Women’s dominance: women who know how to demand

Women’s dominance: women who know how to demand.

What is a female domination?

Types of female dominance. Just like men, dominance in women is different. It can be as financial dominance, a la “Sugar mommy”, Such a thing is called “Findom” – Financial dominance.

Well, or, for example, a classic alignment: sexual dominance based on sadism and masochism. I think everyone is roughly representing how it is: add latex, whips or stacks, handcuffs, blindfolds. Yes, at least take a linen rope!

There are a lot of roles in Femdom, as in all BDSM practices. A woman needs to probe the test by what type of dominantrix she belongs to. You want to educate a man as a caring “Mom” or mercilessly dominate the image of a demanding mistress?

To facilitate the search for your role, we have selected several classic scripts for dominant women.

Role games to explore femdom

Naughty schoolboy. No one behaves as badly as a guy who is replacing lessons today another teacher. He is trying to hurt a new teacher, risking to be left after classes. Will have to show him the right behavior! Spread it properly!

And what a game without a suit? Dolce Piccante has a cool teacher teacher with a very cool tie and skirt. And also take a wattle tap and handcuffs with you in the bedroom, maybe the schoolboy will poorly understand the instructions?

The caught spy. Everyone watched James Bond. Now imagine it in a sexy short skirt?

You are an agent and you caught a spy! You will have to detain him, tie, and then with exquisite cruelty to pry his secret information from him.

We have many policeman costumes, with stylish caps and open bras. And what a cop without handcuffs or ropes? And try it all this “torture” your spy with electrical stimulation toys. Light current will agorize erogenous zones, add a pleasant tingling tingling to the usual game.

An obedient servant. The hostess wants something, and it is better to hurry up to the servant to do it until he angered her. She may demand complete silence and fulfilling all her whims, or come up with very complex tasks that the servant must perform when calling the bell. Otherwise he will be punished!

In general, we have collected the simplest examples that, we hope, will help you starting dominantrix. More fantasy and passion, and everything will work out. Good luck!

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