Wife for rent or Sexwife

Wife for rent or Sexwife.

, Wife for rent or Sexwife

Currently in sexual experiments, relations called Sexwife or a wife rental are beginning to develop in sexual experiments. Rent should not be understood that the husband gives his spouse for money to another man for sex. No, sexwife means that The wife is cheating on her second half in his presence, and the spouse can, both observe sexual intercourse, and take an active part in it.

Sexwife – Who is it and why?

For faithful families and ideal relationships, this behavior of wives is not acceptable, and will lead to a divorce. But there are couples who have a free relationship, that is, spouses can change each other on the side. Sex Foll – implies the betrayal of his wife in the presence of his half, this is natural for them, and The husband enjoys watching what is happening. He can masturbate at that moment or join them the third.

, Wife for rent or Sexwife

Sexwife is translated from English as sex. The husband himself wants his wife to enter into an intimate connection with another partner or even several, but only in his presence. Almost any woman dreams of such intercourse, only hardly offers this to her half. Depending on the sexual fantasies of the married couple and their emancipation, there are several varieties of such relationships:

  • Sex with one sex partner under the supervision of a husband – Cuckold. Cook – The cuckold, of his own free will accepts the betrayal of his wife and receives sexual pleasure from this.

  • The spouse participates with several third -party men in satisfying his wife. Such sexual intercourse has several names – MWM, Geng-Beng or group sexual intercourse of one woman with three or more men.

  • The wife has sex in the next room or far from her husband, but provides him with a photo or video report, or tells him the smallest details about the proximity. It all depends on what specifically starts her husband and gives him pleasure.

The choice of the form of experiments is paired. Many nuances are discussed before such experiments: from protection to the possibility of any kind of sex.

What gives the woman the role of sex

Sex Gene receives a maximum of such a relationship:

  • Tired of one partner – There is an opportunity to change, and not for one;

  • Not satisfied with the husband – the embodiment of their intimate desires, the satisfaction of sexual needs;

  • Secret desires to change – treason, with the permission of the husband;

  • the opportunity to experience new sensations, poses, double and triple penetration.

Women with large sexual appetites agree to such experiments.

, Wife for rent or Sexwife

What gives a pond life with a sex

Some men, by their psychologists, Love to be humiliated – They enjoy the fact that someone else is possessed by his wife in his eyes. At this time, Kukold receives maximum excitement and either joins them third, or pounces on his wife immediately after the departure of her sex partner.

Most often this is due to his sexual capabilities in order to get excited – A stressful situation is needed.

Sometimes, with the physiological problems of her husband, to preserve the family, the couple with a joint decision come to such a relationship. Some men in this way want to make diversity in their intimate life practice both WMW and MHM.

, Wife for rent or Sexwife

Cuckold and sex wife – What are the joint pluses

If the couple really decided to discard all the complexes and stereotypes, they will not excite the monotonous sex life, but I want something new, That is the time to try Sexwife. In new intimate relationships, spicy notes will appear, and spouses will receive sexual discharge. Everything will depend on the husband, how far he is ready to go for the sake of saving family relationships. In sex with the third, where he will be on secondary roles, as a viewer, psychologically, his role is the main.

In such a relationship, couples will be able to realize in reality their most secret fantasies, to experience an amazing gamut of completely new sensations. But you need to understand that this is not suitable for everyone. And if there are doubts, it is better to experiment with sex toys, they will also give a lot of pleasure, but they will not cause jealousy.

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