Why do men love the pose “Male behind”

Why do men love the pose “Male behind”.

This pose takes third place among the most popular in the world. The first two is “Missionary” And “woman on Top”. In third place, women were thrown by women who, in most cases, consider this pose humiliating or too frank, especially it is not recognized in extremely religious countries.

This pose passed to us from animals, this is how animals copulate. Therefore, many girls don’t like her so.

But men love this pose, and here are a few reasons why it is like this:

Pose “The man is behind” gives a man full control over a woman. This is psychological and physical dominance. A man rises above a woman, a man holds a woman. During sex, a man controls the strength and speed of penetration. He can grab a woman by the hair, slap in the buttocks, and do whatever he wants.

Men prefer this position not only because of the possibility of control of the speed and strength of frictions, but also because of the possibility of penetrating the woman as deep as possible.

The sensations of sex in this position are more bright and colorful. This is due to the fact that the vaginal muscles in this position are tense, which makes it narrow and tight. Also in this position there is access to point G. Therefore, if the partner is moving correctly, both the woman and the man will receive a lot of pleasure.

The convenience of the pose also does not leave men indifferent. During the hot summer night, the pose gives a certain degree of freedom, partners come into contact with each other minimally. As partners admit, this pose makes it possible “relax” From each other. You do not see the face of the partner, and experience the maximum degree of freedom, which creates “personal space”. Men cannot but evaluate the minimum efforts and the maximum effect that the pose gives, not so much effort needs to be spent in this position, unless of course you conduct any experiments.

And finally, this pose gives the man the opportunity to pay attention to everything to the erogenous zones of a woman. He can easily reach the chest, clitoris or anus. A woman in this position can also help herself by stimulating the clitoris or breasts.

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