Why is hair pubic

Why is hair pubic.

During puberty on the pubis in each person, regardless of gender, nationality and skin color, hair appears. From ancient times it is customary to get rid of them. But some experts do not recommend resorting to razor, wax and creams for depilation, since nature had their own reasons to arrange the occurrence of vegetation on this part of the body.

Why pubic hair: pheromones and attracting sexual partners

Doctor M.D. Ross from the Center “Providence of St. John ”conducted a number of studies, proving that pheromones contain pheromones in the hair bulbs on the pubis. They come from them a subtle smell that attracts representatives of the opposite sex, contributes to sexual seduction.

These substances appear under the influence of apocrine sweat glands. They are located in several areas of the body, repenting with hair follicles. Their activity depends on the sex hormones. Therefore, pheromones are produced only after puberty. In favor of the theory of sexual smell, the statistics of rape can serve, according to which 70% of people who have been harassed had a pubic hair.

It is noteworthy that in ancient times in the pubic zone determined when you can begin to plan offspring.

Why pubic hair: mechanical and temperature protection

Hair on the pubis plays the role of a kind of “pillow”. They protect the genitals from friction and reduce the risk of mechanical damage. This explains the presence of a large number of hairs in the scrotum in men.

Hair cover in the intimate zone is responsible for temperature control. Pubic vegetation creates an air gap between clothes and body. The latter protects against temperature differences. Thanks to it during intercourse, the rate of evaporation of moisture increases.

A large number of small lymph nodes are located in the perineum area. Hair eliminates its overheating and hypothermia. Therefore, some doctors do not recommend completely getting rid of vegetation. It is better to limit yourself to a beautiful and neat intimate haircut.

Cleanliness and protection against diseases

Modern people associate the removal of hair on the pubis with the purity of the genitals. But you can argue with this. In women, vegetation covers the entrance to the vagina. It prevents the penetration of foreign substances.

Researchers found that fans of razors and wax are twice as often under. Perhaps the reason for this is increased sexual activity. Doctors also associate this fact with a violation of an acid mantle (formed by a combination of certain bacteria and skin fat), which occurs due to hair removal. The latter acts as one of the barriers of the human body.

Why is it worth attentive to removing hair on the pubis

The first intimate haircuts began to make ancient Egyptians and Romans even. The pubic hair was washed with herbal shampoos, cut in a special way, painted and even curled.

Today 90% of women and 70% prefer to get rid of vegetation in the inguinal zone. Most often, razors are used for this purpose. In 83% of cases, various skin lesions caused by shaving are observed. Similarly can provoke the appearance of a rash, wounds and suppuration.

People with sensitive skin collide with severe itching inheriting day after shaving. But in fact, it is not necessary to endure discomfort. Do not remove pubic hair at someone’s whim or because of generally accepted norms. The main thing is to ensure high -quality and regular care for an intimate area, which includes standard hygienic procedures and replacement of underwear.

Why are the pubic hair curly?

In fact, this statement is not entirely true. The pubic hair is most often curly and look like curly ones, but to say that in 100% of cases they have this shape cannot. This process is affected by the length of the hair and the shape of the follicles. In the first case, it all depends on the level of hormones and congenital features of the anagen phase. In the second, the structure of follicles is important, which from the point of view of anatomy have a complex structure. As a result, we have quite long hair, which naturally curls, including under the influence of underwear. In addition, initially the follicle forms curiosity at the stage of the hair root.

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