WMW with a friend – how it is?

WMW with a friend – how it is?.

When you think about the threesome (WMW), your thoughts are probably not about your girlfriend better. Many people think that this is much easier and easier to practice with a stranger – there will still be no conditions, which means that potential awkwardness will go into the background. But you can try to have sex WMW and connecting your girlfriend. Of course, it depends on the level of your friendship, trust and attraction to each other.

Women who tested sex WMW with their friends shared their experience and advice. Here are some of them.

, WMW with a friend – how it is?

«It is important to respect each other’s boundaries. The first guy whom my friend and I chose was my young man. The second time was the young man of my girlfriend. First of all, after such an experience, it should be understood that we will not have sex alone with the partner of our girlfriend. We are still friends with her and do not regret anything. ". – Marina, 26

«I had a triplet with two friends. We were extremely drunk, and it is worth noting that I have never tried this. The main thing is to understand that after this it is simply necessary to chat and discuss what happened. After what happened, I did not talk to one of the girls, and our friendship broke up, although we live near each other. Friendship was only stronger with the second girl, because we recalled that intimate experience, joked and laughed on this topic.». – Elizabeth, 21

«I had a threesome with my friend and her boyfriend, who at that time was my best friend. And it was just fantastic! As for the maintenance of our friendship, I made sure to spend time in the future. After that sex, we all had breakfast together and openly talked about him. But everything did not immediately return to its place – for a long time we could not be alone with a friend, and talked only in the company of other people."- Ekaterina, 22 years old

"It is worth noting that threesome is very different from what can be seen in porn. Some of the positions demonstrated there are complex or uncomfortable, and can only cause discomfort. What in porn looked more exciting and more than pleasant, in fact, it turned out to be not at all like that». – Elena, 27

«My advice: if you have any doubts, jealousy or uncertainty against the chosen partner, do not do this. And never go to provocations. Say «No» does not mean that you are boring and clamped. There must be curiosity and excitement that encourages you to do this, not nervousness and fear. Be frank with chosen people, enjoy and just have fun. It can really bring friends together!» – Christina, 24 years old

«I had sex WMW with my girlfriend and stranger twice. Both times were unplanned – of course, by mutual agreement, but spontaneous. It seems to me that this would not have happened if we had not drank. Although I did not regret it and after that there was no awkwardness."- Valentina, 23

«My threesome was with my friend and guy, whom we both attracted. He was more interested in either me or to her, and could not decide who he liked more. It seemed to me that he was more interested in my friend, and I guessed why – she was more beautiful than me. It was a real jealousy. But in bed, his attraction to us was equal, which undoubtedly made me madly." – Tatyana, 19

, WMW with a friend – how it is?

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