There are usually several of them. Just copy your text, enter the community, press the “Suggest” button, insert a mini questionnaire there and a photo. So you need to do in all the publics of your city.

I assure you, a person will write at least, even if you live in a very small city. Firstly, the deficit of girls and free guys are the sea, and secondly, the girls were arrogant and do not do it. You will be one of the few, so all lonely men will definitely notice you. Consider a life hack, use!

Where to find a guy if you don’t go anywhere and is it a problem?

Given the fact that there are much more men, it is necessary to conclude that there is no deficit, even if the girl does not go anywhere.

VKontakte many interests of interests, on the same dating sites, it is enough to change the behavior model, on the street to respond to suggestions to meet.

This does not oblige to anything. You need to communicate more often with those who expressed a desire. Go on dates, find out really important about a person. How he does in a particular situation, how he reacts to what is happening, whom he accuses of his failures. Is it able to be an interesting interlocutor and reliable partner. This is manifested in the little things.

When a girl cuts off such “trifles” and lives in pink glasses, where a man should come as a savior, take all responsibility, instantly prove to her something and earn her attention, she falls into a paradoxical trap-adequate passes by, and foolslike flies on honey flies.

Do not try to find a free man, learn to just notice such. Shift your gaze from yourself in the direction of the interlocutor. He also has needs and desires, this is normal. He owes nothing to you, you are still strangers. He is not to blame for your past failures.

He is not obliged to atone someone’s guilt. Look deeper, look for a soul mate. And where this person will meet you, it does not matter at all. In the modern world, a girl is just easy to have profiles in all social networks.

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