Why do men love to watch how they enter a woman

Why do men love to watch how they enter a woman.

Many girls are interested in one question that arises in the process of proximity with their boyfriend – why do men like to watch how they enter a woman. Of course, not every time this happens, but periodically the ladies notice how the partner peers into the process of penetration into their beloved, or even looks there throughout the act.

Moreover, this is manifested not only in time of classical penetration, men are no less interesting and blowjob.

See how she takes in her mouth is one of the most pleasant spectacles.  And the woman is forced to think, and why do men like to watch how they enter a woman and whether it is normal?!

Why do men like to watch how they enter a woman: curiosity

I remember that in childhood they will give some kind of delicacy, and then you are all exhausted if you do not know that it was. How it looks, where else to get, what is called. Show!

Experiencing pleasant feelings and emotions from penetrating a girl to a man very interesting to see how this happens, how it looks, at what point, what concerns and what sensations at the same time. To feel one, but to figure out what is happening, to understand how it all works is very interesting.

Improve quality by analyzing the process to parts

Curiosity was satisfied, they realized what exactly is happening there, where we penetrate, how the appearance changes. Everything seems to be clear, but the idea appeared to strengthen the sensations, and for this you need to know what they depend on. We enter at one angle, evaluate the sensations, remember.

Try to enter somehow differently and fix the result again. It happens to be distracted from the very intimacy, penetration inside becomes exciting, consider science! So you can find the perfect entry angle, speed, strength.

Why do men like to watch how they enter a woman: the guilt of the hormones

So the male body is arranged, all female attracts us greatly. Take at least the ass, at least the chest. If you think about it, then there is nothing exciting in this, especially if the companion is not a top model. However, hormones in the blood make their job and the female body really likes.

And I want to watch and touch all the time. Vagina is of particular interest. The man looks not at the process of penetration itself, but simply admires the pussy.

You can’t just sit next to it and look at it, but in the process of sexual intercourse, whatever gets into. Here is a man and stuck!

A little childhood in adulthood

Honestly say the action and really funny. There is a member, but he was gone. Eat. Gone. There is again. And again disappeared. Immediately recall the cartoon about Winnie Poh.

The ball then enters the pot, then comes out. Enters. And quoting the words of the donkey, we can say – it comes out remarkably! Cool, true?!

I would not get to the prusak

The inexperience of the partner can be expressed in his desire to look at the process of entering precisely at the beginning of the act.

Although the guy can continue to be afraid that the member will fall out of his girlfriend, so you have to visually control everything that is happening.

If in the actions of the partner the girl sees nervousness, you should reduce the pace and try to practice slow sex.

It is more sensual and the chances of getting out of the rut is much less. Well, guys should study anatomy a little in order to know where to poke and not be nervous in bed with their loved ones.

Evidence of their greatness

To master a woman for a man is sometimes much more important than enjoy the proximity. Classic sex is the personification of conquest, since a woman in it is always the receiving side in the role of subordinating.

The fact of conquering the female mind is sexual intercourse, because only the best of the best woman is ready to give her body.

And penetration into it for a man as an installation of a flag in the conquered territory. So he looks, enjoys, amushes his pride.

Rape him, whisper in your ear the words that confirm your complete conquest, admit that you are all in its power. It’s not difficult for you, but the man is pleasant.

In general, men love their eyes. You will not be able to find a guy who would not like to see a woman. It is important for them to see everything that causes some emotions and feelings.

We look at women in clothes and without her, we are ready to look at the salon of the new Bugatti for hours, we are fond of tuning, because we want to see our car unique and beautiful.

And for various reasons, we like to watch how we enter your beloved woman. Visuals, what to take from us!

Is it normal that a man watches a woman?

Peeping about how someone has sex is called voyeurism. Previously, this tendency was considered a disorder, but at present the attitude towards it has changed.

More and more sexologists are inclined to believe that the desire to spy on how other people are engaged in love affection is quite normal.

This action allows you to get excited, as well as add sharpness to the usual sex. Consider what reason men like to observe how the penis is penetrated into the female body.

Visual analyzer – the most important in the stronger sex

It is known that men “love their eyes”. In this regard, folk wisdom very accurately reflects the features of the sexological constitution of the stronger sex.

Sigmund Freud in his works emphasized that peeping allows you to configure the male psyche for sex, since in the future the views are replaced by touch, feeling the female body. A large role in this respect is played by clothing.

Excites both a naked body and the exposure process itself;Moreover, for some men, it is the latter that is a greater source for excitement.

As for the process of peeping behind the penetration of the penis into the vagina of a woman, here the psychological mechanism is similar – a man during observation is in anticipation of real sex and, of course, puts himself in the place of the owner of this penis.

In other words, observation of penetration helps to tune in to intimacy and imagine herself in the place of the partner of the woman behind whom it is carried out.

For some men, an important role is played by the realization that neither a woman nor her partner is aware of the presence of an external observer.

A particularly exciting factor is the passivity of a girl who is mastered by an outsider.

This plays the role of a catalyst of sexual arousal and partially explains why not all men excite posters with naked women.

The fact is that on these posters of a girl are depicted, as a rule, sexually excited and ready to intimacy. After all, they seem to be aware that someone is looking at them.

Why do men like to watch how they enter a woman and is it a disorder?

It is worth noting that a disorder called Voyeurism can only be talked about when a man, in principle, cannot be excited without at least one eye to spy on how a neighbor is undressed, or how people have sex in the house opposite.

In other cases, there is nothing wrong with this habit. She makes a man’s life more diverse and interesting.

Of course, it is worth observing all precautions, observing other people’s sex. After all, most people may not like it.

At the same time, if peeping does not cause inconvenience, it does not cause guilt or other unpleasant consequences – then you should not smell it. After all, the fact that the strongest floor “loves with your eyes”, people understood for a very long time.

Stealing by observing young girls or even sex other people were not averse to the inhabitants of ancient Rome and Hellas. Some citizens specially visited public baths for this purpose.

When to contact a sexologist

If ordinary sex without preliminary observation of someone else’s proximity does not bring satisfaction – it is wiser to make a visit to a sexologist.

If this tendency overshadows ordinary activities, interferes with the implementation of everyday affairs, communication or in any other way violates the reality familiar to a man-also do not neglect the help of a specialist. Perhaps the simultaneous appeal to the sexologist and the psychotherapist will be useful.

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